Murdoch Claims the Gold!

Prime Time Live Review – September 26th

This week on Prime Time Live, can Trevor Murdoch finally realise his dreams and take the NWA National Championship from Aron Stevens? Will Allysin Kay further her case to get a rematch with Thunder Rosa? Will Chris Dickinson finally find some competition to his liking?

Let’s head to ringside and find out!

UWN Tag Team Champions So-Cal Distancing (Adrian Quest and Andy Brown) vs. Real Money Brothers

The Real Money Brothers were coming into this one with momentum, having taken down the Friendship Farm on last week’s show. The champions, however, were wrestling their first match since the return of Championship Wrestling at the start of the month. It was also their first match since turning on Ray Rosas.

The champs got the jump on the challengers right on the bell as they jumped the Money Brothers from behind in the corner. They continued the disrespect as the match continued, with Andy Brown choking Shug with the ring apron, then slapping Shug’s face as Quest held him in a camel clutch. Brown even shoved some of Shug’s own money down his throat before hitting him with a big fist. The swine!

The pace picked up as Big Money Clutch tagged in, hitting a running kick and a jumping kick as Brown was draped on the middle rope. Quest and Brown came back with a double stomp-death valley driver combo before Quest dived onto Shug on the outside. An elevated double team flapjack earned a near-fall for the challengers, but a lovely sequence of a 40-Ounce Bounce roll, COD cutter and Phoenix splash sealed the deal for the champions, 1-2-3.

This was a really good opener. It was just the right length, and both teams looked strong throughout, with the champions having the edge. Good stuff.

Andy Brown and Adrian Quest stand in the ring with their UWN title belts

“Step In, Kick Ass and Move On”

Backstage, Trevor Murdoch was asked about his game plan for dealing with Aron Stevens. He doesn’t have a game plan, he’s going to do what he always does: “step in, kick ass and move on”. He promises Stevens that by the end of the night, he’ll wish he’d never crossed paths with Trevor Murdoch. Straight-talking and straight to the point. Get him, Trev!

Remy Marcel vs. Greek God Papadon

I must admit to not being familiar with either gentleman before this match. I do like the backstory to Remy Marcel’s nickname, ‘The 86er’—if you want to solve a problem in Las Vegas, you drive eight miles out of the city and dig a hole six feet deep. That’s pretty cool (unless you’re the one being put in the hole…)

Papadon, meanwhile, looks a bit like the Warlord (without the silver mask) and likes to shout at the referee. A LOT. I did find that a bit irritating after a while, to be honest. It’s been interesting to see in the empty arena era who the talkers in the ring are, and Papadon is definitely a talker.

Papadon actually dominated the majority of the match, using a mixture of power moves like suplexes, and big strikes, mounting Remy at one point, MMA style, and smashing him with a barrage of elbows to the side of the head. His striking game is particularly fierce and his execution crisp, but I don’t know if I found Papadon particularly exciting.

Remy really didn’t get much chance to shine, but he was the one I found myself more interested in. He dresses like a hip-hop hitman and showed some fire with some strikes of his own in the corner and some nice twisting head-scissor takedowns.

Ultimately, though, Papadon was too strong, nailing Remy with a piledriver for the win. I must admit it was cool to see a piledriver used as a finisher again. But a glorified squash match, this went a little longer than it needed to.

Anthony Idol vs. ‘The Dirty Daddy’ Chris Dickinson

Chris Dickinson is quickly proving himself to be one of my favourites on the UWN at the moment. He was cutting a furious promo backstage before this match, saying how he knew what it was like to like the taste of shit because that’s all you get fed by the industry, while he sees the likes of Jervis pretending to be professional wrestling (poor Jervis!) He demands Marquez and Billy Corgan present him with better competition if they want to shut him up, so the ‘Neon Phenomenon’, Anthony Idol, appears and tells Dickinson, with his attitude like ‘dry wheat toast’ to take it to the ring and he’ll get a fight with a real man. Such a simple but effective setup, and wow, both men are fire on the mic.

Dickinson made his way to the ring like a man looking to kill, but Idol quickly brought him down to size using his power to continually knock Dickinson to the mat. Only a kick to counter a charge into the corner and a swinging DDT from the top prevented Dickinson getting more of a pounding.

Dickinson went to work on the arm, but a big spine buster gave Idol some breathing space. A splash in the corner and a chokeslam earned a near-fall. Idol then went for some Dusty-style elbows but Dickinson countered with some hard kicks and nailed the ‘Dickinson Valley Driver’ for the pinfall victory.

This was a fun big-man match, and I honestly would have been happy to have seen it go longer. Idol is always fun, and Dickinson is quickly proving himself to be the most exciting thing on Tuesday nights. Any time you want a rematch, fellas…

Allysin Kay vs. Nicole Savoy

Allysin Kay and Nicole Savoy prepare to tangle

This is the rubber match between these two ladies, with Savoy winning the first, then Kay evening up the score at Bloodsport. Kaye is, of course, a former NWA Women’s Champion and Savoy the longest-running Shimmer Champion in the history of that title to date. This should be a great fight.

There was a little feeling out to begin with. Savoy went to the may, sitting down in a Jiu-Jitsu position to avoid takedowns, before moving onto a back suplex. Kay then grounded Savoy, keeping her on the mat with a crossface before moving onto the arm. Savoy transitioned into a triangle so Kay pounded the tar out of her with fists.

