Omar Amir Passes The First Test of Brutality

Ohio Valley Wrestling Review—May 20th

Credit: Fite TV

This week’s OVW TV see the path to Defiance laid as Omar Amir takes the first step on his Test of Brutality against Hy Zaya in the main event. Dustin Jackson will take on his once-friend, now bitter rival Drew Hernadez in a two out of three falls match, whilst Shannon the Dude takes on more than he can handle in Big Rex in the first round of the Kentucky Title tournament.

There’s no time to waste, so let’s head straight to the ring!

‘The Sultan of the Sky’ Blanco Loco vs. ‘The Neon Ninja’ Facade vs. ‘Mr. Zero Gravity’ AJ Daniels

Blanco Loco was making his OVW debut and he certainly made an impression, wearing green and pink, wearing a mask and coming out with a cuddly Pikachu doll. Well, that’s different.

This was a fun match that thankfully wasn’t quite as spot-loaded as I thought it might be. In fact, while still as fast-paced as you might expect, there was a bigger emphasis on big leg kicks and strikes in the earlier parts which made the match feel a little different than what I anticipated.

Facade had a nice moment when he nailed Loco with a hurricarana from the top right onto AJ Daniels who was lying prone on the mat. Loco seemed to stumble a bit on the ropes near the end of the match, disrupting the flow of the match for a moment, and Facade had a similar moment, slipping as he went to leap up the ropes. He soon made up for it, hitting an insane dive to both Loco and Daniels on the outside. He then walked the ropes and hit a big kick to Loco’s head in the ring for the 1-2-3.

Fun opener, with Facade standing out in particular.

‘Picture Perfect’ Jordan Kage vs. KarDaniel ‘Demolition’ Dunn

Jordan Kage is a bad, bad man and damn, he knows it. He dominated pretty much the majority of his match with Dunn, hitting really crisp power offence that looked really impressive, in particular an STO that nearly sent Dunn’s skeleton out of his body. I mention the crispness because every move just looked like it was hit with authority. I must admit, I was very impressed by that.

Kage’s Achilles heel, though, is gloating. Rather than pin Dunn after a big elbow drop from the top, he took the time to smirk and gloat, giving Dunn the opportunity to clear the cobwebs and move out of the way of a charge. Dunn seemed to get his wind back and hit Kage with a splash and a gut wrench suplex. A second gut wrench looked to be on the cards, but Kage clapped Dunn’s ears—hard—and hit a Ripcord to take the 1-2-3.

Good match with Kage looking like a machine. He takes on the OVW Heavyweight champion Cash Flo on Saturday in the first round of the Kentucky Title Tournament. Let’s hope he doesn’t take Flo lightly. The big man will mess him up if he does.

‘The Final Boss’ Bruce Wayans & ‘The Golden Bull’ Jumbo Zamore vs. The Tate Twins

The Tate Twins have been nothing but hungry since they lost the OVW Tag Team titles to Jesse Godderz and Tony Gunn, and now, with their rematch due this Saturday at OVW’s Defiance Saturday Night Special, they looked to make a point as they made quick work of Wayans and Zamore here, using their speed and their high-impact double team offence to beat down Wayans first before sending Zamore out to ringside. A joint de-feet on Wayans followed by an arm crossover takedown was enough to seal the deal, with Brandon putting an exclamation mark on things by diving over the top rope onto Zamore on the arena floor. A quick, impactful match; just like the Tate Twins themselves.

Will they be able to do the same at Defiance?

“I’ll Knock Your Damn Head Off!”

If there’s one thing you can’t say about Tony Gunn, it’s that he’s a calm-tempered gentleman. So it was no surprise when he accosted Kal Herro at the concession stand where Kal was working serving food and drinks. While Kl stood silent, Gunn barked at him to stay away from his matches or he’ll “knock his damn head off”. As if to prove his point, Gunn pulled Kal across the stand by his shirt, looking to get some shots in as security pulled Gunn away.

Let’s not forget that Gunn basically caused Herro to quit as a wrestler. But appearing during a match? That’s a step too far for Tony Gunn…

Kentucky Heavyweight Title Tournament 1st Round: Brandon Espinosa (w/Perrin Johnson & Robbie Valentine) vs. Rush Champion Star Rider (w/Ramel Bradley & Lukasz Orbzut)

Before the match, we got a backstage promo from Star Rider, who had made Ramel and Lukasz wear Star Rider masks. He told the camera that he was going to win the Kentucky title for himself, for Ramal and Lukasz and for us. The feed cut a little too quickly, but the point was made.

