Reverend Ronnie Roberts Stirs The Pot Into Violence

Ohio Valley Wrestling TV Review – March 7th

This week’s OVW TV was set to feature OVW Heavyweight Champion Omir Amir in action, as well as Reverend Ronnie Roberts bringing Dustin Jackson and Drew Hernandez out to discuss their ‘miscommunication’ from last week. How will LOB react to being disrespected last week? And will Jesse Godderz be able to get Tony Gunn onside?

Let’s head to the ring and find out?

Luscious Lawrence (w/Hollyhood Haley J) vs. Heath Hatton

Here comes the King of juice! Lawrence comes out bearing a mirror whilst Haley’s belt is the new shiny one that Lawrence gifted her last week. Heath Hatton, meanwhile, is as hard and serious as his opponent is glamorous.

Hatton got a nice little rally going early on with a couple of arm drags, a beautiful dropkick, and a superman punch in the corner. At which point Hollyhood Haley districted the ref and Lawrence nailed Hatton with a cheap shot with his buttocks! Lawrence must have a thing about his posterior, as he later gave Hatton a stink face in the corner. Whatever floats your boat I suppose.

Haley got involved again, choking Hatton on the ropes. But a hug between Lawrence and Haley on the apron led to Hatton getting a roll-up before a big facebuster gave him a near fall. Lawrence would not be put down again; he nailed Hatton with a body slam and a leg drop before dropping Hatton with the One Night Stand power slam for the 1-2-3.

A fun opener, and OVW’s power couple once more!

Tony Gunn Turns Off Jesse Godderz!

Backstage, Tony Gunn is asked what the deal is with Jesse Godderz and the tag team title picture. Before Gunn can answer, Godderz appears on a live stream on the screen next to Gunn and interrupts. He tries to compliment Gunn but lingers on the fact that Gunn is a former champion. Oh dear. Mr. Pectacular goes on to say he wouldn’t want to be the current tag team champions, knowing that he and Gunn are on the scene. Godderz then decides to ask Gunn to feed his tiger (?!), at which point Gunn turns the TV screen off and walks away angrily. He’s doing a good job of restraining himself, is Mr. Gunn. So far…

D’Mon Solavino vs. ‘Delicious’ Van Vicious

Here he is, Van Vicious, a cross between Scotty the Body and The Model Rick Martel! Not a bad thing, if you ask me. Seen recently on Championship Wrestling from Memphis as Derrick King’s silent muscle, he made D’mon pay early by kicking him in the gut when he wasn’t looking. A big gorilla press slam demonstrated his strength, but D’more came back with a strategy, taking Vicous down to the mat and locking in a crossface before focussing on Vicious’s arm with, well, vicious kicks and knees to the hurt limb.

A huge running knee stopped D’Mon in his tracks momentarily; maybe it scared him a little because a sneaky low blow that came out of the set-up for a pop-up powerbomb was enough to put Vicious down for the count.

Not satisfied with the victory, D’Mon wrapped Vicious’s arm around the ring post then locked on another crossface while Vicious was trapped. The camera angle at a tilt, with the referees all pulling on D’Mon was a nice touch, adding to the drama.

Hell, if he does that if he wins, I don’t want to see what D’mon does if he loses…

Stirring The Pot With The Good Word

It’s Reverend Ronnie Roberts! HA! The good Reverend is in fine spirits, what with his hotline doing so well right now. He’s used the word of the lord to heal someone’s athlete’s foot, someone’s hairy tongue, and last but not least, he helped someone with severe bowel issues get so clean, “they didn’t even need to wipe!” He must be so proud…

Healing the sick was not the reason the Reverend was out here, however. He wanted to bring Drew Hernandez and Dustin Jackson out to discuss their miscommunication last week at the end of their match. Both guys say everything’s cool now, but  Reverend Ronnie won’t let it go, although he won’t admit to stirring the pot (“I ain’t a cook!)

It’s only when the Reverend brings up the fact that Hernandez has never beat Dustin in singles competition before that the cracks begin to show. Jackson defends Reverend Ronnie, saying that it is a fact that Jackson won all their matches against each other. Hernandez, taking umbrage, says that will change when they wrestle next week! Mic drop.

I dig the Reverend Jackson, but not all of his words are good…

Big Money Is In Big Trouble!

