Remember The Rampage: June 10 2022 Edition

Kris Statlander shines as AEW builds towards Road Rager and Forbidden Door.

THIS. IS. REMEMBER. THE. RAMPAGE. Sorry, I enjoy that theme song for some reason. Each week, I will be reviewing the hour-long explosion of professional wrestling known as AEW Rampage, focusing on the highlights of the show because I just plain ol’ love wrestling. I also love the announce team of Excalibur, Taz, and Ricky Starks, and am not afraid to use this series to campaign Tony Khan to make the trio the official table for all of AEW. With that being said, it’s time to review the main event (and everything else that happens, of course) for Rampage: June 10!

Eddie Kingston vs. Jake Hager 

Eddie Kingston is one of the most on-fire wrestlers in the world, and was out for revenge in this one as Jake Hager stood as Chris Jericho’s proxy. Hager had the advantage early, and Eddie had to use his signature offense including a great DDT and series of machine-gun chops to get back in it. 

Hager isn’t really a focus on AEW television, but he definitely has some impressive skill in the ring. Kingston struggled to escape Hager’s ankle lock, but used his tenacity to do so. Two spinning back-fists were enough to take down Hager in a solid and physical, if pretty conventional, opening match on Rampage: June 10!

Backstage Team DMD was backstage with Tony Schiavone, and Owen Hart Tournament winner Britt Baker had some words for Toni Storm. Britt was especially pissed tonight, even calling her friend Tony a “dumbass.” Baker said she was more focused on regaining the AEW Women’s Championship over a rematch with Storm. 

Ortiz cut a promo on Chris Jericho ahead of his hair versus hair match coming up at Road Rager. Ortiz said he’s going to take away Jericho’s vanity and will do anything to do so. 

Satnam Singh & Jay Lethal vs. Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett 

The debut of Satnam Singh, who was billed at a massive 7 foot 4 inches. Having the big man in a tag team with Jay Lethal is probably a smart idea. As a match not match to write, about here. Singh basically only hit one move and Lethal hit a double Lethal Injection to win. Singh’s development will certainly be an interesting path to watch going forward. Sidenote: Vega and Fitchett are very talented independent wrestlers worth checking out, both as single competitors and as their tag team Grindhouse. 

Danhausen appeared in a golf cart outside the arena and told Lexy Nair that he and Hook were doing wonderful fresh off their big win at Double Or Nothing. Hook then appeared in a super-suped-up golf cart of his own, and pulled off as soon as he appeared. What a team. 

Red Velvet vs. Kris Statlander 

Kris Statlander continues to prove herself as one of the top women in AEW. Velvet’s in-ring work has always been a bit hit or miss for me, but her style worked well against Kris’ power. Jade Cargill, Kiera Hogan, and Stokely Hathaway were ringside Taz called Stokely “sketchy,” and I would love to see those two interact. Statlander was pretty dominant throughout the contest, slamming her smaller opponent all around the ring. Statlander’s Blue Thunder Bomb and delayed German Suplex was perfect. 

Velvet gave Kris a series of stiff-looking kicks, in one of her better matches in recent memory. It felt like we were waiting for Baddie interference, but it never came until the end of match. After Statlander gained a victory with her Friday Night Fever driver, she ate a massive pump kick from Jade. This summoned Anna Jay and Athena for the assist. Jade and Athena are on a crash course. Personally I think Statlander should be the one to defeat Cargill, but they seem somewhat set on Athena.

Backstage, Ethan Page detailed his plan to defeat the returning Miro. Page said he doesn’t need to pray to anyone else but himself, and next week Miro will pray to the Candian competitor too. Miro and Page’s match will be to clinch a spot in the All-Atlantic Championship fatal-four match way that will be held at Forbidden Door (catch me in the crowd, way up in the nose bleeds) Miro will likely beat Page, but putting Ethan in high-profile situations is a good idea, especially when he can shine on the microphone where he is one of the best. 

FTR & Trent? Beretta vs. Will Ospreay & Aussie Open 

Will Ospreay said that he came through the Forbidden Door to separate the sheep from the goats. Trent? said that he never liked Will when they were in New Japan and he likes him even less now. Once the match started on Rampage: June 10, it was fun from beginning to end. Once again, AEW delivers with a trios match, even with unfamiliar/unlikely teams. I can’t wait until they unveil the trio belts, they have the potential to be one of the most exciting divisions in the company. 

Aussie Open and Ospreay are world-class wrestlers, as of course FTR and Beretta. I liked the odd bed fellow team on the AEW side, as it felt like they put everything aside to defend against the invading United Empire. The match centered quite a bit on Beretta who took a good deal of punishment until a hot tag to Dax Harwood. Dax is one of the hottest competitors in all of AEW. FTR impressed with their traditional combination offense, including a great powerbomb by Cash Wheeler. Not to be outdone, Aussie Open unleashed their own onslaught, capped by a beautiful Ospreay 450 splash. Wheeler was able to kick out of an Os-Cutter by the former IWGP champion. Will was the highlight of this contest, showing legitimacy to his claim as best the world. 

Trent? was able to pick up win for his team after hitting Storm Zero in a match that provided plenty of reason to be amped up for Forbidden Door. 

As a whole, Rampage: June 10 wasn’t the most exciting or important Rampage, and was a fall-off from last week’s show. Still, nothing egregiously bad happened. It’s always a thrill to watch Eddie Kingston, Statlander and Velvet was very solid, and the trio at the end had some moments well worth checking out. 

Written by Joel Kananen

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