Nick Aldis Is The Dealer of Trevor Murdoch’s Torment

NWA Powerrr Review—April 20th

This week on NWA Powerrr, Nick Aldis is set to be in non-title action against my boy Jordan Clearwater, while Pope and Tyrus are set to have a confrontation at the podium and Kamille is in action against Jennacide.

There’s no time to waste, so let’s go straight to the ring!

“You’re Just Not Champion Material”

We started off this week with Kyle Davis at the podium as he welcomed Trevor Murdoch. Murdoch was furious that after welcoming Chris Adonis into the company, the guy played him and stole his title. Murdoch wanted Adonis out so he could speak to him “like a man” but he got Nick Aldis instead for all his troubles.

Trevor Murdoch and Nick Aldis face off at the podium
Credit: NWA

Aldis was not best pleased. Claiming Murdoch was being arrogant, Aldis put Murdoch’s failings squarely on Murdoch’s own shoulders, stating that Murdoch let his heart rule his head.  Arguing that losing the title was the best thing for Murdoch, as he wasn’t really championship material, Aldis nonetheless made Murdoch a proposition: Aldis would have an exhibition match that night and show Murdoch how it’s done, and as long as Murdoch kept out of the way, they might just talk about a shot at the Ten Pounds of Gold in the future.

This was a great opening segment. Losing the National title has freed Murdoch up to chase Sweet Charlotte and having Aldis protect Chris Adonis gives him the perfect reason to do so. Murdoch is great as the emotional but dignified man looking to restore honour, while Aldis really dove deep into the indignant, entitled, arrogant side of his personality, providing a great foil for Murdoch to work against.

So far, I’m enjoying this feud. Will Murdoch be able to stay away from the main event though?

Slice Boogie Makes a Challenge

Backstage with May Valentine, Slice Boogie referred back to the incident from two weeks ago where he sent Jax Dane to the outside, hurting the guy in the process and leaving him lying for a prolonged period of time.

This week, Slice told May he was not happy about hearing people complaining backstage about what he did. So he laid out a challenge: Slice vs. Jax Dane, any time, any place. Now there’s a match that has me interested. More interested than May was in Slice as he put those eyes on her again. It’s not happening, dude. It’s not happening.

Non-Title Match: NWA Tag Team Champions Aron Stevens and JR Kratos vs. Sal Rinauro

Sal told Kyle Davis on his way out that his partner was on his way. Unfortunately for Sal, that didn’t appear to be the case as he took an absolute beatdown in the ring. He had some initial respectful exchanges with Aron Stevens before Kratos tagged in and that’s when the real trouble began for Sal.

Kratos refused to tag out or give Sal any space, obliterating him with clubbing blows and big power moves that left Rinauro limp and battered. Danny Deals, who gets bonus points for coming out in a ‘Young Ones‘ T-shirt, then appeared and took a pounding from an infuriated Kratos, who sent him across both the podium and the announce desk.

Kratos flattens Sal Rinauro with a clothesline

At this point, it became clear that Kratos had no intention of making the cover, assaulting Sal in the corner. Tim Storm on commentary had clearly seen enough and got onto the apron to complain. Aron Stevens also got into Kratos’ grill and tried to get him to calm down. Instead, Kratos swung a fist at Stevens, missed and took a big shot from Tim Storm, allowing Sal to get the roll-up on Kratos and get the win! An exuberant Sal celebrated with a bemused Tim Storm after as Kratos and Stevens traded some very dark words.

While I’m not sure I want to see a Sal/Tim Storm partnership, I do like how they’re building Kratos to be this ultra-aggressive, uncontrollable monster. When the team finally breaks up, Stevens vs. Kratos should be a great feud.

“I’m Not Afraid, I’m Fair”

At the podium, Kyle Davis was there to chair a confrontation between Pope and Tyrus. David did a great job, by the way, trying not to upset Tyrus as the big man squeezed his skull with a massive hand while he talked. Pope wanted to know why Tyrus had always followed Pope around from promotion to promotion.

This was probably Tyrus’ best moment in the NWA so far. He laid out a great story where he made out he genuinely cared for Pope and was happy to see him become The Man because he thought for so long Pope could be but never was. The only problem is, Tyrus wants the TV title (in a moment of false history, Tyrus claimed Austin Idol created the TV Title. Nope).

