NWA USA Episode Two Better Than Episode One

That’s surely what you want isn’t it, NWA? Constant development. And NWA USA Episode two was better than the first episode so it’s going in the right direction…

What Was Better?

It was snappier, there were less soggy segments, some real surprises, and a focus on wrestling.

Sounds easy, but in a thirty-minute program, the temptation to pack in lots of bright and shiny things is often headache-inducing.

NWA USA Episode Two flowed well, it didn’t challenge very much and it was a good half hour to spend time with.

The Set-Up

First up is Homicide. And he does a phenomenal job selling NWA USA Episode Two. Quite simply, he;

A. Wants the Junior Heavyweight belt, which for a wrestler as well-traveled as he makes it sound important
B. Tells us about the NWA legacy and names grapplers who mean something to him

Simple. Extremely effective.

Homicide and May Valentine
Credit; screenshot from the show

The Surprise

Not Tim Storm, nooooo. He isn’t a surprise in the NWA.

The General Manager, suited and booted, seems every inch the company man. He wants faster and more athletic wrestling for NWA USA and I can’t cavil about that.

Nor can I at the appearance of the antithesis of Storm, no suit, stubble, and a bad attitude.

Raven was here! NWA USA Episode Two just picked up. And he wanted to be GM. He even called Tim a ‘buffoon’. Now, if this is going to become a power struggle between buttoned-up Tim and sometimes too lose Raven, I’m there for every minute.

Tim Storm and Raven
Credit; screenshot from the show

New Talent Gets A Big Hand

Natalia Markova. She’s tough. And she wants people to know it. Last week she bawled out a photographer because she’d had her photo taken by many big snappers in many countries; it didn’t wash.

So this week for Episode two she just roughed up May Valentine. Who then shook it off and called for her hair to be done.

And what’s the point of having a famous wrestling dad if he can’t introduce you? Kelly interrupted his dad, but Ricky Morton didn’t mind, he seemed proud and amused in equal measure. Nicely done.

Until George South arrived with CW Anderson. CW said nothing but looked like he wanted to, whilst George constantly shouted ‘you weren’t there!’ Where? Brunch? His second cousin’s wedding? A WWE watch party at Dave & Buster’s? I’m not bothered.

Something’s Coming

Last week, in the Jr Heavyweight tournament, the father and son tag team, Luke and PJ Hawx, fought, and although dad Luke came out on top, his face when he realised son PJ was doing well was a picture.

This week, making his point to NWA USA  Episode Two; PJ made it clear that he was proud of his father and he would support him in the tournament. But, there was always the feeling that some jealousy, anger, nefarious action wasn’t far away.

I hope they let this one simmer for a while. Please don’t bring it to the boil next week, it isn’t ready yet.


Oh, that old thing! Well, it wasn’t all brilliant but that didn’t affect NWA USA Episode Two.

Ariya Daivari v J Spade

It’s great to see Daivari again and even better to see him in heel mode. He pulled Spade’s hair throughout, but J got a lovely blue thunder bomb in before falling to the magic carpet ride.

A leap off the top with a carpet under the body sounds hokey, doesn’t it? It’s entertaining.

Ariya Daivari
Credit; screenshot from the show

Mayweather v Marshe Rockett

Mayweather used to be Crimson. Marshe used to have matches without Austin Idol shouting constantly about how he’s a future champion.

Now, I like Thom Latimer. And sometimes even his mate Chris Adonis. But I don’t want to see them hanging around at ringside with no purpose other than to eat popcorn and laugh at their shenanigans.

Thom Latimer and Chris Adonis
Credit; screenshot from the show

Of course, they got involved. But before that, Rockett hit a slam and immediate knee drop, there was a snappy neck breaker with added knees from Mayweather, then a spinebuster and distraction as he hit the elbow off the top.

When Mayweather went to see what all the fuss was about, he walked straight into a spinning Rockett kick for the pin.

Austin Idol was delighted. I was less so.

Good Work

30 minutes. One dodgy segment. One OK match. The rest, really well done. NWA USA Episode Two looked good too, good clear picture and vibrant colours.

30 minutes of wrestling fun. Looking forward to next week…

Written by Steve Swift

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