Shane Taylor Promotions Shake The Foundation

ROH TV Review: July 20th (Fite Edition)

This week on ROH TV, Shane Taylor Promotions throws its hat into ROH’s gang wars as they take on The Foundation in the main event. Meanwhile, Quinn McKay takes on Mandy Leon in her second and final chance to get into tournament for the ROH Women’s Championship. Will she get there?

Let’s head to the ring and find out!

The Big Match: The Foundation Play Against Their Strengths and Lose

Coming off the back of some big losses for The Foundation at Best in the World, the group was set to dust themselves off and present a united front by taking on Shane Taylor Promotions in eight-man action. 

There was only one problem: Jonathan Gresham had hurt his knee working out in the ring beforehand. Luckily, Joe Keys was there to take his place in a big opportunity for the grappler from the ROH dojo.

As might be expected, The Foundation leaned into pure wrestling here, but not always, and this told a story in itself. When The Foundation wrestles, they had the advantage. As soon as the group started trying to match strikes with their much larger opponents, however, then the power of Shane Taylor Promotions proved too much and overwhelmed them. By playing to their opponents’ strengths rather than their own, The Foundation found themselves vulnerable and working against themselves.

Tracy Williams seemed to right the ship, locking in an armbar over the ropes on Khan. Shane Taylor soon violently retook the advantage though, punching Lethal with such a hard shot that Lethal literally was knocked out of the ring! What a shot! It looked genuinely nasty too.

STP took advantage and worked over Lethal until the former ROH World Champ was able to hit the Lethal Combo to make some space and hit the hot tag. Rhett Titus exploded into the ring, catching Kaun in mid-air with a power slam before nailing O’Shay with a belly-to-belly suplex. Keys drop kicked Moses into a big Rhett German suplex in a nice moment. 

Everyone went at it in the ring as it broke down, eventually ending with Keys alone in the ring against three guys. Keys, to his credit, stood his ground. Not for long, as a big headbutt knocked him down. Williams and Rhett broke up a pin and landed a lovely double butterfly suplex on Kaun. Keys ended up alone again though, and a big chokeslam bomb from O’Shay sealed the deal. 

So The Foundation lost in a very enjoyable match. Will they learn from this and double down on frustrating their opponents into submission with pure wrestling? Time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: Shane Taylor Promotions have announced themselves as a force to be reckoned with in ROH’s gang wars.

Segments & Promos

  • Joe Keys was treating Jonathan Gresham’s knee backstage after he twisted said joint in training. The rest of The Foundation appeared and decided they’d give Keys a shot as their partner in the main event instead to let Gresham rest up.
  • Brian Johnson was the host of the show this week, as Quinn McKay was wrestling
  • Mandy Leon cut a nice promo where she said she was no longer the girl she was 10 years ago. She’s a “grown-ass woman” now and she’s no longer seeking out attention and friendships, unlike Quinn McKay. Leon argues that McKay is always trying to show she’s a good person but she actually has a lot to hide.
  • Quinn McKay says this is her last opportunity to get in the ROH Women’s Championship Tournament. She talks about how much in common McKay and Leon have in common; they both trained in the ROH dojo; they both started as backstage interviewers, and they both lost their first match. McKay sees Leon for what she really is: a shadow of who she really is, a glimmer of who she could have been if she had just stayed the course. She demands a fair fight and to leave Angelina Love out of it. This was a great, passionate promo from Quinn.
  • Shane Taylor said Joe Keys is going from the dojo to the big leagues and The Foundation has simply led the lamb to the slaughter. But Shane Taylor? The baddest just got better!
  • Joe Keys said that Gresham taught him everything he knew and that if anyone doubts what The Foundation is about, they’re gonna get their asses handed to them!


  • Rey Horus pinned Fred Yehi in a great little match after nailing Yehi with a body scissors driver from the top. The match saw a great clash of styles that both men made gel well.
  • Mandy Leon beat Quinn McKay in a decent match after Leon drilled Quinn with brass knuckles. Quinn had a nice flurry of offense before that and actually made Leon tap to the Tangerine Dream sleeper, but the ref was distracted by Angelina Love. Maria Kanellis was on commentary and said, as part of the ROH board, she will be looking to take action.
  • Shane Taylor Promotions beat The Foundation & Joe Keys after O’Shay dropped Keys with a chokeslam powerbomb.

Final Thoughts

Ring of Honor put on another very entertaining episode of TV. Quinn Mckay’s personal journey to prove her worth against someone who came from the same background but is denying her the right to the same progression was very compelling. Fred Yehi and Rey Horus had an enjoyable encounter, while The Foundation and Shane Taylor Promotions furthered the gang wars which seem to be enveloping ROH at present with an exciting main event.

One of the strange things, and perhaps a sign of ROH’s inconsistent storytelling, is that the brand new ROH World Heavyweight Champion was not featured on the first show since his title win, or indeed was not even mentioned once. Neither was RUSH, the former champion. Admittedly, that seems like an odd decision to not at least have a promo from the new champ. But ultimately, did it spoil my enjoyment of the show? No. The things I love about ROH at the moment are the Pure Division and Fred Yehi and The Foundation. This show was a thumbs up from me overall!

I’ll see you next week, Fans of Honor. Code of Honor adhered to.

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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