Ray Rosas Is Revitalised Against Honest John

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Review—June 19th

Greetings, Hollywood fans, to this week’s review of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood! The Memphis invasion continues as Brett Michaels fights for the right to become the number one contender to Levi Shapiro’s UWN TV Title by taking on not one, but two members of Beef Candy in what they’re calling a candy-cap match. The ever-fabulous Dustin Starr will be on commentary for that one. Plus, Ray Rosas will defend his Arizona State title against the ever-wily Honest John in the main event.

It’s set to be a great show, so let’s head down to the ring and get into it!

The Big Match: Ray Rosas Overcomes His Issues To Beat Honest John

Honest John has become an important, entertaining character in CWFH recently, having aligned himself with Howdy Price and his stable. That seemed to change last week when Anthony Idol, Levi Shapiro, and Howdy seemed to abandon John at ringside. Coming out on his own tonight doesn’t seem to have dampened John’s spirits as he got his shot here at the Arizona State Championship held by Ray Rosas.

Rosas declined John’s now-standard handshake attempt, favoring working the head and the arm instead. An atomic drop made Honest John feel less honest as did a shot to the buckles. A rake to the eye gave John some room though but not for long, Rosas pulling out a Famouser for a two-count.

Unfortunately for Rosas, he had a moment of doubt while climbing to the top rope, the thought of Dan Joseph throwing him off that stage still playing in his mind. That gave John a chance to knock Rosas down before cracking him with a sharp-looking neck breaker.

John continued to beat Rosas down with big fists, kicks, and knees and a nice baseball slide dropkick that sent Rosas crashing from the apron to the floor. A dropkick to the back in the corner followed but Rosas countered a jump from John with a superkick before hitting an exploder suplex for a near-fall.

Rosas looked to get a second wind, nailing a running kick into the corner but Honest John hit a clothesline out of the corner and got a very near-fall with a tiger bomb. Rosas was able to slingshot John into the ropes before using a back suplex, the pump-handle into a codebreaker he calls the ‘Bed of Rosas’, and the ‘Stingray’ full nelson stretch on the mat to get the victory and to end a very enjoyable main event.

A big win for Rosas, then. Is this the return of the Ray we all know and love? Something tells me the ball might not be in Ray’s hands but Keita Murray’s.

The Big Segment: Cece Chanel and Ruby Raze Form an Uneasy Alliance

After a short but enjoyable encounter between Cece Chanel and Bryn Thorne, Viva Van interrupted proceedings by hitting Cece with a 2×4 before choking her with said object. Bryn Thorne looked on for a moment before she joined in, hitting Cece with big boots and punches! It was then I noticed that Bryn’s ring gear was very similar to Van’s. Then it started to make sense.

Halston Boddy came out to gloat as Van and Bryn beat Chanel down but the Ruby Raze appeared. There was a moment of uncertainty; the last time we saw Raze, she was a part of Jamie Iovine’s gang. Not anymore, it would seem, as Ruze started throwing big shots at Van and Thorne, driving them out of the ring. Where did that come from?!?

Jamie Iovine came out and boy, he was not pleased. Telling Raze he assumed she was on his side, he made a tag match for next week: Cece Chanel and Ruby Raze vs. Viva Van and Bryn Thorne. That should be a good match, but the big question is: why did Ruby Raze turn against Jamie Iovine, and can Cece Chanel really trust her?

Time will tell.

Other Segments & Promos

  • Vinny Wasco told Jack Farmer how he’d changed his exercise routine during lockdown when he was interrupted Jack Banning, who told Wacco his lockdown was life-changing. Banning told Wasco that, when he realizes no one cares about him and he hits rock bottom, to come and find him. Banning is killing it with this character.
  • Emily Mae interviewed Robin Shaw’s new manager, Jackson Calhoun, an old-time hustler type in a leopard-skin jacket. Jackson told Emily he saw money in Shaw and that’s why he’s here. To ride that rocket to the top! He also told Emily he and Shaw didn’t want to keep Matthew McConahy waiting and led Shaw off to the limo. Hey Robin, ask what the hell Killer Joe was all about for me.
  • Jon Roberts asked Ray Rosas about what Keita Murray’s deal was two weeks ago. Rosas admitted he’d been struggling with emotional issues after what Dan Joesph had done to him but then he’d gotten a package through the post from Murray with new wrestling tights and a note that said ‘remember who you are.’ That gave Rosas the boost he needed to remember—HE IS RAY ROSAS! Nice promo, but what will Keita want in return?


  • Brett Michaels beat Beef Candy in an entertaining ‘Candy-cap’ match after smashing Richie Slade with the ‘Gun Show Lariat.’ Michaels earned the number one contendership to Levi Shapiro’s UWN TV Title by winning this match.
  • Sweet Robin Shaw beat Vinny Wasco in a fun encounter after the Sweet Victory followed by the Vice Grip. Shaw had come out to the ring with a mystery man who was later revealed to be Jackson Calhoun (see other segments and promos).
  • Cece Chanel beat Bryn Thonre by DQ after Viva Van entered the ring and attacked Chanel with a 2×4.
  • Arizona State Champion Ray Rosas defeated Honest John by tap out after using the Stingray full nelson stretch.

Final Thoughts

While this wasn’t a big episode of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, it was never less than entertaining and there’s nothing wrong with that—not every episode will be massive or chock full of surprises and big moments, contrary to what some promotions try to sell to you. To just present a consistent, entertaining episode of wrestling is absolutely fine—I watch wrestling to be entertained—and CWFH does this on a regular basis.

This week’s big moments saw Brett Michaels have one of his better UWN matches with the always-solid Richie Slade, who along with Flex Mccallion was pretty funny on the mic this week. Robin Shaw’s reveal of a new manager was intriguing and I’m looking forward to seeing where that goes. Plus, the return of Ruby Raze is definitely a welcome thing and she and Cece should make a great tag team next week.

As for Ray Rosas, he had a good match with Honest John but I’m even more intrigued by his relationship with Keita Murray. If it’s Murray providing the new motivation for Rosas to succeed, what is Murray going to want in return? Could Rosas be being dragged back to the dark side without his knowledge?

I’ll see you once more, grapple fans, as we look forward to more exciting action from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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