Rosas and Allday Tear it Up

Championship Wrestling – September 19th

This week on Championship Wrestling, we have two big rematches from last week, as we get Vipress taking Cece Chanel, and Will Allday gets a second chance at Ray Rosas’ Heritage title. Plus Danny Rivera takes on a returning Kevin Martenson and Clark Connors finds himself in tag team action.

It’s a great card tonight, so let’s go straight to the ring!

Danny ‘Limelight’ Rivera vs. Kevin Martenson

It’s good to see Kevin Martenson back in a Championship Wrestling ring. The former UWN tag champion has a real history with the company. Danny Rivera, on the other hand, is one of the most exciting grapplers currently in the company. This should be great.

Commentary played up the fact that Rivera had wrestled to a time limit draw last week with Slim Boogie and therefore might not be on top of his game. You wouldn’t know that to look at him, hitting some hard kicks to Martenson’s head, a hurricarana, and defying gravity by hitting a stunning dive over the top rope. Martenson, meanwhile, used his size advantage to muscle Rivera into submission with power moves and the ‘Rat Trap’ Indian deathlock, to which Rivera surprisingly tapped out.

This was an unexpectedly quick but fun match that was clearly setting up something for Rivera moving forward. First and foremost, there’s a Rivera/Martenson rematch set for this week’s Prime Time Live, which is perhaps why this match was a little short. ‘Limelight’ has since put out a cool video where he talks about how he was disrespected by not being asked to appear on the first edition of Prime Time Live and how he’s going to take that out on Martenson.

Then, rather intriguingly, ‘Limelight’ bumped into Papo Esco backstage after his match. and it was clear from their questions that they knew each up. Intriguingly, Esco seemed to be giving Limelight some motivational advice, telling him he’s better than letting a loss play on his mind.

A future tag team in the making? I’ll be keeping my eye on this one closely.

Who’s Miguel?

David Marquez interviews the mysterious Miguel

David Marquez mentioned how no one has seen or heard from Watts since he shockingly dropped the Heritage title to Ray Rosas two weeks ago. Marquez brought out Miguel, a friend of Watts’ who has come forward and who is worried about him.

Looking inconspicuous in an orange t-shirt and a hat, Miguel did indeed look like a friend. He’d known Watts since they were small. But things took a turn for the strange when said he was worried about Watts because “you owe me one”, and that he Watts to come to the studio next week.

What the hell is that about? There was just a touch of passive aggression in Miguel’s voice and his phrasing. Who the hell is Miguel anyway? What kind of secret history does Watts have?

Maybe Watts will give us a clue this Tuesday when he wrestles Eli Drake on Prime Time Live.

EJ Sparks vs. Jack Cartwright

EJ Sparks is someone who I’ve been impressed by recently in matches with Dan Joseph and Alexander Hammerstone. He definitely feels like someone that Championship Wrestling from Hollywood can do a lot with. His striking and athleticism during this match was spot-on and he showed some real fire at the end when he locked on his Sparkout submission, a cross between a crossface and a head scissors.

Cartwright, on the other hand, while seeming a little uncertain on his timing and movement on occasion in this match, showed some real flair, including a nice double back flipping into a handspring elbow and an eye-opening sideways rolling fireman’s carry into a slam. Can’t say I’ve seen that before!

A fun match ended with the aforementioned Sparkout, but both men came out looking strong. Rematch, gents? I’d be game.

Vipress vs. Cece Chanel

Before this match, we got a few pre-recorded words from Nikko Marquez, rehabilitating at home with a massive (exaggerated) bandage over his eye after last week’s attack by Heather Monroe. Because of that, Nikko has not sanctioned any women’s matches for this week’s programme.

Unfortunately for Nikko, and fortunately for us, the interim matchmakers have given us Vipress vs. Cece Chanel to make up for last week’s interrupted match. It’s little details like that which endear Championship Wrestling a lot to me. There’s attention paid to continuity as well as the desire to showcase the talent.

This match put both wrestlers over well. Cece Chanel dominated, using kickboxing background to cut Vipress down with an onslaught of kicks, strikes, forearms and a running knee, while Vipress made her offence count such as a big running knee when Chanel was draped over the ropes. It also showed how tenacious Vipress is, coming back from behind and tapping Chanel out with the ‘Poison Ivy’ choke.