Backstage, Big Money Dimes is cutting a promo advertising his protein supplements when the LOB interrupts him, wanting to know where Omar Amir is. Dimes doesn’t know, but, unfortunately for Dimes, he is holding a notepad with his list of people he has defeated in the Super Heavyweight Challenge’. Sensing a bit of fun is in the air, Josh Ashcraft says he has a super heavyweight challenge for Dimes next week—LOB’s Zo!

Dimes looked absolutely petrified—rightly so…

Rex (w/ Adam Swayze) vs. Mahabali Shera

Rex got on the wrong side of Shera last week by interfering in his match with Adam Swayze. Rex didn’t seem intimidated though, cracking Shera right in the face! Shera returned fire with some stiff blows, but Rex came back with a massive belly-to-belly suplex! He then sent Shera into the corner for a big splash. A second belly to belly followed, as did some cheap shots for Swayze. I don’t think Shera has been manhandled like this before in OVW. Fortunately for Shera, it wouldn’t last much longer.

Mounting a comeback, Shera launched some massive shoulder blocks at Rex. He couldn’t knock the Hollywood Blonde off his feet, but he could send him out of the ring at least. Swayze got into Shera’s face on the apron, earning himself a smack to the head. Rex took this as an opportunity to sneak in and try and hit another belly-to-belly suplex. Shera blocked him however, and landed a massive sit-down powerbomb that shook the ring for the pinfall victory.

You know what? Although the match was set to make Shera look like a beast in the end, and it did, I was more impressed with Rex. With just some very simple booking, he came across as a genuine threat, meaning you will look at him differently next time he’s in the ring. Who would have thought it? (WWE take note).

OVW Women’s Champion ‘Hollyhood’ Haley J (w/ Luscious Lawrence) vs. Ella

This was quick but good. First off, Haley J ripping a sign a kid was holding at ringside (that I think read ‘Hollyhood rat’) was some brilliant old-school heel behavior. I mean, I love my own kids, but you don’t want heels to be nice to them at ringside.

Ella came out wearing a psychedelic gown and talking to a creepy-looking doll. If that wasn’t enough to freak Haley J, Ella came out of the traps with some spirited arm drags and a Thez press to out the champ on the backseat.

Trust Luscious Larry to save the day though. He brought out his own doll (?!) to play with Ella’s doll. Ella clearly wasn’t impressed as she straggled the ropes and let out a banshee shriek to deafen everyone within a ten-mile radius. HOWEVER, Haley J took the opportunity and landed two double stomps to Ella to retain the title.

Why does a grown man have a doll?!?

OVW Heavyweight Champion Omar Amir vs. ‘Golden Boy’ AJZ

This was not for the title, and lucky for Omar, it wasn’t! As soon as the bell rang, LOB leader Josh Alexander made his way out to the ring to join in on commentary, picking on Bryan Kennison and making threats to Omar Amir. This wasn’t going to end well.

Back in the ring, Amir demonstrated his power at first. AJZ came back by smashing Amir in the mouth with a stiff as hell punch to the face, followed by elbows, but Amir wouldn’t let up until AJZ caught him with a knee to the face and by dropping Amir right on his face.

AJZ began to wear the champ down on the mat, but Amir came back with a scoop slam, a big splash in the corner, and a jumping clothesline to counter a springboard knee. A tilt-a-whirl slam put the ball firmly in Amir’s court, and a big spine buster seemed to seal the deal, but the LOB boys decided this was the time to interject themselves. With the ref distracted, Cash Flo ran in and hit a big spear on Amir to give AJZ the win. If it weren’t for Cash Flo holding people back at ringside, AJZ would have got a crack to the skull from the LOB as well.

As Amir looked up from the mat, clutching his ribs, Josh Alexander got on the mic and told the champ directly that this is what you get if you stick your nose into LOB business, and they’re not going to leave Amir alone until Cash Flo gets the title…

Final Thoughts

This was another entertaining episode of OVW that continued to sow the seeds of dissension between Jesse Godderz, Tonny Gunn, Omar Amir, and the Legacy of Brutality. Rex got to look like a star despite a losing effort against Shera, and a big match was set up for next week between Drew Hernandez and Dustin Jackson.

If you’re not watching OVW, you’re missing out on one of the easiest watches on weekly wrestling TV. OVW might be on a smaller scale than its competitors, but what it does, it does well. That’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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