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NXT UK Review – December 3rd

Welcome back to Sports Obsessive! It’s James and I’m here to catch you up on everything that went down on this week’s NXT UK. Firstly, the show started off with a video montage in preparation for this week’s main event, reminding us of everything that has gone down in recent weeks between Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster, The Hunt and Eddie Dennis.

To cut a long story short, Eddie Dennis and The Hunt are a bunch of cowards; either that or they are incredible at their jobs. For the sake of being emotionally invested in this, let’s bravely say that they’re cowards and wonder what could have possessed them to do what they’ve done. To think that I was once in a wrestling ring, posing for a photograph with both Andrews and Dennis, in what was their last match as a tag-team, I never thought that I would see the day that Dennis would play the ringleader in such a betrayal. The former headteacher, Eddie Dennis, got in the heads of The Hunt and convinced them to attack their former best friends. On this week’s show, Andrews and Webster would finally get their hands on The Hunt in tag-team competition.

Rampage Brown vs Saxon Huxley

Talk about two absolute bulldozers. Brown and Huxley are just that. They’re two giants and they’re pissed off for the majority of the time. No better way to start an edition of NXT UK! These guys came into this match full steam ahead, with Brown not dominating but putting a point across that he loves nothing more than swinging for the fences. It was strange to see Huxley as frustrated as he came across in this match because he’s a beast of a man but Brown kept him on his toes.

Saxon Huxley vs Rampage Brown

As the match went on, we saw both men almost equal in terms of momentum and it left us genuinely questioning how this match was going to end. Huxley started pacing around the NXT UK ring until he made his way to the top rope. Huxley dove towards his opponent but the powerhouse, Ramage Brown, met him halfway and power slammed Huxley mid-move. Brown took out Saxon with ease, finishing with a gut wrench power-bomb. Rampage Brown left this match both victorious and incredibly intimidating.

Winner: Rampage Brown

Piper Niven Gets Her Hands on Jinny (Temporarily)

Next up, we were shown a clip that was filmed inside of the NXT UK performance centre earlier this week for NXT UK’s media day. Luckily for Joseph Connors, who was ‘bored’ and ‘tired’ and did ‘not want to answer’ any media questions, he was interrupted by a lot of noise and clatter.

In the background of the shot, we saw many NXT UK personnel running towards a brawl between Piper Niven and Jinny. A number of weeks ago, we had that Falls Count Anywhere match between Niven and Kay Lee Ray for the NXT UK Women’s Championship, with Jinny’s interference being a massive focal point of the match. Needless to say, Niven and Jinny were going at it! This was the first time that we had seen any physicality between Niven and Jinny since the interference in which Jinny cost Niven the Championship. The two were eventually separated from one another. What are you waiting for? Let them fight!

Aoife Valkyrie vs Aleah James

Now, this is the part where my being Irish kicks in. I love wrestling, and I love seeing Irish wresters doing great things. Valkyrie is from Dublin and I first heard of her when she was doing some stuff with OTT (Over The Top Wrestling). Go check them out at I’m sure they’ll be killing it, post-pandemic.

Valkyrie has been undefeated since joining NXT UK and was facing off against Aleah James in singles action on this week’s show. James is relatively new to NXT UK and this was a massive opportunity for her.

The match started off with Valkyrie in complete control of James, even getting away from her opponent at one point where James was trying to ground Valkyrie with a headlock. One memorable moment of this match was when Valkyrie went for a spinning heel kick, which James avoided with a matrix-like arch, displaying her wisdom and talent.

Aoife Valkyrie vs Aleah James

Valkyrie may have got the better of James in that exchange but Aleah James is not one to be underestimated. Now, speaking about James’ resiliency, she was locked in a submission move for quite some time, clearly being worked on and targeted by Valkyrie. James wouldn’t quit; it’s clear that she has bags of potential to become one of the biggest names in NXT UK. Valkyrie decided to put an end to things and went into full-on warrior-mode. Valkyrie hit her signature diving split-legdrop to put away Aleah James.

This was an impressive match overall. James showed what she has to offer is fight, determination and resiliency. I hope she and Aoife Valkyrie make waves in this company.

Winner Aoife Valkyrie

Pretty Deadly Backstage Promo

Next up, Pretty Deadly had their time to shine and I really wish they didn’t. I say that because I highly dislike their personas. To be truthful, there’s only one wrestler that I ‘heavily despise’, that being John Bradshaw Layfield. It appears that I’m going to have the same issue with Pretty Deadly. I’ll like them because they’re great wrestlers but I’m not going to like how they’re obnoxious t**ts. Lewis Howley and Sam Stoker started off this backstage promo by saying that their favourite wrestlers were each other. I feel physically ill.

They bragged about having victories over many NXT UK tag-teams. They then did the most vomit-inducing thing that I have ever seen on wrestling. They did the whole ‘Jinx, Jinx again shtick’ and I’m going to have to quote it, in order for it to make sense to you, kind readers:

Jinx, Jinx again. Pretty Deadly are not only the best looking but best tag-team in NXT UK and Gallous days as Champions are numbered.

Can you imagine a tag-team this in sync, this in tune? That is why we are ready to take those NXT UK Tag Team Championships and finally make this division, Pretty Deadly.

I don’t know why, but I can’t stand these guys. They’re going to go and become NXT UK Tag-Team Champions, aren’t they? What do you think? Please let me know if it’s just me who feels this way.