Savoy nailed a butterfly and a Saito suplex but Kay kept focussed, taking Savoy down by kicking out her leg and focussing her attack on the foot, including draping that leg over the bottom rope and just bending it into unnatural positions. Ouch!

Savoy was able to nail a big German suplex, but a fireman’s carry led to Kay kicking out Savoy’s leg once more, rolling through with the arms locked and beating the hell out of Savoy with some vicious elbows! A fireman’s carry suplex from Savoy lead to an armbar, but Kay transitioned to a figure four attempt that Savoy was able to kick her way out of. Kay, though, was able to bridge up on a roll-up to keep Savoy down for the 1-2-3.

Afterwards, Kay looked straight into the camera and said “you’re next Rosa! I’m coming for your ass!”

This was a great MMA-infused match that saw a brilliant mix of mat work and striking, with Kay winning their series 2-1. Savoy is a machine, and as for Kay, Thunder Rosa should watch out—AK47 is on fire.

Cece Chanel vs. Ruby Raze

Cece Chanel, I enjoyed recently on Championship Wrestling. Ruby Raze I have not seen before, although commentary advises she has previously wrestled for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and partook in the Red Carpet Rumble in 2017.

This was a classic bigger wrestler-versus-underdog story, but was well done, what with Cece Chanel’s clear enthusiasm in the ring, and her flurries of strikes against the larger Raze being actually pretty exciting, while Raze, though more methodical in pace, made every move count, including an absolutely terrifying back-piledriver that earned her the victory. The move was obviously executed safely—in fact, it was so well done, that’s what made it look legit!

An enjoyable little match, and hopefully both women will be back on Prime Time Live soon.

Jack Cartwright vs. Robert Banes

Jack Cartwright cartwheeled his way down the ramp to the ring. Banes wore a Bane-type mask and growled. Who do you think is happier in their lives?

Actually, it was probably Banes after his victory. The younger, smaller Cartwright put in a good showing, hitting a running handspring flip elbow into the corner and nailing Banes with his ‘Jack Attack’ spinning splash. Banes is a big beefy boy, though, and channelled his power through big crossface strikes, a big shoulder breaker, a hanging gut wrench suplex and big Irish whip into the corner.

Cartwright went for a shooting star press near the end, but Banes was able to get his knees up, and his ‘Bane Killshot’ cobra clutch sealed the deal in a nice little palette cleanser before the main event.

NWA National Heavyweight Champion Aron Stevens vs. Trevor Murdoch

Aron Stevens is perhaps a love/hate figure in the world of wrestling. Personally, I enjoy his hijinks and think his NWA run so far has given him a lease of life. But there was always the risk of his Question Mark/Ka-ra-te antics overshadowing his matches just that little bit.

Which is why it was really refreshing to see him be more serious in the ring tonight. Yes, he did demand he be announced as the “Third Degree National Champion”, but once the bell rang, he was all action.

Murdoch drew first blood, hitting Stevens with a brute of a punch that knocked the champion out of the ring. Back in, the champ worked Murdoch to the corner where they exchange fists and Stevens nailed a headbutt in an uncharacteristic act of aggression.

Outside the ring, Murdoch ate some apron and Stevens tasted the ring steps. A pair of short-arm clotheslines knocked the champ silly. Stevens tried to crawl away up the ramp so Murdoch did the gentlemanly thing—kneed him in the head and threw him to the floor! This would prove to be a bad move, as Stevens blinded Murdoch with a floor light and a kick to the knee, followed by a low blow.

Stevens attacked Murdoch with knees in the ring before trying to choke him with his gi. The ref took that away so he concealed his black belt behind a chin lock and choked out Murdoch that way instead. Murdoch got some breathing space with a killer spinebuster, and followed up with a crossbody from the top rope, impressive for a man his size.

A fake-out on a charge allowed Stevens to take out the knee again. A figure four attempt saw Stevens kicked to the ramp. A full nelson slam set Stevens up for the top rope bulldog, but Stevens ducked out the way. A discus clothesline earned the champ a near-fall. But Murdoch was canny enough to hook Steven’s arms on a sunset flip and sit down to finally become the NWA National Champion!

Afterwards, Murdoch was interviewed and it was clear that he was genuinely emotionally overwhelmed by his title win. He looked like he might break into tears as he touchingly thanked his wife and kids for putting up with him, and that “he did it! Daddy won!”

If you didn’t have a lump in your throat after this, you’ve got to be dead instead. That Murdoch had been working so hard and that the title win was proof of his passion and hard work clearly evident.

A great end to a very entertaining match.

Trevor Murdoch with the NWA National Heavyweight title has his hand raised by the referee

Congratulations Trevor!

Final Thoughts

This was another strong outing for the NWA and United Wrestling Network. Chris Dickinson continues to impress, Allysin Kay and Nicole Savoy put on a masterclass, and the main event saw some real emotional satisfaction and resolution to a story that saw NWA fans really get behind the challenger.

Throw in a strong opener, and some fun big wrestler/small wrestler matches, and we had ourselves a really fun show this week.

If you’re put off by the fact it’s a weekly pay-per-view, don’t be—Prime Time Live is worth putting your support behind.

I’ll you next time, grapple fans, for more exciting action from Prime Time Live!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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