OVW Has Something To Hang The Angles On

Credit: screenshot from the show

I missed OVW Thanksgiving Thunder. I know, I know. There are so many wrestling promotions coloring for my attention, I let it pass me by. Call yourself a wrestling writer? No, I don’t actually.
Oh, that’s alright then.

Glad we cleared that up.

This was the OVW, that’s  Ohio Valley Wrestling Thanksgiving Thunder Aftermath. Which thankfully isn’t Thanksgiving Thunder Afterthought. This brought some big ideas forward and because there were reasons for the angles, there weren’t as many just hanging out with nowhere to go looking a bit silly, which can sometimes happen with OVW.

So what did we get?

The Big  OVW (Head) Cheese, Al Snow With A Big Announcement.

Jesse Goddarz Unhappy on this weeks OVW
Credit, screenshot from the show

He ain’t messin’ about. The whole OVW locker room is summoned. Doesn’t look like a massive roster, let’s put it this way, no one had to leave their seats and squeeze against the walls. Christmas means Chaos! It does for so many families. That faint whiff of disappointment won’t feed itself, you know. OVW wants Chaos! And just because they want it to be more chaotic than it ever was before, there will be a stipulation for every match. That could be good. That could be horrible. But it’s big news.

Hang on, come back! There’s more. As if a stip per match weren’t enough, you know the belts Everyone will be on the line! Even Shannon The Dude’s? Never mind that! Now, because of that title thing, we’d better hang a match on it. A scramble match. For a tilt at Ryan Howe’s OVW championship. Containing the 4 men kind of around and about that title picture.

Tony Bizo v Ronnie Roberts v C$sh Flo v Tony Gunn

Bizo is not his bumptious self since (I presume) he lost his ring partner Haley J – that doesn’t sound right – his wrestling and perhaps life partner, that’s more like it. Ronnie is being given a wrestling run and as long as they do that, I won’t have to hear his talk show Reverend persona-huh, taking the fun with wrestlers-huh and ending every line with huh-huh. C$sh Flo has the size to be a champ again. But he’s slightly off the pace at the moment.

Shotgun Tony…Gunn is always around, seemingly whether you want him to or not. He’s been weakened by his recent lackey to Tony Godderz act. But, his is rather fine. Energetic and a good reason to try hard.

Bizo went out early from the rather fine-looking Roberts Hand Of God uppercut, thankfully Howe stopped playing the guitar at his commentary position pretty quickly. Dimes, there with C$sh Flo, threw his protein power in Gunns’ face and it leads to his pin. After Flo showed his power by grabbing Roberts’ leg and syncing him up before dumping him, the Rev pulled Flo out of the corner which led to a mini powerbomb.

And when the end came, it was a surprise.

Ronnie Roberts Triumphant on this week's OVW
Credit, screenshot from the show

Should have been Flo, but he sold the Roberts Hand Of God so well, a look of shock and slow fall back for the pin. Great way to start OVW Aftermath

And the OVW Women’s Champ Has An Arrogance Too

This is The Era Of Sierra. It must be, she told us so. She enjoyed destroying Judy Hendrix, not just a squash, but the senton and backpack stunner for the pin was emphatic. I’m looking forward to Sierra and Dani Mo fitting together at Christmas Chaos, even if she said she wants a match now and music played as if she’d made a mistake and had to be stopped.

And The Main Was Event Was Right But Confusing

Jake Omen, who calls himself The End Of The World, wants a go at Jessie Godderz’s OVW National Title – why bother if the world is ending? Anyway, we saw him coming close to his No1 contender’s tussle with Tony G at Thanksgiving Thunder, the champ having to use the belt to win.

So this is: For a shot at the OVW title. At Christmas Chaos. Designed so that a Godderz DQ means he loses. The action was shaping up, including a clothesline, a big boot, and an Omen rather loose falcon arrow.

Godderz v Omen
Credit, screenshot from the show

And then it got angle heavy. One ref bump with Omen on a 265 count pin. Another ref out. Another bump. Shannon handed the champ a chair, who did the hit the mat, throw the chair to the other bloke, and fall over trick. So Omen did the same. There was a nice moment when they argued about who’s idea it was.

But then Jessie got the belt, realized that the ref can clearly see him, and yet still ran to Omen to smack him. DQ. Omen won. He got the shot. It’s so hokey.

A Word In Praise Of Bryan

Kennison, that is. He creates such excitement at Omen’s expected win that its gold, his shout of ‘son of a gun!’ Is just great.

Bryan Kennison (R) and Shannon The Dude
Credit, screenshot from the show

Frequently overexcited, Bryan may make fluffs sometimes (in his speech, of course) but he adds so much.

So It Was Good?

In the main, yes. Lots happened but it was still a tight show. Angles intruded, but not too much. Well done OVW. On to Christmas Chaos!

Written by Steve Swift

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