Joe Coffey vs Alexander Wolfe

The night rolled on and we had Gallus vs. Imperium, with Coffey taking on Wolfe one on one. Right off the bat, I have to say that Coffey is one of the most serious wrestlers that I can remember watching for the last number of years, His attitude really reminds me of Kevin Owens’ initial NXT run. During this match, the commentary team were really putting over the importance of a win for Coffey. As is expected with a Joe Coffey match, this turned into brawl pretty quick. The sly tactics of Imperium were present in this match as Wolfe jabbed Coffey with a fist to the skull without the referee getting a clear view of what happened and that one move really did dictate the direction of the match.

Joe Coffee vs Alexander Wolfe

Wolfe spent the rest of the match trying to outwrestle Coffey and even targeted and successfully injured Coffey’s arm. Despite the clear injury, Coffey used his bad arm as a weapon, hitting Wolfe with a shoulder tackle and following up with a belly-to-belly suplex. The match ended with Coffey catapulting himself over the ropes from the apron, taking out Wolfe. Coffey finished things with his signature ‘Best of the Bells’ and defeated Imperium’s Alexander Wolfe. This match was indeed a huge win for Joe Coffey but also for Gallus.

Winner: Joe Coffey

Jordan Devlin issues an Open Challenge

NXT UK Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin issued an Open Challenge for his Championship. In answering the question as to why he is actively seeking out challengers, Devlin referenced ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair by saying:

Any sap can have a ten year title reign if they never defend it. One of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time said, ‘To be the man, you’ve got to beat the man’. As long as I have this title over my shoulder, as long as I’ve never been pinned or tapped out with this on the line, in the Cruiserweight division, you’re looking at the man. Come to this show, the Jordan Devlin show, and test yourself against The Irish Ace.

Strong words from the Champ. The question is, who’s going to step up?

Mark Andrews and Morgan Webster vs The Hunt w/ Eddie Dennis

We finally made it to the main event and, if you cannot tell, I was more than ready for this one. Andrews and Webster were finally going to have a sanctioned match against The Hunt and of course, Dennis was lurking around at ringside, resembling the Lucifer that he has become.

The Hunt made their way to the ring fairly slowly. However, Andrews and Webster ran to ring! They were ready to run right through Wild Boar and Primate. The match had not even officially begun and Andrews and Webster had already delivered a tandem suicide dive to the outside, kicking the heads off The Hunt. This is what wrestling is all about; the story-telling, the passion, the drive and being completely invested in the characters. This is Professional Wrestling.

The bell finally rang and this match was made official. Andrews and Boar were the two legal men starting off this match. Andrews and Webster tagged in and out incredibly quickly and double-teamed on Wild Boar each time, hoping to wear him down. You could feel the importance of this match as it was going on and the commentary team reminded us that this was the first match that Andrews and Webster have had as a team since January 2020. How nuts is that? Primate soon tagged in and pummeled Andrews as Dennis yelled orders from the outside of the ring like some sort of dark lord.

Mark Andrews and Morgan Webster vs The Hunt w/ Eddie Dennis

As much as we may (or may not) want a storybook ending, this is wrestling and that very rarely happens. Primate locked his grips onto Andrews and prevented a tag for a long time. When Webster finally did get the tag, the only thing on his mind was redemption. Webster was on fire; he delivered a moonsault and a hurricanrana in what felt like 1.5 seconds. Needless to say that Andrews and Webster are a great team,  the first Welsh tag-team Champions in NXT and WWE history. They were certainly showcasing their skills here in this match.

Andrews and Webster began to maintain momentum in this match and even hit a second aerial attack from the ring to the outside in unison. Just when we were on the verge of an Andrews/Webster victory, Andrews was perched atop the top rope and was looking to close in on Primate. Wild Boar distracted the ref for the perfect amount of time for the dark lord himself, Eddie Dennis, to shove Andrews off the ropes, down to the mat. Webster noticed what has happened and he lost his mind! Webster darted towards Dennis but was turned inside out by a clothesline from Wild Boar on the outside, while Dennis just laughed at ringside.

Back inside the ropes, Primate hit Andrews with a spear, Wild Boar tagged in and, after a little double team, Boar put an end to this match with a nasty looking powerbomb. The Hunt not only picked up the victory, but they have defeated the former NXT UK Tag Team Champions. One can only assume that a Championship opportunity may be in The Hunts future and It’s all down to Eddie Dennis.

Despite the loss, I know this saga is far from over.

Winners: The Hunt w/ Eddie Dennis

Final Thoughts

I often say something to the same degree when reflecting back on NXT UK and that is that the weekly show feels like a PPV. That’s just because I really enjoy the show. This show had a lot of highlights and then it had.. Pretty Deadly.

Brown and Huxley killed it in their giant vs giant showdown, opening the show. Then we had a teaser with Niven and Jinny, which I really hope continues on next week’s show. Aoife Valkyrie proved her worth against an impressive Aleah James. Joe Coffey defeated Alexander Wolfe in a brutal singles match. Jordan Devlin announced an Open Challenge for his NXT UK Cruiserweight Championship. Finally, Andrews and Webster tagged for the first time since January 2020 but were robbed of a victory over Wild Boar and Primate by Eddie Dennis. We really should’ve seen that one coming!

How will all of this play out next week on NXT UK? Let me know what you think—I’d love to hear it. Drop us a message in the comments below. I’ll be back here next week with more NXT UK coverage. Thank you for joining me here at Sports Obsessive.

Written by James Corcoran

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