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NWA Powerrr Surge Review—June 1st

This week’s Powerrr Surge was the last chance for the NWA to build storylines and hype up for their latest Pay-Per-View, When Our Shadows Fall, on June 6th. There’s a heavy focus tonight on Strictly Business and the stories revolving around them currently. Let’s dive straight in and see what’s going down.

Kamille Is Strictly Business

Joining May Valentine to kick things off was Kamille. Reflecting on the heritage of the Women’s title, Kamille said she respects all those great champions from the past but this is her time now and she’s going to put a new twist on being the NWA Women’s Champion.

Kamille also addressed her annoyance with being sat at the desk with Joe Galli and May on the first Powerrr Surge whilst they were ignoring her and talking about Thunder Rosa. Refuting Rosa’s accusation that she is a coward, Kamille claimed that Rosa is in fact the real coward, not promoting her match with Kamille previously because she knew she’d get her ass kicked. Kamille made the interesting point that, as she’s bigger physically than Rosa, it’s only right that she won and that if she lost to Rosa, it wouldn’t be the way things are supposed to work.

Kamille did show more respect for her opponent on Sunday, NWA Woman’s Champion Serena Deeb, saying that she liked Deeb’s aggression but also doesn’t think a lot of her as a champion because she hasn’t seen many title defences from Deeb.

Referring to the Nick Aldis comment about no one’s spot in Strictly Business being safe, Kamille claimed that she’s not worried because she’s a draw, she always does good business and she always wins. Trevor Murdoch and his situation is none of her business. She goes by how people treat her and Nick Aldis has always treated her well.

Why does that sound like famous last words?

Posing Naked With Wrestling Belts

May Valentine took a moment to interview Kamille and Thom Latimer together, and it made for quite a charming segment actually. Thom Latimer was in great form, from stating that he likes to pose naked with wrestling belts to mockingly telling May that her invitation to Thom and Kamille’s wedding is already in the post to giving away, as an unknown fact about Chris Adonis, that he too likes t pose naked while wearing wrestling belts! That did make me laugh, as did Kamille asking if that was something they do that she wasn’t aware of, Latimer replying that they need to win the tag belts first.

Intriguingly, Thom played up the fact that he and Nick Aldis are best friends and that he was the best man at Nick’s wedding. Thom stated that he’s not concerned about Nick’s comments about nobody being safe because actually, it’s the rest of the roster he meant, not Strictly Business.

We’ll see if that’s the case if you don’t win the tag belts on Sunday, Thom…

Tim Storm & Sal Rinauro vs. Hawx Aerie

The odd couple team of Sal Rinauro and Tim Storm were in action against Hawk Aerie, the father and son team of Luke and PJ. Sal started things off with PJ, taking it to the mat where he did well at first before PJ started showing off some smooth mat wrestling skills. Both Tim and Luke, as the elders on their teams, tagged in and went at it with power moves, Luke catching Storm by surprise with a beautiful spinning power slam. Storm came back with a neck breaker for a one count.

Sal tagged in and nailed a stunner, but father and son dropped with a massive double backbreaker. Luke hit a lovely sequence of a backbreaker, shoulder breaker and power slam for a near fall. PJ took Sal to the mat once more, utilising a beautiful takedown before applying a facelock. Sal was able to kick his way out of a charge in the corner though and roll over PJ’s back to make the hot tag to Storm, who burst in with a flurry of clotheslines.

A massive boot, Hulk Hogan-style, took Luke down but PJ floated over and pulled Tim off the cover before dropping Sal with a smooth vertical suplex. Storm took exception to this, dropping PJ with two hard fists to the back before drilling him with a facebuster. Luke hoisted Storm up onto his shoulders but Sal made the bling tag. Tim slipped away from Luke and nailed the Perfect Storm slam, only for Sal, the legal man unbeknownst to Tim, to scuttle in and make the winning pin.

I wouldn’t say Tim looked happy about that but he tolerated it.

For now…

Just Another Day In The Office

May Valentine sat down with Nick Aldis, who claimed he is proud of his title reign so far and said he always went out to kill—figuratively speaking. Take Tim Storm; one of the nicest men in wrestling, and Nick had to beat him down. Apparently, Nick didn’t enjoy that—he’s not sadistic—but he does like to win.

