OVW Lays The Path For Chained Carnage

Ohio Valley Wrestling Review: June 18th

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With the path to Chained Carnage coming near to its brutal end, this week’s OVW TV was set to see things heat up between the Legacy of Brutality and the promotion’s top babyfaces, as Star Rider took on Big Zo in a No DQ main event. With Star Rider hurt after last week’s vicious attack by the LOB, what state is the high flyer and Rush Division Champion going to be in when he steps between the ropes with Big Zo?

Let’s head to the ring and find out!

The Big Match: Star Rider and Friends Take a Stand Against The Legacy of Brutality

Last week, the Legacy of Brutality, and Big Zo in particular, put a major hurting on Star Rider. That led to this week’s main event, a no DQ match which Star Rider looked to be in no shape for, coming out wrapped in bandages. That didn’t put him off though, charging at Zo from the get-go and using chair-assisted aerial moves to put a hurting on the big man.

Jake Ashcraft grabbed Rider’s foot, so Rider chased him away to the back. Zo followed. Moments later, Rider came back through the curtain, flying through the air like a thrown football and bumping down the ramp. Jake Ashcraft and his distractions strike again!

Zo brought a ladder into the ring but Rider managed to come back briefly. All too briefly as it happens, as Zo sent Rider straight into the ladder in the corner, putting a disturbing dent into the metal, before jamming the ladder into Rider’s taped ribs. After some more punishment, Zo turned to the bandages, choking Rider out with them.

A big splash found nothing but mat and Rider nailed a series of kicks that took Zo down. Jake Ashcraft broke up the pin attempt, giving Zo time to crack Rider with a chair before climbing up top. This brought out Kal Herro and Dustin Jackson, who took out Zo with a double superkick. This, in turn, brought out Cash Flo, who cracked both men with a running clothesline before power bombing Herro onto Jackson. Omar Amir came out and sent Flo over the top rope before nailing Zo with Island Time. This set Zo up for the frog splash off the top, giving Star Rider the 3 count.

This was a fun match that further established Star Rider, Kal Herro and Dustin Jackson as main event players in the current scheme of things in OVW. After a reign of terror, it’s great to see a group of babyfaces unite and challenge the Legacy of Brutality and it’s shaping up to be a wild, brutal feud. You could argue the ending was overbooked but, in a way, it needed to be to really put everyone over as we head into Chained Carnage. Great work from everyone involved.

The Big Segment: Shannon the Dude Can’t Tame ‘The Indian Lion!’

Shannon the Dude obviously has a death wish. After cheating his way into the second round of the Kentucky Title tournament, he finds himself in a bracket with the undefeated, indestructible Mahabali Shera. But rather than run away ad beg forgiveness, Shannon the Dude actually called Shera out to the ring this week.

But Shannon wasn’t out to cause a fight; instead, he was looking to make a peace offering. After lying about how he’d been putting over Shera on commentary, he revealed a present that he’d bought for the big man: a toy tiger (well, he couldn’t find a lion apparently).

Shera made his feelings clear: he pulled the tiger’s head off!

Shannon wasn’t done, though: he presented Shera with two tickets…to Las Vegas! Nice. The only thing was, the date of the tickets was, you guessed it, the same day Shera is meant to be wrestling Shannon the Dude. With Shera scrunching the tickets up into a ball, Shannon had no other option. In fact, he gave up all pretense of trying to give Shera presents and asked him how much it would cost to make him go away!

Shera looked to accept the money but it was a ruse. He threw the money back in Shannon’s face and grabbed him by the jacket. He then proceeded to tell Shannon that he could offer Shera anything; it doesn’t matter. Shera is going to be the first Kentucky Heavyweight Champion. And with that, he shoved Shannon to the mat.

What tricks and shenanigans is Shannon the Dude going to have to resort to so that he can beat Shera, or at least escape unscathed.

Other Segments & Promos

  • Current NWA TV Champion ‘Da Pope’ Elijah Burke sent in a video claiming that the calls had been made and the question had been answered: Pope will be returning to OVW on June 26th at Chained Carnage to add some more gold around his “pretty little waist.” His opponent? Jesse Godderz! Wow, that’s a big deal.
  • AJ Daniels called Facade out so he could reveal why he’s been interrupting Facade’s matches. William Lutz came out instead, claiming Daniels knew Facade was not in the building and could not answer his challenge. Lutz accepted Daniels’ challenge instead (see Results for the match).
  • A series of videos showed Luscious Lawrence out on a date with a mystery woman. ‘HollyHood’ Haley J got jealous while watching on the monitor backstage, before sending Tony Bizo out to prove that he’s better than Lawrence.
  • Further videos of Lawrence aired, dancing with his mysterious date and promising to take her to Thunder Island. Backstage, Haley J was furious, as Thunder Island is somewhere Lawrence took her to. Haley rushed off to head to Thunder Island, only to find Lawrence in bed with…her mother?!?


  • “Mr. Juicy” Luscious Lawrence beat “Picture Perfect” Jordan Kage in a fun opener after hitting the ‘One Night Stand’ power slam.
  • “The Nephilim” D’mone Solavino defeated Blanco Loco by submission with the ‘Locked in Purgatory’ armbar.
  • “Double A” Arie Alexander beat “The Demon” Lilith Grimm with a DDT.
  • Brandon Espinosa pinned Gustavo in a fun fight after a distraction from D’Mone Solavino allowed Espinosa to roll Gustavo up. Gustavo caught Solavino with a tope suicida afterwards.
  • Non-Title Match: OVW Tag Team Champions The Tate Twins beat “Superior” Tony Evans & Jake Omen after a double faceplant on Omen.
  • “Mr. Zero Gravity” AJ Daniels pinned William Lutz after a boot beneath the belt followed by a Gravity Kick.
  • Kentucky Title Tournament First Round: Reverend Ronnie Roberts (w/Jessica Snow) pinned “The Iron Bear” Tom Coffey (w/Doug Basham) after Basham turned on Coffey and slid Ronnie his collection plate, which the Good Reverend duly cracked Coffey with between the eyes.
  • “Shotgun” Tony Gunn pinned “The Wayward Warrior” Jared Kripke after a Killshot. Gunn looked to be enjoying decimating Kripke!
  • Dream Girl Ellie beat “The Purple-Haired Maniac” Charlie Kruel with a bridging German suplex.
  • “The Complete Package” Tony Bizo beat Freddy Hudson with a Bizo Bomb. Bizo kept on throwing shade at Luscious Lawrence throughout the match.
  • No DQ Match: Rush Champion Star Rider beat Big Zo after landing a frog splash.

Final Thoughts

This was an enjoyable episode of OVW TV, as it started tying things into the Chained Carnage card set for June 26th. The announcement of Elijah Burke coming to challenge Jesse Godderz for the OVW National Heavyweight Championship is exciting, and while I don’t want to leap to conclusions and suggest there’s a relationship between OVW and the NWA, it’s certainly exciting to see ‘Da Pope’ on tour and taking on big matches in different places.

Meanwhile, the main event feud between the Legacy of Brutality and Omar Amir, Kal Herro, Dustin Jackson and Star Rider is proving to be a wild, extremely compelling story. Whether it continues after Chained Carnage is another matter, but for now, I’m completely entertained by it.

Chained Carnage can’t come soon enough.

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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