Steel and Dotson Steal a Main Event Victory

Championship Wrestling from Memphis Review—May 1st

This week on Championship Wrestling from Memphis, we have a big main event as Alan Steel and Johnny Dotson will take on Action Jackson and Bam Bam Malone. Plus, Nikki and Austin Lane are in the house and the first draws for the Grind City Rumble will be made on the show.

Let’s get down to the ring and get into it!

Super Ed (w/Eric McMahon) vs. Jase Osei

Super Ed is going to get killed and he doesn’t even know it.

It says something about Eric McMahon’s talents and reputation as a manager that the only talent he could sign was the gentle, super sweet, Super Ed. Meanwhile, Jase Osei is a massive kickboxer and is the type of man you apologise to just for your mere existence.

Super Ed poses with an unimpressed Jase Osei, who's waring Ed's propeller hat
Credit: Dreadhead Kev

That didn’t stop Ed putting his kid’s propeller hat on Osei’s head and trying to get McMahon to take a photo. Never have I seen something so incongruous as Osei wearing that hat. At least he was merciful; one swift knee to the face and Ed was out for the count. Match over.

Afterwards, McMahon, rather than check on his client, threw a business card into the ring for Osei, who dropped it with disgust. Better luck next time, Eric…

Derrick King is One Step Ahead

Outside of the Top of the Line Banquet Hall, the limousine that Derrick King and his Royal Family have been using in recent weeks pulled up, with two guys in suits outside guarding it. They didn’t guard it very well to be fair, as Austin and Nikki Lane came out to bang on the windows and demand the Royal Family step out and face them.

A shame then that the Royal Family were already in the building speaking to Terrence Ward, where they proceeded to mock the Lanes and claim their superiority.

That’s all good and well, Derrick, but try saying it to their faces in the ring. As he might have to next week, after Austin issued a challenge for a tag match: Austin and Nikki vs. Derrick and Katelynn…

The Crowleys’ Horror Show

We then got a short vignette for ‘The Crowleys’ Horror Show’, where a wrestler tied to a chair was asked his name by Jacksyn and was told he was wrong before he could even answer. It then looked like he was about to be attacked by Jacksyn as the cameras cut out.

The Memphis Crowley Massacre is upon us.

Big Ace & Big Jack vs. The Posse

Don’t let the fun, family gimmick of The Posse fool you—these guys can go in the ring.

The tag division has been one of the strongest things about CWFM so far and so it proved to be again as these two teams put on a very entertaining encounter. And surprisingly, Big Ace and Big Jack weren’t the ones to dominate, as The Posse used a combination of double team moves (such as a kind spinning sidewalk slam into a splash) and quick tags to keep the heels at bay.

Big Simon bodyslams Big Ace
Credit: Dreadhead Kev

The Big Lads did have some moments of power, nailing Big Chris with a nice spear and moving out of the way of a cool Posse double legdrop to leave the faces writhing in pain. But as Jack held Lil’ Chris for an Ace knee, Chris was able to move and Jack took the hard knee to the face instead.

As The Posse prepared to land a big double team move on Ace and Jack, The Skimahorns appeared for the distraction. Ace and Jack took the opportunity to grab Simon and Chris from behind but, unfortunately for Ace and Jack, they escaped and Ace and Jack took a big eyeful of silly string from The Skimahorns that was meant for The Posse! A quick top turnbuckle leg drop/sidewalk slam combo later, The Posse were victorious.

Something tells me all this isn’t going to end well for The Skimahorns, though…

The Big Draw

Backstage throughout the evening, Terrence Ward supervised people drawing their number for the Grind City Rumble, the Royal Rumble-type match due in two weeks that will crown the first Memphis Heritage Champion.

We got to see Jonny Lyons (who judging by his stoic reaction drew spot number one), Norman Meklakov and Brett Michaels pick their numbers. Michaels had a message for Alan Steel and Johnny Dotson as he did so: play up and you’ll get your ass kicked!

I wonder if that will play into the end of the Grind City Rumble…

Mike Anthony vs. Maxx Stone

It’s my boy, Mike Anthony: hard fists, bad attitude and he doesn’t care who knows it. Maxx Stone had a rough time with Alan Steel in his last match; Mike Anthony’s not going to take it any easier on him.

