The Crowleys Do It Clean and Do It In Style!

Championship Wrestling from Memphis Review—July 3rd

This week’s Championship Wrestling from Memphis is set for a big main event as The Crowleys take on The Yung Goats. Brett Michaels is set to be back in action. Will his path cross with the Hollywood Horrorshow?

Let’s head to the ring and find out!

The Big Match: The Crowleys and The Yung Goats Tear It Up!

The Yung Goats are possibly the best and most over of all the Memphis tag teams at the moment; but how the hell were they going to deal with the frenetic freak show that is The Crowleys? The last two times they wrestled, Humongous got involved. Now, Humongous doesn’t appear to be here anymore, but The Crowleys aren’t alone still; this time they had Jimmy Blaylock and The Revenant of Walker Hayes in their corner.

Jacksyn and Zay Washington tore it up, to begin with, taking each other down with highly fast-paced and athletic exchanges, before Aaron Roberts tagged in and nearly knocked Jacksyn’s teeth out with a massive clothesline. A T-Bone suplex took out Otis before a gigantic fallaway slam sent Jacksyn flying. Aaron Roberts slammed Otis as if he was a rag doll; his strength is so impressive.

The double team offence of the Goats came into play as Aaron held Otis upright by the feet, allowing Zay to drop him with knees to the head from the top turnbuckle. He followed up by backdropping Jacksyn to the apron and knocking him for a field goal with a wild kick to the head. Otis prevented Zay from leaping to the outside, allowing Jacksyn to crack Zay with an uppercut to finally give The Crowleys the advantage.

Back from the break, Zay fought out of an Otis sleeper and nailed the undead grappler with a Pele kick and that now-trademark springboard cutter. Aaron Roberts and Jacksyn both tagged in, Roberts throwing Jacksyn around like a small child. Jacksyn attempted a leaping DDT but was thrown to the outside. He then threw Otis out on top of Jacksyn and, for good measure, sent his partner into the ropes then lowered the top rope for Zay to scatter both Crowleys like human pins with a cannonball.

It wasn’t enough though. Jacksyn sent Roberts into Zay before Otis dropped the big man with a DDT. A jaw-dropping double Spanish Fly off the top rope on Zay was enough to earn The Crowleys the 1-2-3.

What a match! These teams have shown previously that they have incredible chemistry. together, but this time they were allowed the time and space to really breathe and go at it. And where it’s been smart to use The Crowleys sparingly in the ring so as not to diminish their aura, it was smart to let them win cleanly here, as opposed to previous matches where Humongous got involved, so as to show they really are a dangerous team who can get it done. If they have help, it’s only because they want it, not that they need it.

Afterwards, The Crowleys continued their attack on the Goat. That is until Brett Michaels came out and chased them off with a baseball bat. Walker Hayes climbed in to face off with Michaels but a panicking Jimmy Blaylock ordered him out of the ring as The Hollywood Horrorshow beat a retreat.

The Goats and Michaels vs. The Hollywood Horrorshow in six-man action? I’m down for it!

Segments & Promos

  • Maria Starr displayed the new Memphis Women’s Championship belt as it was announced the first champion would be crowned in two weeks’ time. Maria looked good with the title—maybe she should wrestle for it!
  • Brett Michaels told Dustin Starr that even if he had to take on all four members of the Hollywood Horrorshow on at once, he was going to do it. That crowd was hot for Brett…
  • Memphis legend King Cobra came out to say Connor was doing a good job but he needs a little more polish, so he offered to take Connor under his wing at the Memphis training centre. Connor accepted.
  • Eric McMahon and Paris Kelly told Dustin Starr they had their eyes on the Memphis Women’s Title and “getting paid.” Of course. Nikki Lane and two Memphis debutants, Rebel Kel and Claudia Solis emerged to tell Paris to shut up and get in the ring. Rebel Kal and Claudia Solis seemed genuinely excited to be there.
  • The Posse was seen earlier in the day swapping Alan Steel’s Memphis Heritage title bet with a toy wrestling belt instead.
  • Alan Steel came out to accuse everyone, including the fans and Dustin Starr, of swapping his title belt before demanding Dustin give the toy belt to Action Jackson as it is the closest he’ll ever get to title gold. Dustin happily revealed that Alan will be defending the real gold in two weeks’ time at Championship Saturday. Alan said Jackson will be coming in a challenger and leaving a victim. Dustin Starr genuinely cracking up at Steel and the toy belt was a joy.
  • Backstage, Justin Cole asked Mike Anthony if he had his back again tonight. Mike Anthony told him he didn’t have it last week—he was making a statement.
  • Uncle Mikey was seen at Tops BBQ with Memphis Tag Team Champions The Skimahorns. Brad, being the gent that he is, got BBQ on his title belt and licked it off. Lovely. Unfortunately for The Skimahorns, they didn’t have the money to pay for the meal so they had to wash the dishes (and title belt) instead.
  • Jimmy Blaylock told Dustin Starr that Brett Michaels is afraid of the Hollywood Horror Show before accusing Dustin Starr of stealing his dress sense (they both had red jackets on, Dustin because it was the 4th July). Blaylock then promised the real fireworks would go off when The Crowleys stepped in the ring.


  • Brett Michaels beat Van Viciouss in a quick but good match with the Gunshow Lariat. Viciouss landed a moonsault from the top into a chin lock in a really cool moment. Never seen that done before!
  • ‘Best of the Best’ challenge: Austin Lane beat Connor in a great little competitive match with a package piledriver. Lane put Connor over afterward by helping him up and slapping him on the back.
  • Nikki Lane, Rebel Kel, and Claudia Solis beat Paris Kelly, Queen Katelynn, and Lil Bit in an ok match when Kel nailed Bit with the Falcon Arrow. Kel only came in at the end but she looked good in there. Paris Kelly did all she could to avoid tagging in.
  • Justin Cole beat Norman Meklakov (w/Ken Dang) in a good beef slapper after nailing the Swole Slam. Mike Anthony came out near the end and took out Ken Dang.
  • The Crowleys beat The Yung Goats in an excellent encounter after dropping Zay Washington with a double Spanish Fly.

Final Thoughts

Championship Wrestling from Memphis is killing it currently, and this week was no exception. From continuing to showcase Dustin Starr’s favorite wrestler (maybe), the talented Van Viciouss, to showcasing new female talent ahead of the Women’s title tournament, and from The Posse infuriating Alan Steel to Mike Anthony reluctantly having Justin Cole’s back, there’s so much storytelling and action that the hour just flew by.

Best of all, The Crowleys proved themselves to be a force to be reckoned with, defeating The Yung Goats in an excellent encounter that showed why everybody’s been so excited about Memphis’ tag team division. Meanwhile, The Yung Goats get the main event rub by appearing at the top of the card whilst getting the rub from Brett Michaels. It’s great booking as the plot thickens with the Hollywood Horror Show.

I’ll see you next week, Memphis fans, for more exciting action from the fastest hour in wrestling!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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