Remember The Rampage: June 24th 2022

Rey Fenix and Andrade put on a classic, and Forbidden Door tensions build on Rampage.

THIS. IS. REMEMBER. THE. RAMPAGE. Sorry, I enjoy that theme song for some reason. Each week, I will be reviewing the hour-long explosion of professional wrestling known as AEW Rampage, focusing on the highlights of the show because I just plain ol’ love wrestling. I also love the announce team of Excalibur, Taz, and Ricky Starks, and am not afraid to use this series to campaign Tony Khan to make the trio the official table for all of AEW. With that being said, it’s time to review the main event (and everything else that happens, of course)!

Andrade vs. Rey Fenix 

I was able to attend this week’s Dynamite and Rampage taping, live from my home city of Milwaukee, and what a match this was. Since the CMLL promotion is weirdly and foolishly blocking talent from competing at Forbidden Door, Tony Khan decided to just book a banger of a match between Andrade and Fenix, and they did deliver. 

Fenix has some of the most exhilarating leaping-based move-set in perhaps all of wrestling history. The masked man hit unbelievable moves one after another and was matched by the brutal yet winningly effective onslaught that makes up Andrade’s offense. 

Some awesome spots in this match: Andrade went for Three Amigos, but only got two. Rey Fenix then went for Eddie’s signature move and delivered. Fenix hit a nice German suplex, and Andrade followed by pushing Rey off the top rope to a hard fall. Andrade put Fenix in the tree of woe and double-stomped him from the top rope into the chest. Fenix hit a drop kick after leaping to the top rope and standing on it with incredible balance to line up the big shot. 

More spots include: Andrade got the knees up on a Rey splash and rolled through for a near pin. Fenix rolled away just in time to avoid Andrade’s double knee attack that would have smashed Fenix into the post, causing, and followed with a huge leap that ended with a double stomp onto Idolo’s back. Rey’s tope con hiro was maybe my favorite of the night. All of those and way more were contained in this exceptional match. 

The pair traded what seemed like no doubt finisher shots and impressive back and forth seemingly all match, but kick out after kick out brought the crowd roaring with delight. The crowd also had a big reaction to a shirtless Jose the Assistant and Alex Abrahantes meeting in the middle of the ring. 

Near the end of the contest, former ROH Champion Rush appeared and gave Rey a low blow that allowed his fellow La Faccion Ingobernable member to pick up the victory with a Hammerlock DDT. LFI continued the disrespect by tearing off Fenix’s mask, which brought out a shovel-wielding Penta. Lucha Bros and LFI is a must-see match going forward. 

Eddie Kingston appeared to cut a promo about how he wants to taste Chris Jericho’s blood. He wants to see what a coward’s blood tastes like. If that’s not a promo I don’t know what is. 

Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee are trying to make it work. As long as they are winning, they can get there. Lee and Swerve will face Yoshinobu Kanemaru and El Desperado at Forbidden Door. 

Serena Deeb & Mercedes Martinez vs. Sierra & Laynie Luck 

Short and sweet matchup here, as Deeb and Martinez locked in their dual submission moves to pick up a win. After the match, Serena and Mercedes had a bit of a stare-down stemming from Martinez bumping into Deeb during the contest. 

Nice reaction for the hometown competitor Sierra. Laynie Luck is a rising star on the indie scene and had tremendous potential. I’m really excited to see an eventual Martinez-Deeb match for the ROH title. As talented as Deeb is, her winning the AEW belt isn’t as sensible as her capturing the ROH belt. 

More ROH business, as backstage the ROH champion Johnathan Gresham and Lee Moriarty, were interrupted by Tully Blanchard. Gresham challenged Tully’s new clients. Gresham and Moriarty is a fire tag team.

HOOK vs. The DKC

Cold-hearted, blue-eyed, and handsome-devilish as ever, HOOK was able to start the upcoming series of AEW-NJPW matches with a win for his company. Put HOOK in the G1. 

Billy Gunn told his real sons and Austin and Colten that he got a match on Forbidden Door. The Ass Boys thought that it meant they would be going to the Tokyo Dome. They will face members of the LA Dojo on the buy-in show. 

Jeff Cobb vs. Cash Wheeler 

Jeff Cobb is just awesome and very strong. The King of Surf Style dominated much of this match with a series of hard-hitting power moves. 

Cobb also has a lot of charisma in and out of the ring. While Dax Harwood has deservedly gotten a ton of praise for his singles ability, Wheeler is also a game competitor when alone. Cash worked to take out Cobb’s legs, but the big man’s quickness and technical ability was a difference-maker. Wheeler’s best shot was an impressive power-bomb, but it wasn’t quite enough. 

This was a super solid main event and a good preview for what could be a show-stealer on the triple threat tag match at Forbidden Door. In the end, Wheeler was taken for Tour of the Islands and Cobb got the victory. 

After the match: all hell broke loose. The United Empire members and Chaos/Best Friends and FTR. The fire-starter for the real madness was again Eddie Kingston, who looked to take out Chris Jericho well before their matches at Forbidden Door and Blood and Guts. Eddie attempted to stab Jericho with Excalibur’s pen. This brought out members of JAS and Wheeler and Shota Umino. Taz was having a great time throughout the mess. The men brawled all throughout the arena in this end to Rampage, setting the stage for what should be an unforgettable event at Forbidden Door. 

Written by Joel Kananen

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