New Feuds Set With the Return of NWA Powerrr

NWA Powerrr Review—March 23rd

Yep The day has finally arrived! After a solid return with their Back For The Attack PPV, we arrive at the return of Powerrr. We don’t really know what to expect coming into this relaunch of the show, other than ‘Into the Fire’ would return as the theme music and, after Back For The Attack, the set will largely be the same, albeit filmed in one of the smaller areas at GPB Studios.

We do know that in the aftermath of Sunday’s big show, Trevor Murdoch has a beef with Chris Masters and Pope and Thom Latimer have unfinished business. There’s bound to be some surprises moving forward so let’s not waste any more time and head straight on…into the fire!

Who’s The Third Man, Brother?

We started right off with Kyle Davis at the podium, taking over interview duties from David Marquez, as Strictly Business had some words for us. Thom Latimer is furious at the draw with Pope on Sunday and blames Pope for it. He quite clearly lets Pope know that he’s not done with him or the TV title. The way he bullied and terrified Kyle Davis was hilarious. Davis looked genuinely petrified!

Kamille was in a celebratory mood, reminding us that she is the number one contender to Serena Deeb’s NWA Women’s Heavyweight Title. Admittedly, some of the mystique around Kamille has been lost now she’s speaking on-camera, but I’m glad she’s getting the push. She’s definitely got the potential.

Kyle Davis made the point that Strictly Business were in a six-man tag in the main event but unless Kamille was the third man, they were down a member. Aldis told Davis not to worry about this, but, made sure to address Chris Adonis’ attack on Trevor Murdoch on Sunday night. Intriguingly, Aldis said that he doesn’t go in for emotional attacks. Check the name—they’re strictly about business. Something tells me we’ll be seeing Adonis near the end of the night…

Kamille vs. Alex Gracia

Kamille vs. Alex Gracia NWA Powerrr title card
Credit: Fite TV

It was both a good and a bad night for Alex Gracia. Good because she made appearances on both Powerrr and AEW Dark; bad because she lost both matches.

Apart from a slight flurry of offence, this was Kamille’s show, meaning Kamille battered Gracia with big fists and arms and bullied her all over the ring. Partway through, Gracia seemed to get a bloody nose but it seemed accidental rather than anyone working dangerously. It helps to sell the idea of Kamille as a title contender though; she messes people up and makes them bleed!

After one big spear turned Gracia inside out, Kamille hit a second one, just for kicks, and got the emphatic three count for the win. Kamille looked good throughout. She’s clearly enjoying being back in the ring and I don’t blame her.

The Pope is here…But So Is Tyrus

It was back to Kyle Davis at the podium as he brought out ‘The Pope’ Elijah Burke. Pope was in fine form and demonstrated why he really is one of the most underrated talkers in the game. He just has so much style and pizazz.

He put down Thom Latimer (“a maniacal nutcase”), expressed an interest in the Ten Pounds of Gold and put over the importance of the TV title to the three competitors waiting in the ring to earn their number one contender’s spot. At which point, Tyrus came out with everyone’s favourite annoyance, Austin Idol. Seemingly unpopular with the NWA fandom, someone had the smart idea of making Austin Idol a manager; and his first client is Tyrus.

Wanting to talk about “something that matters” as opposed to talking about Pope, Austin Idol proclaimed that Tyrus was under the services of “Idol Mania Sports Management” (check the t-shirt) and he was going to make Tyrus the next NWA World Heavyweight Champion, just as he believes he was the one who made Nick Aldis a champion. Tyrus stated how well known his dislike is for Pope.  Pope doesn’t like him either but all questions have to go through Austin Idol.

Well, I was enjoying that until Austin Idol and Tyrus showed up.

Fred Rosser vs. Matt Cross vs. Marshe Rockett

Fred Rosser vs. Matt Cross vs. Marshe Rockett NWA Powerrr title card
Credit: Fite TV

Back to the ring and those three men waiting to compete for a shot at the TV title, and it was a nice surprise to see Fred Rosser on Powerrr. Having been seen most recently on Prime Time Live and on New Japan Strong, Rosser is a tried and tested hand and, apart from that, a quality wrestler to boot. It was also good to see Matt Cross back in the NWA Powerrr ring, and while I have not come across Marshe Rockett before, he came across well; a big beefy boy who can land a beautiful dropkick also.

Rosser and Cross double-teamed the larger Rockett to start but Rosser ended that with a kick to Cross’ gut. Rockett soon took over with a big shoulder block, a dropkick and a power slam but eventually, after an impressive rally from Cross, including a springboard cutter, Rosser had Cross up on the top turnbuckle. Cross knocked him down and went for a shooting star press but Rosser moved out of the way. Cross rolled through, decked Rockett to the outside, but Rosser was up and ready. One Gut Check later, Rosser was victorious, with an opportunity to challenge for the TV title in the near future.

This was an entertaining little match, one with the right winner. I think Fred Rosser is a great get for the NWA and hopefully will prosper there.

“Who Do You Have Your Eyes On?”

Backstage, May Valentine had Slice Boogie with her for comments on his winning debut at Back For The Attack. Slice says he didn’t come to the NWA just to have one match, get beat up, and leave. He beat up three big boys and now he’s 1-0 in the NWA. May asks him who he’s got his eyes on the roster and Slice says that anyone who wants to bring it, bring it. But as for who he has eyes on…what’s May doing later? Oh dear. May’s “I don’t think it’s the time for that” was hilarious.

