Ryan Howe Takes One Step Further To a Title Shot

Ohio Valley Wrestling Review—March 14th

This week’s edition of Ohio Valley Wrestling TV brings us the big grudge match between Dustin Jackson and Drew Hernandez; Kal Hero issues a challenge and Ryan Howe and Amon battles for the second spot in the four-way ladder match against Amon.

It promises to be a big night so let’s get down to the ring and get into it!

Drew Hernandez vs. Dustin Jackson

We start this week with the big match to open things up! After Reverend Ronnie’s meddling last week, Drew Hernadez was in no mood for fun and games tonight as he looked to prove that he can finally beat Dustin Jackson.

While not hostile to his friend, Hernandez was noticeably more aggressive and focussed, keeping up a relentless attack against Jackson, who got very little offence in during this match. Hernandez kept the pressure on with fists, chops, attacks in the corner, a sequence of three big German suplexes and a massive shoulder block. On this performance, you could believe that Hernandez would finally get the three count over his friend.

Drew hoisted Jackson up for a powerbomb to finish things… and Jackson slipped out at the last second and rolled Hernandez up for the shock victory! Drew looked crestfallen while Jackson looked absolutely battered on the ramp, a winner in name only.

This was some great storytelling. And I’m sure Drew Hernandez is not going to be happy to leave things as they are…

Kal Hero Gets Gunned Down

HA! It’s time for ‘The Good Word’, and this week, once Ronnie had gotten the small matter of trying to convince the TV audience to transfer him some donations, the good Reverend introduced everyone’s favourite 80’s Retroist, Kal Hero, The Fanny Pack Kid. In the words of Reverend Ronnie, “there’s people swinging fanny packs in here like they just don’t care!”

Kal had brought an offering for the collection plate—an 80s hits CD! I hope ‘Like a Prayer’ is on there for Ronnie. The Reverend acknowledged that Kal is his daughter’s favourite wrestler, but he got his head nearly knocked off by Tony Gunn on Overdrive, a match where Gunn also stole Kal’s jacket. Hero stated up that Tony Gunn is the best wrestler in OVW and respectfully challenged Tony Gunn to a rematch and a chance to get his jacket back.

Mr Gunn was not shy in making an appearance, wearing Kal Hero’s jacket to add insult to injury. He stared down Hero before turning to go…which is when he turned and clocked Kal in the face and beat the living snot out of him. Gunn then turned to the mic with a one-word answer to Hero’s request: “no”.

At which point, Gunn left and Hollyhood Haley J and Luscious Lawrence made their entrance for the next match. Hollyhood Haley collecting Kal’s tears in the collection plate and trying to take the money made my day…

OVW Women’s Champion Hollyhood Haley J vs Charlie Kruel (Non-Title Match)

Well, now. Charlie Kruel apparently hails from the local asylum. Somebody who offers their opponent pop-tarts before a match certainly has issues. Haley threw the tarts back at Charlie before interrupting a pattycake game with a forearm to the face.

Wrestling initiated, Haley J battered Charlie Kruel, throwing big fists and forearms and slinging her from corner to corner before landing big knees while Kruel was on the ropes. A hard Hood Kick followed, and it was 1-2-3, goodnight!

‘The Complete Package’ Tony Bizo vs. Mahabali Shera

After last week’s challenge to his rampage by Rex, it was back to business for Mahabali Shera as he turned ‘The Complete Package’ into ‘The Complete Squash’. Bizo tried to run outside the ring but he couldn’t hide, and sooner rather than later Shira caught with some big throws and clotheslines before dropping him with the big sit-down powerbomb for the three count.

My money’s on Shira taking on Jesse Godderz at the Saturday Night Special in April. We’ll have to wait and see…

Big Money Dimes vs. Big Zo

After being identified last week by the Legacy of Brutality as good sport, Big Money Dimes found himself in the unfortunate position of having Big Zo as his opponent for his super heavyweight challenge.

Accordingly, Zo threw Dimes around the ring and gave him a good beating, squashing him in the corner, nailing a spinning cutter and stepping on Dimes with all his weight. Dimes was completely out of his depth, but then the unexpected happened.

As Zo tried to empty Dimes’ protein powder all over the ring, distracting the ref, somebody rolled out from under the ring and threw Josh Ashbrook in. As the ref was further distracted with the protesting Ashbrook, Omar Amir rolled out from under the ring and grabbed Zo’s leg as he bounced off the ropes, sending him crashing with a heavy thud to the mat. As a disorientated Zo got back up, Dimes surprised him with a cutter to get the freak 1-2-3!

As Omar watched from the ramp, laughing, the LOB seethed from the ring. Your move, Mr Ashbrook…

Amon vs. ‘Rockstar’ Ryan Howe

This is the second qualifying match for a place in the upcoming four-way ladder match, with the winner taking on OVW National Heavyweight Champion Jesse Godderz at the Saturday Night Special.

I’ve never seen either man before and they both make quite the impression. Amon is called ‘Satan’s Favourite Sinner’. He comes out in chains and with freaky eyes and he is definitely on the strange side of things. Ryan Howe, on the other hand, looks like Tommy Rich if ‘Wildfire’ bulked up with muscle and had a fetish for He-Man and Conan the Barbarian. He also comes out shredding on an electric guitar—you can hear him after his theme music switches off and the dude can play! Amon didn’t seem to appreciate it, so Howe through his guitar pick at him. Amon responded by chewing some gum he found at ringside then threw that into Howe’s face. What a gent.

This was a fun back and forth match that saw Amon frustrate Ryan Howe with clubbing blows and a diving clothesline from the buckles. Howe returned fire but was stopped with an Irish whip that nearly sent Howe’s head into the post. Howe came back with a big superplex before he knocked Amon out of the ring and nailed him with a stiff running knee from the apron.

Back in the ring, a leaping neck breaker from the top rope followed by a neck breaker on the mat was enough to put Amon away and book Ryan Howe his place in the four-way ladder match alongside AJZ.

Two down, two to go.

Final Thoughts

This was an entertaining episode that furthered Damian Hernandez’s conflict with Dustin Jackson in a way that made both men look good; saw Tony Gunn make Kal Hero look good by beating the living hell out of him; Omar Amir cause LOB further frustration by causing them to have an embarrassing loss, and Ryan Howe booked his place in the big four-way ladder match. Lots of ground was covered in such little time—something some of the bigger companies could learn from to be more efficient. OVW rarely disappoints and this week’s episode was further proof of this fact.

Join me next week, Ohio fans, for more of tomorrow’s stars—today!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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