The Bodega Put The Hot Commodities In Their Place

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Review—June 5th

This week on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, we’re set for big title action as the UWN Tag Team Champions The Bodega take on the team of the Hot Commodities—will Howdy Price’s boys be able to take the big one here, or The Bodega retain?

Plus, Ray Rosas defends the Arizona State title against Darwin Finch and Halston Boddy and Viva Van are set to make an appearance to proclaim on the state of CWFH’s women’s division.

It’s set to be an exciting show, so let’s get straight to the ring!

The Big Match: The Bodega Prove Why They’re The Champions…With a Little Help

The UWN Tag Team Champions The Bodega were not fazed by their challengers, the Hot Commodities team of Anthony Idol and Honest John. The challengers though did not seem fazed in turn by the champions, clapping sarcastically for far too long as the champions were announced. This was not going to be a friendly contest.

Danny Limelight showed off just why he’s such a hot talent at the moment, working over Honest John with some brutal strikes and kicks as well as displaying that trademark athleticism by walking the ropes and leaping into a beautiful arm drag. Honest John tried some of his con-artistry, trying to lure Limelight in for a handshake, but Danny wisely slapped him instead! That didn’t phase John; he just poked Limelight in the eye instead. He also, in an impressive gesture, squared right up to Danny Limelight and demanded to be chopped. Brave but futile—Danny knocked him down on his ass.

Anthony Idol tagged in, Limelight making the blind tag to Papo Esco as Idol lifted Limelight into the air. This is what I’ve been waiting for: the battle of the bulls! At first, Esco really pounded Idol in the corner, but Idol turned it around with big shots of his own and, in a first, sent Esco plummeting across the ring headfirst into the buckles! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Papo Esco manhandled in that way.

Back from the back, Danny and Papo crunched Honest John with an assisted splash but Idol grabbed Danny by the ropes, allowing John to crack him with a nice enziguri. John then started pushing Esco on the apron—has he got a death wish or something?—before he and Idol hit an assisted splash themselves. The pair beat down Limelight, with Howdy Price getting in on the action, choking Limelight on the ropes. Still, you can’t keep the radioactive papi down and a leaping kick to the head put Honest John in his place.

Tagging in, Papo Esco literally picked John up and dropped him like a sack of spuds. He then dropped Idol with a belly to back suplex before tagging in Limelight and nailing a kick-power slam combo. The ref counted to two but was distracted by Howdy Price on the apron. Slice Boogie grabbed Howdy, but the distraction allowed Idol to sneak in and choke slam Danny Limelight, draping the limp body of Honest John on top of him. Two can play at that game though; Papo Esco snuck in and swapped Danny on top of John for a near-fall.

Levi Shapiro darted down the ramp to jump in the ring but he found himself pulled back out by none other than Brett Michaels and Jordan Clearwater. Michaels cracked Levi in the face with a fist, before Jordan laid him out on the floor with the Midas Touch. Meanwhile, Danny floated over Honest John and locked in a choke for the tap-out victory. The Bodega retain!

Afterwards, The Bodega stood tall in the ring as Howdy and his boys stood spitting and sniping at ringside. Something tells me that Michaels and Clearwater might just regret their interjection…

The Big Segment: Viva Van Is Not The Only Hell-Bent Vixen in Hollywood

The ever-fabulous Halston Boddy brought Viva Van out to the ring and cut a cool promo putting over Viva Van as both the starting point and the endpoint of what will be the greatest stable of all time in UWN history. Viva Van then took the mike and put over the fact that what she does is always business, so why does Cece take everything so seriously? To be fair to Cece, taking a beating will put a dampener on your mood.

In any case, Viva threatened to take Cece out for good when Cece herself showed up and pulled Van to the mat, hammering her with a flurry of fists as the two had a cool little pull-apart brawl, the refs struggling to keep them separate.

Looks like Viva Van is not the only hell-bent vixen in the UWN…

Other Segments & Promos

In a round-up of the show’s promos:

  • Dan Joseph cut a promo admitting he had been having anger issues and felt bad about snapping at the car park attendant during Coastline Clash. He went to make it up to him, only to find out the attendant was actually a wrestler named Lazarus. So, Joseph brought Lazarus in to have a match as an opportunity for exposure. Lazarus, it turns out, has a zombie walk, complete with make-up and walk. Joseph did not look impressed.
  • Beef Candy announced that Richie Slade will be invoking his rematch clause next week against Hollywood Heritage Champion Jordan Cruz. “Enjoy the taste of being the top flavour,” screamed Slade, “because you’re going back to being vanilla real soon!” I appreciated Emily Mae’s line: “The Candyland Clash was a Rocky Road for you, Richie…”
  • Brett Micheals was asked by Emily Mae as to what he was doing in Hollywood. Michaels, between flexes (of course), revealed that since starting in CWFM, he has been getting more and more success, so he wanted to see what he could bring home to Memphis from Hollywood. Levi’s UWN TV title would look awfully nice in Memphis, according to The Gunshow.
  • During the break, Jack Banning sat down with ring announcer Adnan Kureishy and began unloading his personal philosophy onto the poor, captive man in an excellent segment. Banning believes people are telling him that his views are objectively wrong when they can’t be. He believes people are trying to get their names in lights by shedding other people’s blood and he will show them how ruthless the business is before it eats them alive. He calls it ‘God’s work’. The terrified smile on Adnan’s face was hilarious.


  • Arizona State Champion Ray Rosas beat Darwin Finch by submission with a full nelson/camel clutch hybrid to end a fun, competitive, if a little short, encounter. Keita Murray came out at the end and showed Rosas something on his phone, which left Rosas looking perplexed.
  • Adriel Noctis pinned Lazarus in an enjoyable encounter after a modified brainbuster.
  • Keita beat Miguel by count-out after Keita got on the mic and said that, since his uncle died and left him a substantial amount of money, he was no longer going to wrestle unless it benefitted him. Keita called himself the key to wrestling and put over Miguel before giving him a cheque to take a walk. Keita came across really well on the mic, bridging the gap between confidence and arrogance well.
  • UWN Tag Team Champions The Bodega beat The Hot Commodities (Honest John & Anthony Idol, w/Howdy Price) when Danny Limelight made Honest John tap with a choke.

Final Thoughts

This was an entertaining if not necessarily one of the best episodes of Hollywood I’ve seen. Ray Rosas and Darwin Finch showed a lot of chemistry but I would have liked to have seen them get more time, as the match was over just as it was getting good. I did enjoy Cece’s beatdown of Viva Van, she genuinely looked furious as she launched herself on the ‘Hell-Bent Vixen!’ Beef Candy gave one of their better promos—I like it when Richie Slade shows a little fierceness. Keita was also intriguing here, showing off a new persona since coming into the money. But what’s he going to do when the first person appears that turns down his money? Will he snap?

But the best thing about this week’s show was easily the main event. The Bodega showed why they’re one of the best tag teams in the business at present. Papo Esco brings the muscle and Danny Limelight brings that hybrid mix of flight and fight, high flying and MMA striking, that has captivated audiences in the last 12 months. Honest John brought the comedy, smacking Papo Esco on the apron, but also showed some fire when he squared up to Danny Limelight. Anthony Idol and Papo Esco had the kind of hoss fight that makes me want to see them go one-on-one. Meanwhile, Brett Michaels got involved once more in Levi Shapiro’s business. How will Levi respond?

I’ll see you next time, grapple fans, for more exciting action from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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