Powerrr Surge: Nothing New But Nothing Bad Too

NWA Powerrr Surge Review—April 13th

Welcome NWA Fam, to this week’s review of NWA Powerrr—actually, scratch that. Because this week, we get the debut of Powerrr Surge, a special episode that is believed will be aired at the end of each four-week block of Powerrr. Reaction to this has been varied; some fans have felt that being charged each time for 3 episodes and then a shorter recap is a rip-off; some fans don’t really feel too much one way or the other and see it as just a place holder episode, and some people really enjoyed it for what it was.

I can understand the people who say they feel ripped-off: at 27 minutes, they are being charged for essentially 3 and a half episodes rather than a full four. And that half is a recap! But I also understand the point of view of those who say that as the NWA isn’t due to hit GPB studios again until June, shows like this help to spread the amount of content they have recorded further than it might go without a show like Powerrr Surge. It’s a risk of the position the NWA finds itself in on its return to action. Whether it pays off without alienating their paying audience remains to be seen, but I’d rather this than no NWA content at all.

A quick note on the presentation: the opening credits and theme music for the show brilliantly evoke a mid-eighties edition of NWA World Wide Wrestling, much more closely than Powerrr does. It’s a lovely touch that the Jim Crockett Promotions nerd in me really appreciate. The episode cut between segments at the announce desk, with Joe Galli and May Valentine interviewing various people, while we also had recap segments on the major stories from the last three weeks of Powerrr and one feature match in Jerimiah Plunkett vs. Matthew Mimms. It was a nice mix for what it was, and the show breezed by because of it.

But, recaps aside, what did Powerrr Surge actually give us? Let’s take a look…

Strictly Business Is Strictly On Different Pages

Kamille stares out an unseen Joe Galli at the announce desk

Kamille joined Joe and May at the interview desk and seemed annoyed at the pair gushing over Thunder Rosa’s recent achievements. She pointed out that she interfered in the women’s showcase from a couple of weeks back because it apparently saved the match from being boring. Everyone’s a critic. Joe and May asked about Nick Aldis’ speech about no one’s place in Strictly Business being safe. While Kamille wouldn’t admit to being upset and stated Nick is just thinking about business, she also made it quite clear that she and Thom Latimer are a power couple and that if she had her way, Thom would be in the World Heavyweight title picture by now. Ooh, now there’s some passive aggression for you! Is all not well in Strictly Business?

Nick Aldis, for his part, accused Joe Galli of stirring the pot, looking for the scoop by raking through the mud, and stated that he wasn’t making threats to the rest of Strictly Business but he was rather trying to preach consistency: as long as you’re consistently at the top of your game like Aldis insisted Kamille and Latimer currently are, then you’re spot is safe. But the implication was pretty clear: make an error and you could find yourself being asked to leave. Now, remember; Thom Latimer failed to take the TV title from Elijah Burke. Could that be the seed for a larger dissent in Strictly Business? Time will tell…

Sal Rinauro Knows a Former Champion and Parrow Is Going To Hurt People

Mike Parrow kicked the show by making an unannounced appearance at the announce desk, silently bristling whilst May listed his accomplishments: coming out as an openly gay wrestler, representing that openness by appearing at the NWA 70th Anniversary PPV. Parrow acknowledged that these were indeed big accomplishments. So why, when he was not pinned or submitted at that show, did he get sent to Japan while the rest of the NWA roster got to make names for themselves on Powerrr, the NWA’s flagship show? Why was he denied the same opportunity? Now he’s putting every champion and every member of the roster on notice. If you step in the ring with Parrow, he is going to hurt you! This is definitely the Parrow I want to see in the NWA: p****d off and violent. I’m definitely hoping for some more mic time from him as Powerrr proceeds.

Meanwhile, Sal Rinauro is apparently getting a non-title match against the NWA Tag Team champions Aron Stevens and J R Kratos next week. He will be bringing with him a “former champion”. Does that mean a former NWA champion or just a former champion generally? Anyway, why is it a non-title match when Stevens explicitly agreed to a title match against Rinauro previously? And what happened to the Stevens-Kratos dissent? This storyline really has been the weakest part of the booking so far.

Jerimiah Plunkett vs. Matthew Mimms

Jerimiah Plunkett prepares to square off against Matthew Mimms

So we turn to our one and only match of the evening and it was possibly wise to let two of the lesser-known members of the roster have a chance to show off their stuff against each other rather than be dwarfed by an established star. I quite enjoyed Plunkett’s match with Slice Boogie previously, and Mimms has definitely got potential too, so this should be entertaining.

Entertaining it was, and while not some sort of revelatory experience, I didn’t leave the match feeling I’d wasted my time. The story of the match was that Plunkett had trained Mimms and so Mimms was looking to beat Plunkett to prove that he had outgrown his mentor.

This was a case of two rough and tumble scrappers roughing each other with big power moves and hard forearms and kicks. Plunkett took a few cheap shots, which Velvet Sky approved of on commentary. It wasn’t enough to put Mimms away though, as the student proved himself to be the new teacher, shaking off a knee to the face and smashing Plunkett with a belly to belly suplex for the pinfall victory.

I could definitely see the NWA getting behind Mimms here and that’s a good thing. He definitely has potential. Let’s hear how he can do on the mic now.

Final Thoughts

Powerrr Surge was a solid show overall. Nothing special and no massive revelations were made, but it was consistently entertaining and they made the format work to their needs.

I enjoyed the little crumbs being dropped on the path to wherever the Strictly Business dissension is going. I also enjoyed seeing Parrow get on the mic and let rip. It was the first time we heard him speak in the NWA and it really helped to give him that extra bit of character.

The issue with the show is I really don’t know if we really need an update show after only three weeks of action since their return. Content quantity concerns aside, is the promotion really providing value for money by charging fans for a recap show only after three weeks? I believe the format works; would it then be better suited as a weekly or even monthly show to air on YouTube so as to entice those in that may be unwilling or sitting on the fence about parting with their money? Yes, I get that they need to charge for Powerrr because they are unable to earn any income from having audiences attend shows. I’m perfectly fine with paying for Powerrr and PPV’s. But there is also value in having some sort of free content on YouTube that doesn’t detract but actually compliments the content behind the wall and, not only that, but encourages others to part with their cash?

It’s definitely a question the NWA should consider.

That’s it for Powerrr Surge for another three weeks, but I’ll see you again next week for Powerrr as we go once more…into the fire!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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