NXT UK Review: Mar 12

Another Friday brings with it another NXT UK review, but as it’s the 13th today does that mean it’s going to be unlucky for the British version of the brand?

Well, there’s only one way to find out.

It’s time to lace up our boots and head to the ring for the NXT UK Review: Mar 12 Edition.

Pretty Deadly vs. Dan Moloney & Dereiss Gordon

Tag-Team Match: Pretty Deadly vs. Dan Moloney & Dereiss Gordon

10 Count Rating: 6

Either I’m losing my marbles or I really don’t understand the concept of a squash match anymore.

When I was younger it was pretty simple, the person/persons you wanted to get over would come out, beat up a jobber or two, and walk away looking strong, but these days, well, it seems I might be a little outdated.

For all intents and purposes that’s exactly what should’ve happened here.

We cut to the ring to find both Moloney and Dereiss waiting for Pretty Deadly to come out and that’s always a sign that somebody is going to get squished, but it didn’t turn out that way. Both Moloney and Dereiss got in way too much offense for that which had me questioning why, if the company booked it as a competitive match, they didn’t let them have intros of their own?

You running short of funds there, WWE?

Overall it was a solid effort from all four men, but if you’re trying to build up a new team like Pretty Deadly then you really shouldn’t have them going toe to toe with a team you want to put them over.

Let’s make squash matches great again.

Winners: Pretty Deadly


Noam Dar vs. Ligero

10 Count Rating: 6

This was another solid match, but it was one that I was expecting to deliver a little bit more than it actually did.

As a fan of both Ligero and Noam Dar and I was really looking forward to this. I was also expecting a high flying spot-fest and even though it did have its moments, it never really got off of the launch pad.

“Sometimes you click, sometimes you don’t” a wise man once told me and I’m sad to say that though this did its job, it didn’t hit the heights that I was really hoping for.

Winner: Noam Dar


Kay Lee Ray Puts The NXT UK Women’s Division On Notice

10 Count Rating: 7

I’ve been quite vocal over the past few weeks about how I hate it when other wrestlers interrupt matches to cut a promo.

And this week I’m going to be a complete hypocrite as that’s what happened here and I bloody loved it.

While Dani Luna and Amale were getting into their groove in what was shaping up to be a pretty decent match, the NXT Women’s Champion stormed the ring, dumped them both out on their asses, and told everyone that this was her division and her title.

Now, normally I’d have been all over this, calling out Vince McMahon Bull-Honky at the top of my keyboard, but there’s a reason that I’m not and that’s all down to Kay Lee Ray herself.

Go through the WWE Women’s Roster and name me one other wrestler who’s as vicious as Kay Lee Ray is. I’m not just talking about what she did to Toni Storm either, which was pretty f*cking brutal, she is just an all-round nasty piece of work that will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

She doesn’t doubt herself or her abilities and there is no line that she won’t cross to keep her title, couple that with the fact that you believe that she has a mean streak a mile wide and it makes her one of the hottest tickets in town right now, and one that the WWE would do well to cash in on.

Piper Niven called her evil in her own promo at the beginning of the show and that’s something that the company has never really had when it comes to their female competitors, but in Kay Lee Ray they now have just that, and it’s something that could see her star rise rapidly if they play it right.

Finn Balor vs .Alexander Wolfe

Finn Balor vs. Alexander Wolfe

10 Count Rating: 7

After The Prince had gotten the upper hand on Imperium, Wolfe demanded a match with him and lo and behold, this bout was born.

Well, if you don’t ask you don’t get I suppose and what we got was a pretty damn fine scrap between the two.

I’ve been a lot happier with this version of Ireland’s Favorite Son than I ever was with the grinning idiot he was forced to play on the main roster, which says a lot about just how brilliant a wrestler he really is. As we all know the real Finn Balor is one of the nicest people on the face of the Earth, but he plays bastard so well that you can’t help but tip your hat to him.

As for Alexander Wolfe, last week I said that joining Imperium was the best thing for him and I stand by that. The guy has been reborn since leaving SAnitY and here he was allowed to put in a good showing against Walter’s newest nemesis.

I was curious as to how it was all going to end as I expected the numbers game to pay off in the ritual beatdown after Finn picked up the win (hey, that rhymed) but the other members of the group managed to get themselves ejected from ringside when they tried to interfere which meant that not only could take a clean win, he didn’t have to worry about getting attacked after the bell.

Which must’ve made for a nice change.

Winner: Finn Balor

Drinking beer

Final Thoughts

Normally, I wouldn’t raise a glass to this week’s episode, but then I usually wouldn’t give this a point five either, so what you going to do?

The fact is this really was a show of two halves. The first was pretty solid and the second picked up from Kay Lee Ray through to Balor and Wolfe and I did walk away from it feeling pretty damn good about the show overall.

And for that, it gets a thumbs up from me.

Sadly, with everything going on around the world we may have to wait to see how the Balor/Imperium storyline will play out, among others, but health must always come first.

With that in mind, I’m hoping that you all look after yourselves and your loved ones until we can get through this situation and if there are any shows for me to review over the next few months then be sure that I will.

If not, then I’ll still be here sharing my thoughts and views to keep you entertained.

Stay safe, Wrestling Community.

10 Count Overall Rating: 6.5

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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