Afterwards, David Marquez had the pleasure of interviewing the ‘Killer Bae’ and Halston Boddy, who told Nikko to just watch as Heather beats up Lacey Ryan next week. Be careful what you wish for; I get the feeling Nikko might just take you up on it by watching from ringside…

4 Minutes of Heat vs. Clark Connors and Dicky Mayer

Clark Connors holds Eddie Pearl in a Boston Crab while Dicky Meyer hits a knee drop

4 Minutes of Heat are coming in with momentum after a victory over Friendship Farm last week. Connors and Mayer, on the other hand, have tagged previously before Connors joined the New Japan L.A. dojo, but have never tagged in CWFH.

Eddie Pearl and Clark Connors start with some beautiful chain wrestling before Connors drops Pearl with a massive chop. Mayer follows that up with an absolute b*****d of a boot to the back.

Connors and Mayer proved to have real chemistry as a team, hitting Pearl with a double shoulder block and a double suplex. Ricky Gibson had seen enough, sending Mayer into the corner, where he tripped over a prone Pearl and smashed his face into the turnbuckle.

Gibson and Pearl cut the ring in half, grinding Mayer down, but Mayer wouldn’t stay down, bridging nicely out of a pinfall attempt. Connors got the hot tag and unloaded with fists, but 4 Minutes of Heat caught him with an awesome sunset flip/neck breaker combo for a near fall. Mayer then cleared Gibson out of the ring, allowing Connors to lock in the Boston Crab. That probably would have got the submission, but Mayer put the icing on the cake: an absolutely brutal knee to the back of Eddie Pearl’s head while still in the Crab, knocking him out cold for the TKO victory.

This was the match of the night. 4 Minutes of Heat came across as an old school heel team in the best sense of the term, whilst Connors and Mayer were a revelation. A hard-hitting, Strong Style tag team is just what I need right now. FTR who?

Heritage Champion Ray Rosas vs. Will Allday

Will Allday means business. Don’t believe me? Check out his great little pre-match promo where he told David Marquez that there’s a new sheriff in town and that Rosas needs to be taken out to pasture. Or the fact that he went after Rosas with intensity, unloading with fists and getting the jump on Rosas as soon as the bell rang.

Rosas was happy to oblige Allday in a fist fight, swinging at him in the ring before taking him to the outside, battering him on the ramp and throwing Allday into the ring steps. He rolled Allday into the ring, where Allday suddenly perked up and attempted a dive back on Rosas on the outside but Rosas had it scouted, cracking Allday in the head with a well-timed boot.

Back in the ring, Allday took control by countering a leap from the top with a boot. Allday kept the pace up and worked over Rosas with a brainbuster and a flying forearm. Rosas hit a released German Suplex and a superkick to momentarily take control, but Allday hit a superkick of his own so that both men ended up prone on the mat.

Both men swung at each other as they got up, but Allday got the better of it with a massive kick to the back of the head. A Swanton followed, along with a reverse rana after Rosas caught Allday on his shoulders. A double stomp earned a near-fall, but a second Swanton attempt was derailed by Rosas getting the knees up. The ‘Adios Amigo’ fireman’s carry into a backbreaker followed, topped off with a flying elbow drop, Randy Savage-style, for the hard earned 1-2-3.

This was a brilliant main event that started with an urgent pace and managed to maintain it. Allday looked strong in defeat and proved he can handle the main event role, while Rosas proved he can still really go in the ring, now that he hasn’t got Andy Brown and Adrian Quest to rely on.

Rosas looked around after the march, certain So-Cal Distancing would make an appearence. He was in luck; they left him alone tonight. Instead, our picture was hacked with a message that read: “we are everywhere”…

Final Thoughts

Dustin and Maria Starr on the set of Memphis' edition of Championship Wrestling

Championship Wrestling delivers once more with another great episode of wrestling. We had two absolute bangers in the tag team encounter and the main event, plus solid efforts from Danny Rivera, EJ Sparks and Cece Chanel. The Nikko Marquez/Heather Monroe feud is simmering nicely, and the threat of So-Cal Distancing hangs in the air with a sense of paranoia and dread…

And while I’m thinking about it…WHO THE HELL IS MIGUEL???

I’ll see you next week, grapple fans, for another edition of Championship Wrestling!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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