He wanted to settle it man-to-man but Pope said he’s got to do it by the book. There’s lots of guys out there busting their asses to get a title shot. Why should Tyrus just step over them? Tyrus was less than impressed and told Pope it was his fault that people were going to get hurt while he proved himself. And with that, he ended this awesome segment by inserting himself into the next match, a number one contender’s match for the TV Title…

Marshe Rockett vs. Matt Cross vs. Tyrus

Marshe and Cross must have been furious: having Tyrus interject himself diminished their chances of getting that TV title match. So they did the only logical thing: they teamed up to double team Tyrus. Tyrus overpowered the two though and threw Rockett half away across the ring before squashing Cross in the corner. A nice double team moment saw Rockett dropkick Tyrus out of the ring as Cross held the ropes open. Rockett was able to nail Cross with a nice power slam but Cross dropped him on a cutter attempt and landed a shooting star press for what seemed to be certain victory.

Except…Tyrus never got back into the ring—until now. A massive elbow drop on Cross interrupted the cover and a Tyrus cover on Rockett earned him the three-count and the number one contendership for the TV title.

Although I am not Tyrus’ biggest fan for various reasons, his verbal sparring with Pope was top notch and the subsequent match here worked to hide his weaknesses and accentuate his strengths—namely that he’s a big strong boy. This was big strong booking from NWA.

Kamille vs. Jennacide

Before the match, Chris Adonis and Thom Latimer told May Valentine that Trevor Murdoch may get a rematch. But if he does, it will be strictly non-title. Meanwhile, the two Strictly Business boys have their eyes on the tag team division.

Kamille and Jennacide stare each other down
Credit: NWA

But from the big strong boys, we went back to the ring to the big strong girls. Perhaps the tallest, strongest women in the NWA currently, Kamille and Jennacide engaged in a battle to prove who was the more powerful and dominant of the two. From the lock-up to a test of strength, neither woman could get an advantage over the other. But a shot to the gut allowed Jennacide to pick Kamille and bodyslam, finally taking the Strictly Business enforcer off of her feet. Not to be outdone, Kamille returned the favour and bodyslammed Jennacide. Both women were clearly very evenly matched.

Kamille came out better on an exchange of forearms and took Jennacide for a tour of the top turnbuckles. Jennacide returned fire with a charge into the corner and a high kick. A spinning heel kick brought the advantage back to Kamille’s court and she unloaded with a barrage of fists and a power slam. A big DDT rocked Kamille but she fought back with a shoulder block into the corner and a roll-through slam. Kamille’s signature spear got a two count though, to everybody’s surprise. A second one finally sealed the deal and Kamille was victorious.

Afterwards, Kamille seemed to be lingering in the ring with intent when Melina made an appearance. Warning Kamlille off, Melina only seemed to make her mad as she rocked Melina with a big spear. This brought out Thunder Rosa who, while not seemingly looking to protect Melina, trash-talked Kamille. The war between Kamille and Rosa is far from over.

Non-Title Exhibition Match: NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis vs. Jordan Clearwater

This should have been a big deal for Jordan Clearwater. But we got a single lock up before Trevor Murdoch burst through the curtain fighting with Chris Adonis and Thom Latimer. Does the Ten Pounds of Gold not mean a lot to you then Trevor? Couldn’t hold off for one night? In any case, the match was pulled as the Strictly Business boys beat Murdoch down and stood over him as the show ended.

While it doesn’t make sense that Murdoch appeared here unless he was provoked (which is maybe what the Adonis/Latimer interview was meant to be), I can see how it adds to the story being told. But it was at the expense of a main event that had been promoted on social media and was a match I was looking forward to. That’s the third match in five weeks where we were not given what we were promised (both Pope and Rosser and Stevens & Kratos and Sal were delayed after they were set up and advertised initially). It’s a dangerous trend for a company that is just returning to take. If it can’t keep its promises now, why should fans invest for the long haul?

Final Thoughts

All in all, this was a solid episode of Powerrr. Some real groundwork seems to be being laid on the promotion’s feuds, and I’m invested in Aldis-Murdoch, Pope-Tyrus and Kamille-Rosa, as well as the teased Stevens-Kratos split. The Aldis-Murdoch and Pope-Tyrus confrontations were killer this week. Tyrus in particular impressed me on the mic this week.

In the ring, Kamille and Jennacide was solid and although you can tell both women are still developing, they both showed here that they have raw, natural talent, which is something you can’t buy. The tag team match was a lot of fun, with Kratos tuning into killer mood and Sal’s jubilation at winning. Really, the only low point was not delivering on the Clearwater-Aldis match as advertised. The fact is that, with the roster stretched so thin, the company doesn’t seem to be doing much with Clearwater, which I find a little bizarre. Let the man wrestle!

Other than that, this was a solid episode that doubled down on and progressed some big storylines.

I’ll see you again next week as we step once more…into the fire!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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