Remember The Rampage: May 13th 2022 Edition

Death Triangle, Ruby Soho and Scorpio Sky Have Big Nights on Rampage.

THIS. IS. REMEMBER. THE. RAMPAGE. Sorry, I really enjoy that theme song for some reason. Each week, I will be reviewing the hour-long explosion of professional wrestling known as AEW Rampage, focusing on the highlights of the show because I just plain ol’ love wrestling. I also love the announce team of Excalibur, Taz, and Ricky Starks, and am not afraid to use this series to campaign Tony Khan to make the trio the official table for all of AEW. With that being said, it’s time to review the main event (and everything else that happens, of course)!

Death Triangle vs. The Butcher & The Blade & Marq Quen 

As single, tag, or trio competitors, Death Triangle is just so awesome. With rumors of trio titles already made and set to be introduced, Penta-Fenix-PAC should at least be in the first match for an opportunity to win the belts and could be considered the favorites to claim them (Best Friends and Kenny and Young Bucks being the others). This match was a ton of fun, as most AEW trio matches tend to be. It was nice for me, a huge Private Party mark, to see Marq Quen get some shine. The AFO team held the advantage for most of this contest until a tremendous Penta hot tag made the difference. Kyle O’Reilly was shown in the crowd scouting Rey as the two will face off in the Owen Cup quarterfinal match this Wednesday, The ending sequence by Death Triangle was executed to perfection, and PAC hit the Black Arrow on Quen to pick up the win.

After the match, the House of Black appeared and disappeared in the ring. This angle, including Julia Hart and Varsity Blondes, is definitely in need of a pick-me-up. 

Shawn Spears vs. Bear Boulder

I’m a little bit tired of AEW sending the same guys in over and over to get squashed because their opponent has a big match on Dynamite. Bear Country, JD Drake, and Skye Blue are recent examples of this trend. The Chairman was able to hit an impressive C4 driver on the near 350 lb. Bear to pick up his win ahead of Spears’ cage match with Wardlow. 

Smart Mark Sterling said that he would not be able to compete against Hookhausen at Double or Nothing. Tony Nese said that he could beat both Danhausen and Hook by himself. Good luck there. 

Owen Hart Tournament Quarterfinal Match: Ruby Soho vs. Riho 

Two of the best workers and babyfaces in the AEW women’s division showed out in a clash of styles. Sidenote: two absolute banger theme songs in this one. Riho plugging her ears during Ruby’s theme was a funny touch. The crowd was a bit dead for this match, minus one sparkle-rainbow jacket-clad individual in the front row, but these two professionals persisted. Ruby sold a knee injury after attempting a stomp from the top rope. Great end combo as Riho hit a nice crucifix bomb to get two, and Ruby answered with a backdrop driver. Then a Blade Runner from Soho was enough to pick up a win.

Backstage, the new faction of the Ass—excuse me—Gunn Club and The Acclaimed discussed hand gestures and catch-phrases. The Gunn boys kept pitching DX ideas which Billy shot down, and Max and Anthony just pitched their scissoring and Yo Listen. Billy then said that he got the group a match on Dark and they all scissored.

Jade Cargill and the Baddies came out to the ring with a limping Mark Sterling. Jade told the cameraman to show her baddie section. Tony Schiavone announced that Hikaru Shida was injured in her street fight against Serena Deeb and that Kris Statlander will replace Shida in the tournament. 

TNT Championship Match: Scorpio Sky (c) vs. Frankie Kazarian 

The first-ever tag team champions in AEW history have had a divergent path since their SCU days, as Sky enters the prime of his career while Frankie is closer to the end. Not that Kazarian looks in any way washed up, as the exact opposite was true in this spirited championship clash. Sky also seems to be on the way to a split from Dan Lambert and Ethan Page, as he disagreed with the two backstage and told them not to come to the ring. The hottest heels in the game, Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti, were shown in the crowd. Sky and Kazarian obviously have a ton of chemistry and knowledge of one another, and it made for an extremely smooth match with pace. Sky’s tope con hilo was an early highlight. 

Sky showed his underrated strength against his bigger challenger. Kazarian gave a vintage performance and gave the champ some believable kill shots. Lambert ran down to ringside to distract the ref as Page hit Kazarian with the belt, but it only got a two count. Sky landed his TKO finisher to retain his belt. Overall, this was a good main event, and really shows the depth of the AEW roster. Sky was mad at Lambert and Page once he realized they interfered, but then he turned and nailed Frankie with the belt. Sammy and Tay jumped in the ring and the Men of the Year bailed. Face and heel labels are damned at the end. 

Much like last week, this episode of Rampage had some nice in-ring action and helped move mid-card storylines slowly forward. The Death Triangle match was very exciting and Riho-Ruby and the TNT championship match had some really good stuff as well. 

Join me again next week for more REMEMBER. THE. RAMPAGE!

What did you think of this week’s edition of AEW Rampage? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Joel Kananen

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