May then took a confrontational line of questioning, stating that Nick had seemed unwilling to give Trevor Murdoch a title shot and that he seemed afraid of the man. Uh-oh. Nick was not impressed by that. He claimed that it wasn’t him that got Trevor suspended; he just presented Murdoch with a scenario and Murdoch then did it to himself—or, you could argue, May’s BFF, Sal Rinauro did, as he took the pinfall that saw Trevor suspended.

The champ claimed that people like May cherry-pick facts from a complicated narrative and use it to paint him as the bad guy, which gives the fans something to attack and eliminates context, when in fact, he has to lead by example and show people how to do their jobs. No, he’s not afraid of Trevor Murdoch, but he knows that Trevor is not made of the right material to be a figurehead of the NWA. It’s not just wrestling; it’s being an ambassador for the brand and the industry. He doesn’t think Trevor ticks those boxes.

He did have kind words for his Strictly Business teammate Kamille, though. He believes she is more than ready to take the NWA Women’s belt (although he did credit himself as having a large part in teaching Kamille). She was a blue-chip prospect; now she has the seasoning. Meanwhile, he believes that it is more than time that Thom Latimer gets gold in the tag team title match and believes if Pope hadn’t run, Thom would be the TV Champion right now. Nick feels that Strictly Business deserves to hold all the gold as it would also validate his opinion; he has always had an eye for talent and feels several talents in the industry owe him for the money that they’re on now.

It was a masterful address from one of the best talkers currently in the business. Or, as he blew May off, “it was just another day in the office”.

Billy Corgan Speaks

May Valentine had the pleasure of talking to Billy Corgan, who had several fascinating points to make on the current state of the NWA.

When Corgan purchased the NWA, he told the talent there was no limits. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from or who you love. If you can demonstrate in the ring that you’re at the top of your profession, then Billy will not be the one to stop you. He reminded everyone of wrestling legend Jerry Blackwell, someone who looked like a truck driver but was actually a great athlete. Billy is a big believer in the Jerry Blackwell’s of the world. For whatever reason, some of his talents weren’t given the opportunities by other promotions that they deserved. So for Billy, Trevor Murdoch is absolutely championship material. Harley Race believed it, so who are we to doubt it?

On the subject of Kamille, Billy disagreed with Thunder Rosa’s suggestion that Kamille has been handed everything she’s got. Corgan reminded everyone that Kamille didn’t even wrestle for two years and since then she has smashed every opportunity she’s had. Billy thinks that Kamille’s relationship with Thom Latimer has strengthened both wrestlers’ focus in and out of the ring but says anything’s possible and it could distract Kamille during her title match with Serena Deeb.

Speaking on the NWA Tag Title match, Corgan revealed he had reviewed the footage of The War Kings being cheated out of victory by a masked man last week and felt that they deserved another chance at the titles (he also revealed he knew who the masked man was and they have been fined behind the scenes). But also, Latimer, who is a former NWA Tag Champion, and Adonis are also worthy of a title shot. Corgan doesn’t believe in punishments for talent and instead wants to give opportunities because if your heart isn’t in capturing the gold, you’ll get taken out sooner or later. Therein lies the punishment.

In fact, Corgan wants the competition in the NWA to be fierce and strong and wants the professionals to settle it in the ring while offering the best opportunities for great match-ups for the fans.

It was a great speech and almost a manifesto of sorts for what Corgans wants the NWA to be. Personally, I agree with his view of what the NWA should be. I’d argue that vision faltered in the storytelling a little bit of this season of Powerrr but if this is confirmation or acknowledgement of the focus moving forward, then I’m very excited for what the future will bring.

Final Thoughts

The final Powerrr Surge before When Our Shadows Fall did an excellent job of pushing forward storylines coalescing around Strictly Business, with all members being involved in title matches at the big PPV. But there was absolutely a sub-plot here where tension within the group is being papered over, and hints of the tension appear to be peeping from behind them. I can absolutely get behind that story and it looks like the NWA is in that one for the long haul, which will be brilliant to watch.

Meanwhile, Billy Corgan used the show to issue a kind of manifesto of what the NWA stands for now and if he holds true to that ideal, then I stand solidly behind him. Put the champions and the titles at the forefront and let the stories revolve around them.

I’ll see you next time NWA Fam for When Our Shadows Fall!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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