The Final of The Cobra Cup Is Set in Memphis

Championship Wrestling from Memphis Review—March 6th

Welcome grapple fans to the Sports Obsessive review for Championship Wrestling from Memphis! Last week, we saw the Cobra Cup tournament’s start, with the first round results being decided. This week we have the semi-final matches to look forward to, as well as women’s division and tag team action. Plus, Dustin and Maria Starr will be expecting the arrival of a king after last week’s mysterious message promised a king would appear on this week’s show.

Let’s head to the ring and get into it!

Cobra Cup Semi-Final: DJ Brown vs. Norman Meklakov

Before the match began, Dustin and Maria were joined by the King, whose arrival we were promised last week—Derrick King! Accompanied by the mystery man from last week, who turned out to be Van Vicious, King came to survey his competition and announced his Queen would appear next week. I enjoyed him deflecting the question of why he’s not in the Cobra Cup by saying he was more of a king than King Cobra. Don’t let him catch you saying that, Derrick!

DJ Brown made a valiant effort against the big Russian here, but it was to no avail. Whilst Brown’s speed and combination of kicks and dropkicks unbalanced Meklakov, it wasn’t enough to counter his power as Meklakov stalked his prey and pounded Brown with big power moves. The Full Nelson slam was enough to get the job done and Norman into the final.

Meanwhile, backstage, Championship Wrestling from Memphis’ official photographer, Dreadhead Kev, was getting a rough time from The Skimahorns before The Posse showed up to chase them off. Don’t mess with a man with dreads and his friends!

Humongous is Among Us

One of the guys from Three Guys Pizza Pies made his way into the ring with a fresh pizza in a local promotion spot. At which point, Humongous, a Memphis staple that goes back to the 80s and an absolute towering monster in this incarnation, came in and gave the pizza guy a massive chokeslam for his troubles.

Humongous stares dwn the Pizza Guy during the Cobra Cup
Credit: Dreadhead Kev

This led to the twisted, pig flesh-masked Crowleys to come out and play with the pizza guy’s unconscious body. I have to admit; I laughed when The Crowleys picked up the pizza guy’s hand and made it wave to the camera before fighting amongst themselves. Twisted, but funny.

Could we see Humongous in a stable with The Crowleys? That would be cool!

Hollywood Blondes vs. Big Ace & Big Jack

The Blondes are Adam Swayze and Big Rex, and you might recognize them from OVW. The rumor that they beat Steve Austin in a ‘winner keeps the tag team name’ match is unconfirmed. Big Ace and Big Jack are just two big Southern boys in combats, looking for a scrap. Sounds good to me.

The Blondes did well at first, isolating Big Ace with double teams. The Big Boys soon took over, working together on the Swayze, the smallest man in the match. Swayze soon made the hot tag, and Red exploded on the two big Southerners. In the end though, Red was sent into the ring post, leaving Swayze vulnerable to an impressive sidekick-German suplex double team for the pinfall.

An enjoyable match from two solid teams.

Diana Taylor vs. Nikki Lane

This is our first look at these two ladies as they make their Championship Wrestling from Memphis debut. This was a short but evenly-matched contest as each woman tried to out-grapple the other and get the advantage, using strikes and mat wrestling to jostle for position. Partway through, Precious came out to take some more notes on the women’s division. Something tells me the division should be a little bit wary of him…

Lane took the win in the end with a nice Fisherman’s suplex. I’m sure Precious took note of that.

Da Russell Twins vs. The Yung Goats

This was the match of the night for me. Da Russell Twins really impressed me with their double team offence and their similarities to teams like the Rock and Roll Express, nailing a big double dropkick and even throwing in a frog splash into an elbow drop for good measure.

Da Russell Twins flip a Yung Goat on Cobra Cup night
Credit: Dreadhead Kev

The Yung Goats, on the other hand, were able to mix up their speed with a little more power, throwing Da Russell’s around easily and holding one of the twins in the corner to be dropkicked before being nailed with a Michinoku driver.

The end was impressive with a combination sit-down Powerbomb/450 splash sealing the fate of Da Russell Twins, but both teams were that good throughout that it could have gone either way.

Cobra Cup Semi-Final: Justin Cole vs. Brett Michaels

Just two big beefy men coming to butt heads. What’s not to like?

Justin Cole came to the ring with his ribs taped after last week’s attack by Mike Anthony. After some initial tests of strength, with Cole taking Michaels to the mat and surprising him with a big spinning heel kick, Michaels went to the ribs with a knee.

Out of desperation, Cole took a cheap shot over the ref’s head as the official tried to separate the two in the corner. A big leg drop got a near-three, but he paid for politeness when he offered Michaels his hand to get up and was met with a big slam.

A fallaway slam attempt saw Cole unable to handle the weight, though, and a big Gunshow Lariat put Michaels straight into the finals. It was a fun main event, and now we have Michaels vs. Meklakov in the main event, which should be quite the heavyweight tussle.

Final Thoughts

This week’s edition of Championship Wrestling from Memphis was fun from bell to bell. While we’re not on the way to feuds playing out yet, we were introduced to more characters this week, and we got some great wrestling out of it.

In particular, the two tag team matches this week really impressed me, especially Da Russell Twins and The Yung Goats. I can’t wait to see more of those teams in action. How will they deal with The Crowleys when they wrestle?

Join me next week grapple fans, as we get the Cobra Cup Tournament finals! I’ll see you then for the fastest hour in professional wrestling.

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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