What’s the saying? You can take the boy out of The Bodega but…

Mike Parrow vs. Jordan Clearwater

Mike Parrow vs. Jordan Clearwater NWA Powerrr title card

Now, this is another pleasant surprise. I last saw Parrow on MLW Fusion but the NWA is definitely a good fit for him. He really is a big piece of beef and will compliment the likes of Kratos and Trevor Murdoch on the roster nicely.

Those of you who read my regular reviews of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood will know I’m a big fan of the ‘Golden Boy’. But there was no right leg cemetery here. Parrow ran across the ring and rained down a shower of blows onto Clearwater in the corner as he was still trying to take his jacket off. Parrow sent Clearwater into the other corner, landed some more blows than crashed Jordan into the mat with a big Full Nelson slam! Wow. Parrow’s not messing around.

A massive Senton seemed to squash all the air out of Jordan, but he thought back gamely with some fists to the gut. Parrow brushed them off and nearly took Clearwater’s head off with a big clothesline, followed by a thunderous chokeslam. Clearwater managed to get his feet up in the corner and hit a big boot and a nice running neck breaker but it only earned a one count. A brutal sit-down tombstone from Parrow, however, got the full 1-2-3.

Wow. That was a really fun match. I just hope Jordan gets his first win soon. I’d love to see him get a good run in the NWA.

Thunder Rosa Looks To The Future—But The Past Won’t Let Her Go

Over at the podium, Kyle Davis spoke to Thunder Rosa, who looked very pleased to be there and seemed very proud when Davis mentioned her recent acclaimed match with Britt Baker in AEW. Rosa made it clear: she wants her NWA Women’s title back. It’s got her name on it. If the NWA really wants Kamille to be the one to represent them…well, it disgusts her.

Thunder Rosa and Melina have words as Kyle Davis mediates on NWA Powerrr
Credit: Fite TV

Strong words, but they might get even stronger. Davis brought out Melina, who previously tried to manipulate and control Rosa and take the NWA Women’s title from her. Melina seemed quite genuine when she says she’s sorry to Rosa and mentions how she sees the younger Melina in her. Melina was here to offer her services to Rosa. Whatever Rosa needs, whether that be Melina to be her manager or whatever, Melina is happy to help.

Rosa listened and was polite and quite respectful, but she was also clear: she has shown she can do it on her own and she doesn’t need Melina’s help right now. Sensing the mood, Kyle Davis quickly ended the segment as both women looked anywhere other than at each other.


Aron Stevens, JR Kratos & ‘The Pope’ Elijah Burke vs. Nick Aldis, Thom Latimer & Chris Adonis

I told you! Who else should the third man be for Strictly Business other than Chris Adonis? So I’m guessing Aldis has no issue with Adonis putting Trevor Murdoch in the hospital. Classy, Nick, classy.

Thom Latimer and Nick Aldis welcome Chris Adonis as their tag partner
Credit: Fite TV

This was a great way to end your come back show and there was a lot of great storytelling here. Early on, Strictly Business were able to ground and dominate Stevens and for a good half of the match they were able to isolate him without the faces being able to make a single tag at all. But what was interesting was that Stevens’ fellow tag team champion, Kratos, was shouting but not at the heels, rather at Stevens. Throughout the match, Kratos continued to berate Stevens. Is the honeymoon over, do we think?

Once Stevens did make the tag (and had impressed with a fireman’s carry into a roll-up and a leg sweep/DDT combo), it wasn’t to Kratos but to Pope. This seemed to annoy Kratos even more. Pretty soon, all six-men were battling it out at once in and around the ring. Aldis had Pope in the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf in a nice nod to a potential future encounter if Pope defends his TV title seven times successfully. Stevens made the save with a superkick but Adonis pulled Stevens out of the ring. Pope beat on Adonis and pulled his knee pads down to strike bone-on-bone, but Kratos tagged himself in.

While Pope inadvertently distracted the ref by complaining, Kratos picked up a chair and aimed it at Adonis. Out of nowhere, Stevens pulled the chair away and while he and Kratos argued, Adonis rolled the big man up for the 1-2-3. What a great match!

So it looks like Stevens has genuinely had a change in heart and is trying to go by the book. Kratos, as he angrily argued with Stevens afterwards, seems to have no such compunctions. I can see this tag title reign being a short one somehow…

Final Thoughts

This was a really good way for the show to come back. There were no major surprises, which may or may not be a comment on the depth of the NWA roster currently. Then again, there’s nothing to say the NWA should reveal all of their cards at once. Keep people talking and spread out your surprises!

What we did get was great. Stevens is suddenly proving himself to be a great, intense babyface and I’m very glad of the change. A feud with Kratos will do me nicely. We got a tease of heat between Thunder Rosa and Melina, which will give resolution to their feud, something we didn’t really get last time. Chris Adonis will make a great addition to Strictly Business, and the introductions of Fred Rosser and Parrow to the roster are definitely positive steps in the right direction. Powerrr is back and on this basis, we definitely have reasons to be excited.

I’ll see you next week as we step once more—into the fire!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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