The Bodega Bring the Beatdown To Honest John

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Review—March 20th

This week’s Championship Wrestling from Hollywood sees two big title matches on the card as Levi Shapiro defends his UWN TV Title against the ‘Neon Phenomenon’ Anthony Idol, while The Bodega put their UWN World Tag Team Titles on the line against Mike Camden and a mystery partner.

Let’s get down to the ring and get into it!

Heather Monroe Speaks…and Receives a Challenge!

The always-fabulous Halston Boddy and Heather Monroe kicked things off this week with an airing of frustrations and a nice recap of what’s been going down in the women’s division since the CWFH returned in September of last year.

Heather reminded everyone that she was having a great best of 7 series with Lacey Ryan until (and this was a killer line from the Killer Bae), “Lacey got afraid and ran away and changed her name” (Lacey is, of course, now wrestling as Zoey Stark in NXT). This Heather attributes to Nikko Marquez sticking his nose in her business. She reminds everyone how he got Cece Chanel to sign a contract that turned out to entrap Cece as Nikko’s personal assistant. Heather warns Viva Van, who had a similar contract handed to her last week, not to make the same mistake…

At which point, Viva Van herself made an appearance. It turns out Viva and the Killer Bae have some history; Heather used to be Viva’s mentor, and apparently, she wasn’t the nicest. Viva suggests it’s taken two years for Heather to apologize for that and that, if Heather is really concerned, give her a match. Heather, to her credit, didn’t back down, and the match was set for next week.

As Halston said, be careful what you wish for because I’m sure Nikko Marquez and Jamie Iovine will be watching closely…

UWN TV Champion Levi Shapiro (w/Howdy Price) vs. Anthony Idol (w/Jack Cartwright)

Idol assaulted the champ from the start, using power moves such as big Dusty elbows, a running power slam, and a clothesline in the corner. The power game seemed to be working nicely for Idol, so it was perhaps a mistake to hook Levi’s arms behind his back and take him to the mat, allowing Levi the opportunity to mule kick Anthony right in his idols!

Howdy Price took the opportunity to dig his rat-like little claws into Idol’s eyes while the ref wasn’t looking. Shapiro kept the pressure on, faking a claw attempt and working the trapezius instead. Idol was able to pick Shapiro up in this position and drop back, returning the karma by landing on Levi’s own set of idols.

A flip flop and fly, followed by a body slam, had Levi reeling, but Howdy Price interrupted a powerbomb attempt by throwing a chain in the ring and getting on the apron to distract the ref. Rather than knock Idol out with the chain, Levi handed him said weapon instead and took a dramatic dive to the mat. When the ref turned around, he saw Idol with the chain and a ‘knocked out’ Shapiro. He threw the match out, giving the champ the DQ victory and saving his bacon.

After the match, the champ and Howdy gave Idol a good stomping until Cartwright returned and dropkicked Shapiro out of the ring. Needless to say, Shapiro wasn’t happy.

Backstage, the champ and Howdy stormed into Jamie Iovine’s office (slamming the door into the helpless Guy’s face in the process) and wanted to know what he was going to do about it. Jamie, annoyed after weeks of people storming into his office, gave them two options: 1, be suspended for 90 days without pay, or 2, wrestle Anthony Idol and Jack Cartwright in a tag match last week. Howdy was freaked out…

Jordan Clearwater Is Sorry…But Not For Jack Banning

On commentary, Todd Kenely gives Jordan Clearwater a moment to say a few words about the vicious way he dealt with Jack Banning.

Jordan looked the camera straight in the eye and said he was sorry to the UWN for his actions and misconduct. But he wasn’t sorry for Jack Banning. Clearwater has been saying for months, “left leg hospital, right leg cemetery.” And now? Now he wasn’t offering Banning a choice.

Ice cold, Jordan, ice cold. I love it.

Miguel vs. Honest John

Honest John might be wrestling’s greatest optimist. After last week’s encounter with Papo Esco, now he thought he could convince Miguel to shake his hand. He even made a point of shaking the ref’s hand—twice—to demonstrate his point! Miguel, in turn, demonstrated his point: he smacked John upside the head with a massive forearm.

Miguel toyed with John for a little while, hitting him with big blows that knocked him all around the ring. Finally, John managed to convince Miguel to shake his hand, but Miguel wouldn’t let go. A big choke bomb put Honest John out of his misery once and for all.

Afterward, Emily Mae tried to speak to the big man, but he snatched the mic from her and turned it upside down before storming off.

No more Mr. Nice Miguel…

UWN World Tag Team Champions The Bodega vs. Mike Camden and Honest John

Earlier in the night, Mike Camden told Jack Farmer that he hadn’t been able to get in touch with his regular partner Devon Sparks, so he put the offer out there: anyone in the back who wanted an opportunity to make a name for themselves, be ready.

Still, come bell time, Camden came out alone and looked to be fighting one against two until…”if I can be honest with you for a moment…” And with that, Honest John made his way out to the ring! Obviously not having had enough of near-death, having been pounded by Papo Esco already last week, not to mention Miguel just now, Honest John threw his hat, so to speak, into the tag match as Mike Camden’s partner. The Bodega looked bemused, Camden looked baffled, and I was laughing at the catchphrase in the making, “you might not like what I’ve got to say, but I’m Honest John, and I wouldn’t lie to you. Honestly”. The fight was on!

After some smooth early exchanges between Camden and Limelight, in which each man jostled for the advantage over the over, Honest John tagged in and surprised Limelight with a lovely fisherman’s suplex. That didn’t last long, as The Bodega proceeded to beat down the honest one, with Slice Boogie even getting involved on the outside. What I like about The Bodega, outside of the smaller high flyer/bigger brute force guy dynamic, is their double team game. A running kick/falling headbutt combo drilled the point home, and a Tope con Hilo followed by an assisted splash put the hurt on John.

In the end, John was able to get the hot tag to Camden, who erupted all over Danny Limelight but made a tag back to Honest John just before getting sent to the outside, where Slice Boogie was waiting for him. This left John open to a Danny Limelight rear-naked choke for the tap-out victory.

The Bodega live to fight another day. But who knew a Bodega vs. Honest John feud was something I needed in my life?

Final Thoughts

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood continues to be one of the most consistently entertaining weekly wrestling shows on the block. It’s not flashy, and it doesn’t make big promises it can’t keep, and that is absolutely to its credit.

This week, we got a new feud for Heather Monroe and Levi Shapiro, the return of Miguel and The Bodega showing why they are one of the best and most slept-on tag teams currently in the business. And then there’s Honest John…while I wouldn’t call this a star-making performance or any such hyperbole, he certainly captured my attention here, which I couldn’t say he did last week. All in all, I was completely entertained, and isn’t that all we want from our favourite wrestling shows?

I’ll see you next week, grapple fans, for more Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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