Espinosa tried to get the jump on Star Rider with a baseball slide as the Rush champion made his entrance, but missed. He soon got the advantage, bullying Star Rider with unbridled aggression, slamming Rider’s head into the turnbuckle before knocking him off the top turnbuckle onto the ropes and suplexing him back in. Rider came back eventually with a knee to the face, sending Espinoza to the outside. The ref tried to stop Rider from diving onto Espinoza, so Rider did the only logical thing—he leapt over the ref to the outside and knocked everyone over like bowling pins.

Back in the ring, a kick to the head and a frog splash from the top were enough to book Rider’s place in the next round. Good match! I like how Espinoza acts like a d**k, pulling out little petty moves like the baseball slide. He’s a fun heel. Rider was the right winner here, though.

2 Out of Three Falls: ‘The Mayan Mauler’ Drew Hernandez vs. Dustin Jackson

How do you get an advantage in a 2 out of 3 falls match?

Attack your opponent from behind as they make their entrance, of course! That’s what Drew Hernandez did sending Dustin Jackson right into the ring post before rolling him in the ring and scoring the first fall of the match.

I guess Drew wasn’t too impressed with Dustin interrupting his backstage interview earlier in the night. The ref wasn’t too impressed with Drew’s actions either; he refused to count Dustin out first and only counted the pin after Drew threatened him.

Dustin struggled but he eventually pulled himself up in the corner—at which point, Drew splashed him in the corner, sending him to the mat again. Drew toyed with Dustin for a moment, kicking him and even slapping his ass in a bizarre moment, but as Drew went for the Mayan Apocolypse, Dustin somehow had enough to block it, rolling Drew up to take the second fall!

I think they call that karma, Drew.

Drew evidently called it something else as he stared daggers through Jackson before charging him again. Jackson moved and went for the surprise roll-up again but the second time was not the charm. Hernandez clobbered him in return with a massive clothesline before slowing the pace with wear down holds and taunting slaps and kicks. Jackson tried to fight back but Drew dropped him with a Samoan drop. Dustin rolled out of the ring to get away and when Drew followed him out, Dustin snuck back in and nailed Drew with a springboard crossbody! Drew made it back in first but Dustin made it back in just before being counted out, slipping out of a powerbomb attempt and cracking Drew with a running boot to win the third and final fall! Dustin is your winner.

What I liked about this match was how Drew, in his desperation to prove he’s the better man than Dustin, tried to leverage the match in his favour by attacking from behind, only for Dustin to show that with courage and hunger you can overcome the odds. It was a good story that was told well.

Kentucky Heavyweight Title Tournament 1st Round: Gustavo (w/Steve Romines) vs. ‘Rockstar’ Ryan Howe (w/Drew Franklin)

Before the match, Gustavo cut a promo backstage with criminal defence lawyer Steve Romines, who proved he has a career as a wrestling manager after his steps down from the bar, coming out with two killer lines: that Poison and hair metal ended in 1989 and Ryan Howe ends tonight, and that he’s there as a pre-emptive because, after the beating Gustavo lays down on Howe, the police will be outside looking to arrest him for assault! Brilliant.

Actually, Steve Romines might have been the star of the match too. As Gustavo tried to use his speed and found himself counter-balanced by Howe’s power, Romines distracted Howe as he ascended to the top, allowing Gustavo to hit a sweet enziguri to knock the big man down. As Gustavo locked in a chin lock, Howe’s manager, Drew Franklin, tried to get in the ring, Romines pulling him out and taking off his jacket, looking to get his fight on! The distraction saw Gustavo roll up Howe for a near fall.

This only infuriated Howe, who smashed Gustavo in the face, the two mean throwing bombs at each other. But Howe was able to get the knees up when Gustavo went for a big splash off the top and a neckbreaker later, Howe was victorious.

This was a lot of fun. My only issue is I wanted Gustavo to win because I wanted more Steve Romines! Ah well, you can’t win them all.

Triple Threat Match: ‘The Indian Lion’ Mahabali Shera vs. “Superior” Tony Evans vs. AJ Cazana

Backstage before the match, Shera told Dancin’ Stevie J that he asked for this match because he wanted to prove that he could beat two men and what better way of doing that than by beating two men?

And beat two men he did, devastating both Evans and Cazana with big power moves and shaking off their offence like it was nothing. A chokeslam into a backbreaker near-killed Evans, before the sit-down powerbomb put Cazana out of his misery.

If you want my tip for who’s going to win the Kentucky Title tournament, you could do worse than pick Shera…

Tony Gunn Gets Told By The Boss

On this week’s ‘Good Word’ with America’s Reverand, Ronnie Roberts, Tony Gunn made a donation, but not for the church building fund; he made it for Kal Herro so that we can all say a couple of prayers for him. Because, when Tony gets his hands on Kal again, he’s going to kick his ass! He also claimed that the only reason Kal is still in OVW is that Kal’s dad is friends with Al Snow.