As it happened, after some initial methodical pounding from Anthony, Stone used his speed to put a nice rally together, utilising leg drops, arm drags and a Stinger-style splash in the corner before mounting Anthony against the buckles for some big fists. That would prove to be his downfall as Anthony dropped Stone with a big powerbomb from the mounted position. Anthony followed up with a big release Northern Lights suplex and an amateur-style takedown before grinding the ribs on the mat with a tight bear hug.

Maxx Stone grinds the arm of Mike Anthony
Credit: Dreadhead Kev

Stone fought his way out of the bear hug but was dropped with a power slam and a suplex. He was able to evade an Anthony elbow from the second buckle though and exploded with clotheslines, an enziguri and another splash in the corner before dropping Anthony with a superplex. A spinning kick was a touch too much though, and Anthony caught him with a belly-to-back suplex to counter. A big modified jawbreaker using his feet was enough for Mike Anthony to pus away Stone to end a really good little match with both men looking strong throughout.

Diana Taylor vs. Cassadra Golden

The real story here wasn’t what was taking place in the ring, but outside it. About 30 seconds in, Precious strutted to the ring, quickly followed by Ryan Rembrandt, and the two men starting arguing and pointing fingers as Golden tried to block it out, nailing Taylor with a sidewalk slam for a near-fall.

As Golden picked Taylor up in a fireman’s carry, she was once more distracted by the arguing outside, allowing Diana Taylor to escape and nail a DDT to pick up her second win in CWFM. As Precious and Rembrandt came into the ring to try and placate Golden but she stormed off, not wanting to have anything to do with either man.

Precious skipped off after her but…was he laughing?!? What’s the deal with that?

Izaiah Zane vs. DJ Brown

DJ Brown’s father, Memphis legend Danny B. Goode, was in the audience for this one to cheer his son on. It did Brown some good too, as he worked over Zane with some big kicks, chops, dropkicks and suplexes.

Zane attempted a comeback, using his own speed to get the drop on Brown, but in the end, a top rope blockbuster was enough for DJ Brown to get the win as his dad clapped and looked proud at ringside.

A short match but sweet match for what it was.

Action Jackson & Bam Bam Malone vs. Alan Steel & Johnny Dotson

This week’s main event was set up if you remember after Steel and Dotson interrupted Malone and Jackson’s singles match last week to send a match to Brett Michaels, an act that backfired and set up this match.

Jackson and Dotson started off, Jackson getting the advantage by using arm drags to get Dotson to the mat and then hooking the nose in a painful sign of disrespect. Malone tagged in but Dotson got a knee to the gut in and tagged in Steel. Steel didn’t fare much better, taking a Malone squash in the corner followed by a big Jackson cannonball.

Action Jackson fish hooks the nose of Johnny Dotson
Credit: Johnny Dotson

Alan Steel finally grounded Jackson by countering mounted fists in the corner with an Alabama Slam which took all the wind out of Jackson’s sails. Dotson caused a distraction so Steel could crack Malone with a cheap shot on the apron.

The heels continued their assault, Dotson hitting a nice rope-assisted neck breaker, but Jackson turned the tide with a neck breaker of his own. Malone took the hot tag and erupted with clotheslines, atomic drops and a double dropkick. Jackson followed up with a moonsault on both men for a near-fall. It must have been a little too close to comfort for Dotson, as he kicked Jackson square in his little Jacksons and sent him out of the ring. A double stun gun knocked the wind out of Bam Bam and the Twisted Steel spinning slam got Dotson and Steel the 1-2-3.

Afterwards, Steel and Dotson laid a kicking into Malone as his partner lay prone on the mat. This brought out Brett Michaels who threw some big fists before sending both Steel and Dotson over the top rope—a spoiler for the Grind City Rumble perhaps?

Final Thoughts

This week’s Championship Wrestling from Memphis was a lot of fun. Not only did we have some really good matches from the likes of Anthony-Stone, Posse-Ace and Jackson and Brown-Zane, we also got a fun main event, a focus on the upcoming Grind City Rumble and further story developments with the Lanes challenging the Royal Family to a match and The Skimahorns getting involved in the tag match.

Memphis is really beginning to find it’s feet—this was only the 10th episode, remember. I think they’ve done a lot of hard learning over the weeks and things feel like they’re falling into place as we approach the Grind City Rumble and the launch of the new Memphis Wrestle Center.

I’ll see you next week, grapple fans, for more from the fastest hour in wrestling!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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