Remember The Rampage—May 20th 2022 Edition

Blackpool Combat Club run Rampage, and Kris Statlander and Dante Martin Impress.

THIS. IS. REMEMBER. THE. RAMPAGE. Sorry, I really enjoy that theme song for some reason. Each week, I will be reviewing the hour-long explosion of professional wrestling known as AEW Rampage, focusing on the highlights of the show because I just plain ol’ love wrestling. I also love the announce team of Excalibur, Taz, and Ricky Starks, and am not afraid to use this series to campaign Tony Khan to make the trio the official table for all of AEW. With that being said, it’s time to review the main event (and everything else that happens, of course)!

Fuego Del Sol & Dark Order’s Preston “10” Vance & Evil Uno vs. House of Black 

House of Black has seemingly made enemies with the entire AEW mid-card, but unfortunately not in a way that has felt impactful. Fuego Del Sol joining Dark Order seems like fun and an easy no-brainer. Fuego got absolutely wrecked in this one. Buddy Matthews doing Penta’s ‘zero miedo’ hand sign and arm-breaker was a nice touch. The good guy team were able to showcase their skills, especially Preston Vance who went head to head with Malakai. The House of Black ending sequence leading to their victory was nice. I do enjoy these quick action trio tag matches that AEW really excels at (see Death Triangle vs. AFO last Rampage. 

After the match, Death Triangle appeared with a gravestone that had House of Black and Double or Nothing on it. It seems like the trios will clash at the Las Vegas event, possibly in a street fight-type match. 

Backstage, Lexy Nair showed how Anthony Bowens was injured. Daddy Billy Gunn wished him well and said when he’s back they would all have a big scissor party. 

Tony Schiavone interviewed FTR, who accepted Roppongi Vice’s challenge for the ROH tag team belts. Cash Wheeler said that FTR wanted to capture the AEW and IWGP championships as well. Trent and Rocky Romero have never held the ROH belts, and I hope that they are able to do so on Wednesday in what should be a terrific tag bout. 

Shawn Spears vs. Big Damo

Spears was able to once again take down a giant before his cage match against Wardlow this coming Wednesday. Spears has been an excellent piece in this MJF-Wardlow saga. Big Damo made his AEW debut here, after competing as Killian Dain in NXT for several years. Spears once again won with the C4, so it will be interesting to see what happens when he tries to hit it on Wardlow. 

The Undisputed Elite were backstage. Adam Cole said it was destiny for him to face Kyle O’Reilly in the Owen Hart Tournament final. The Young Bucks called out The Hardys for a dream match at Double or Nothing. Both matches sound like an excellent idea to me. Cut the camera Brandon. 

Kris Statlander vs. Red Velvet Owen Hart Tournament Quarterfinal Match

A late replacement on last week’s Rampage for Hikaru Shida, Kris Statlander was able to advance in the Owen Cup. The new and non-extra-terrestrial version of Statlander is interesting. Is she still a member of Best Friends? Is she turning heel? As someone who wants to see Statlander versus AEW champion Thunder Rosa, I would say a heel trial is the way to go. Kris is very like-able, but does have the physical prowess to be a menacing villain. 

Ruby Soho was on commentary for this one. From the start, Statlander was dominant as she picked up and threw down Red Velvet with ease right in front of the Baddies (and Smart Mark Sterling who is pretty handsome himself). 

One thing I appreciate about Kris is that she really lays her moves in and makes them look like they would hurt. Statlander was able to kick out of Velvet’s best shots on the way to a big victory. After the match, the Baddies attacked Statlander, and Ruby and Anna Jay made the save. T

The semi-finals of the women’s bracket are Britt Baker vs. Toni Storm and Ruby Soho vs. Kris Statlander. The Statlander and Soho match has the potential to be an all-time AEW women’s match if given time. From the beginning, this tournament seemed to focus on Storm so she is my official pick to win the whole thing. 

A funny short promo for the Hookhausen and Tony Nese/Mark Sterling Buy-In match aired. Both teams were training for the match and had some unique methods, including Danhausen hanging from pull up bars one-handed and eating chips. 

Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page came to the ring. Sky demanded that Sammy Guevara return his TNT Championship belt. Guevara and Tay Conti appeared on-screen with Frankie Kazarian, and they smashed the title with sledgehammers. Sammy said that the mixed tag match will happen at some point. Definitely a heel move from Kazarian, as it looks like Sky will turn face sometime soon. 

Another backstage segment, this time with Tony Schiavone, Toni Storm and Dr. Britt Baker DMD. Britt taunted Toni saying that Storm can’t win the big matches like she can. Storm said that Britt can’t handle a big match without help. Toni also said that if Jamie Hayter or Rebel interfered, she would rearrange their teeth. 

Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley vs. Dante Martin & Matt Sydal

All the best to Darius Martin, who suffered another injury keeping him out of active competition just weeks into his return as Top Flight with Dante. That being said, Dante needs to be placed back into an elevated position: he is just that talented. 

Before the Rampage main event, Martin and Sydal stated their intentions in facing the BCC. Sydal talked about proper mentorship in wrestling, which Danielson countered by touting Wheeler Yuta’s ROH Pure Championship win. Mox made fun of Sydal for saying “peace, love and pro wrestling.”

While Excalibur breathlessly announced the upcoming Dynamite and Double or Nothing cards, Jade Cargill interrupted and challenged Anna Jay to a championship match in Vegas. The match was then announced and made official. 

William Regal joined commentary, and Jake Hager came out to back The Wizard Chris Jericho. The two traded shots throughout the match. Regal in the booth is always a treat. In the ring, Mox and Danielson beat the hell out of Dante to start the match. Sydal was impressive in this match of four world-class talents. Danielson shut down Matt’s offensive flurry with a face-smashing flying knee. 

For me, there is no more exciting wrestler in the world than Dante Martin, and it’s awesome to see him working with talent like BCC. I hope to see him as the next member of the club. I’ve had the chance to see him live at both AEW and various independent promotions, and he seems to steal the show every time with heart and exhilarating offense. 

Martin was able to withstand Danielson’s deadly submission game and Moxley’s violence, earning some respect from Regal. After suffering tremendous punishment, a Paradigm Shift put Martin down for the count. Blackpool Combat Club is pure wrestling greatness, and I hope Dante can learn under its tree. Overall this tag match was a treat and the highlight of the night. 

After the match and as the tape machines began rolling, JAS and BCC/P&P/Kingston brawled. Once the show was completely off the air, Danielson got his leg stuck in between the ring apron and the ramp. Some are saying this is work and Danielson just messing with people. Oh, Bryan you jokester. Either way, hopefully, the Dragon is fine and kicking Jericho Appreciators’ ass at Double or Nothing without issue.   

Join me again next week for more REMEMBER. THE. RAMPAGE!

What did you think of this week’s edition of AEW Rampage? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Joel Kananen

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