OVW Prepares For Thanksgiving Thunder

The Go Home Show Isn’t A Turkey

Credit: screenshot from the show

I’ve been a bit hard on Ohio Valley Wrestling on my podcast recently. OVW, the Al Snow-helmed promotion, with past alumni of John Cena and Batista, has been confusing of late. Lots of angles shoved together.

But this show, the OVW go home one for their Thanksgiving Thunder event, was better.

Why Was That, Steve?

Glad you asked, or we might have had a short report. OVW concentrated on a few angles for the event and so it didn’t have as much chance to be hokey.

It still was a bit hokey though…

Jackson Stone v Lucious Lawrence

Background: the Suplex Shogun Stone and Juicy Lawrence haven’t really got any, although the Juicy one is involved in the BIG angle which had been going on for ages. More on that later. Here 2 big men collide, so you won’t see many hurricanrana’s or Canadian destroyers here.

This is beef slapping against beef (there’s that recurring dream again…) and so there’s a lot of punching, Lawrence takes 2 goes to get Stone up in an atomic drop but manages a small power slam and double ax handle from the apron.

The move of the match is probably Stone catching his opponent off the top and hitting a T-bone suplex; quite a feat of strength. It’s less exciting when Laurence hits his running power slam finisher, the One Night Stand, which is more of a staggering power slam here, for the pin.

Lucious Lawrence
Credit: OVW

Not bad, a lot of muscle in there and a good bit of energy.

Brian Kennison and Shannon ‘The Dude’ would like to chat to us about what’s coming up, but there’s apparently a kerfuffle backstage. And what was it? Lawrence is being interviewed. We’ve just seen him!

Hang on, here comes Tony Bizo with his girlfriend/friend/angle Haley J, who used to be with Lawrence. Here’s that angle I said earlier on would come. See, all good things come to those who wait. Well, fairly good.

This had been simmering for weeks, early on in the Kentucky Brewing Co heavyweight title tournament months ago (it seems) when L took another manager and Haley left him for arrogant heel Bizo.


Well…there’s been a ‘they want to be together but can’t at the moment’ feel to L and H. L luvs H? That sort of thing. Here, Bizo exclaimed that they should meet at Thanksgiving Thunder and it should be the Kentucky Heavyweight belt, which L has, versus Haley if he loses. Erm…not sure Haley has been asked what she thinks of this and hope we hear later. At the moment, Bizo looks like a bit of a user…

And now to the best segment of the hour.

Gustavo and Starrider press conference

Background: Gustavo is the current Rush Division champion. Starrider was the Rush Division champion. Gustavo won a 2 out of 3 falls match, but with some argument about arms under ropes. And they blew up at each other last week, so OVW has done something remarkably effective.

They are on a split-screen. Brian is with Gustavo, Stevie with Starrider. And those two try to keep them calm as they trade barbs across the airwaves. Some really good emotive work here, to set up their 30-minute iron-man match at Thanksgiving Thunder. And a special mention to Starrider, who wears a mask but made all that emotion count.

Gustavo and Starrider
Credit; screenshot from the show

Now an advert for a herbal virility product… And we’re back.

And following are 2 rather clunky segments.

The Women’s Division Aren’t Happy

Background: It’s Freya The Slaya. She’s big, tough, and laying waste to those in the women’s division. And so Dani Mo, who is on the title pic herself, with 3 of her compatriots, challenge her. The 3 are not officially introduced and Dani leads this so that rather nullifies the call that they all want to call her out.

She arrives. Then leaves. Then finds some way to come in behind them and attack them outside the ring. I think. I may have given up by then.

The Jesse Godderz Challenge

The other clunky bit involved the National Heavyweight champ himself, Mr. PEC-tacular Tony Godderz, who has been to TNA and has come back. He’s got a good heel arrogance about him, it’s just that this angle was convoluted. Now, I didn’t see last week’s ep; I’m very busy, you know? Yes, I do feel ashamed. He seems to have challenged Jake Lawless and Jake Omen to a shot at his title if one can beat the other in 54 seconds.

That would be silly in itself. Add Goddarz coming back from his hols and wearing a loud shirt, flippers, and snorkel, and the comedy is crowded. He called out Jake Lawless. He then called out Jake Omen. Omen left to the back with a bag of popcorn, procured from somewhere, maybe an OVW popcorn fairy. Jesse told Lawless to get Omen from the back. The bell rang, so time was counting down.

Then Omen appeared from what was called a side door or concealed entrance – it wasn’t the forbidden door, I do know that- and stood in the ring for a count-out. And that was 45 seconds, see? So he got outsmarted Godderz see?

It felt a bit like sports entertainment and that’s sometimes the issue I have with OVW, I would have liked something else here. A bit of wrestling, perhaps… And then Haley tells Bizo and Lawrence that she isn’t anyone’s property! Thank goodness for that.

It’s main event time!

Ca$h Flo and Dimes w/Josh Ashcrap, no…Asscrack? That’s not right…Ashcraft, that’s it. Phew. v Dark Clouds

Background: Ca$h Flo is a big wheel in the heel stable the Legacy Of Brutality, and a big bloke too. Dark Clouds and Bundles and Eric Darkstorm are tag champs and big blokes.

Dimes is a smaller bloke, but thinks he’s a big bloke; he’s been doing an angle where he uses protein powder (sometimes to throw in opponent’s eyes) and so thinks of himself as a super heavyweight.

Ca$h Flo
Credit: OVW

That seems natural, doesn’t it?

The tag champs are about to clash, at Thanksgiving Thunder actually (imagine that…) with Fanny Pack Party, Kal Herro, and Dustin Jackson.

Just a word about terms here; in the US a fanny is a slang term for a butt, a bottom. In the UK, where I am, a fanny is a slang reference to a rather different part of the female anatomy and so the words Fanny Pack Party make me feel a little queasy. And I won’t be using them again.

Anyway, this match was mainly big blokes doing things we expect and frankly don’t expect. The former? Loads of chops, a military press, and throw on a smaller man, a sidewalk slam. The latter? Apparently, a Darkstorm enzuigiri, which Brian is rightfully excited about on commentary and which we miss because the camera is lingering the ringside action.

It’s good sports entertainment, this. Whenever Ca$h Flo is in, the match is on, whenever Dimes is in, he’s beaten up. There’s a nice moment when, after struggling to make a tag and getting a hot one, Dimes tags straight back in, much to his partner’s disbelief.

The end comes when Ca$h Flo and Dimes are attempting an electric chair choke slam – Dimes on Flo’s shoulders, reaching out for Bundles (I think) to double chokeslam him, not sure how the Dimes could have got him up.

Anyway, it didn’t matter because Ca$h Flo had a devil of a job balancing his partner on his shoulders and received a low blow in the process.

As if that wasn’t enough mayhem, Herro and Jackson arrived on the stage, the FPP as I shall call them from now on. Dark Clouds instantly broke their concentration, as wrestlers do, and guess who got the pin with a roll-up? That’s right, Dimes! Of course. And why were Dark Clouds so shocked to see FPP? They must have bumped into them sometime in the day, the building isn’t an arena or anything…

So, A Good Go Home Show?

Actually, yes. That Gustavo and Starrider feud has been brought up well in a short time, the Bizo and Laurence looooong angle will be completed and FPP has a good chance of winning the tag belts.

OVW often frustrates, but they do look like they’re a bigger promotion and one that can hit a run of form. They’re set up well for it, let’s hope it happens for them soon

Written by Steve Swift

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