This prompted Al Snow, who was not in the building, to call in and speak to Tony over the video screen. He made it clear that he let Kal make his own decisions and suffer the consequences. He also stated that Kal is not a licensed wrestler but an employee of OVW, meaning Kal does whatever Al needs him to do. With that in mind, if Tony puts his hands on Kal again, he’s going to be in a lot more trouble because Kal is no longer a licenced wrestler. Oh, and enjoy your match with Jesse on Saturday at Defiance defending the tag titles against The Tate Twins!

Tony did not look pleased. At all…

‘The Demon’ Lilith Grimm & Dani Mo vs. ‘Double A’ Arie Alexander & Dream Girl Ellie

This was just a quick one to promote this weekend’s women’s triple threat match, but it did its job very well.

Arie Alexander and Ellie did very well in dominating Dani Mo, but they could to do the same to Lilith, who really is a beast in that ring. As Arie Alexander made a cover on Mo, Lillith broke up the count by hurling her skull mask at the head of Arie! This prompted the disqualification, but it also prompted Lillith to start laying a beat down on Arie, Ellie and, when she tried to calm Lillith down, Dani Mo too.

Will anyone be able to stop Lillith at Defiance?

Kentucky Heavyweight Title Tournament 1st Round: “Co-Star” Rex (w/Teddy Abrams & the Louisville Orchestra) vs. Shannon the Dude (w/Adam Revolver)

Rex coming out to ‘The Final Countdown’ played live by the Louisville Orchestra was such a cool moment. Unfortunately for Rex, what followed was anything but cool. Shannon the Dude came out with former OVW champion Adam Revolver as his manager (apparently, Adam was the only one who agreed to do the job!). He then proceeded to remind everyone that the rules state only one licenced manager is allowed at ringside, so Adam Swayze would have to go to the back! Swayze complied, but as he was leaving, Shannon gave him a push, causing Swayze to try and attack Shannon.

As the ref tried to deal with that, Adam Revolver came in and cracked Rex in the back from behind. Unfortunately for Revolver, that didn’t work, Rex dropping him before turning his attention to Shannon. Revolver tried twice to attack Rex, the second time with a trombone, but each time Rex just dropped the guy like it was nothing. Eventually, Rex picked Shannon in a slam position and teased tossing him over the top rope but, as Revolver distracted the ref at ringside, Tony Gunn came out and kicked Rex south of the border before holding his feet down as Shannon made the cover. 1-2-3 and Shannon moves on to the next round?!?

Something tells me Matt Jones is not going to let this slide.

Test of Brutality: ‘Hood Ninja’ Hy Zaya (w/Josh Ashcraft) vs. Omar Amir

The idea here is that week by week, Omar Amir will have to go through a different member of the Legacy of Brutality until there’s no one left. Only then will he get a return shot at Cash Flo and the OVW Heavyweight championship.

This week, Amir has Hy Zaya to get by. It wouldn’t prove easy, as not only was Josh Ashcraft at ringside as always, but Cash Flo himself was on commentary, terrifying both Dancin’ Stevie J and Bryan Kenninson.

Omar started strong, catching a Hy Zaya kick and turning it into a sweet T-bone suplex. Omar talked some trash to Flo but it was Josh Ashcraft, distracting him on the apron, that allowed Hy Zaya to drop the former heavyweight champion with a backstabber. The Hood Ninja kept the pressure on with chops and big kicks, but Omar counteracted this by backdropping Hy Zaya legs astride the ropes! No, it’s not because of helium that he’s talking so high pitched…

A duo of dropkicks brought things back into the Hood Ninja’s favour but a front face lock was countered by Omar literally dropping Hy Zaya on his face! A series of clotheslines and a brutal belly to belly suplex followed, but Hy Zaya halted the momentum with a superkick. A running crossbody, though, was turned into the Island Time spinebuster and three slaps of the mat later, Omar was your winner.

He didn’t leave the match looking like a winner, though. Big Zo and Steve Michaels came out, Zo leaving him laying with a big Vader Bomb as the Legacy of Brutality stood tall and dominant over him…

Final Thoughts

This was a really fun edition of OVW TV this week. First of all, I must credit the improvement in the production. While there were a couple of things that were still a little rough and ready, there were no issues with sound and the whole thing looked and felt a lot more professional. Because of it, the show felt a lot better, so my hats really do go off to the team here.

Secondly, the action was just fun from the word go. Both Jordan Kage and Facade impressed, Dustin Jackson and Drew Hernandez told a cool story in the ring and Ryan Howe and Gustavo saw a genuinely entertaining battle of the managers go on around them. Shannon the Dude has cheated his way into the next round of the Kentucky Title tournament, while Omar Amir fought his way valiantly into the next stage of the Test of Brutality, only to get beat down for his efforts.

I’ll see you again, Ohio fans, when I come back…with Defiance!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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