MLW Fusion ALPHA #7 Review

Welcome one and welcome all to the MLW Fusion ALPHA #7 review, and yes, I know, this review for MLW Fusion ALPHA is a tad late. What can I say, I do have a life outside of Sports Obsessive, you know*. Still, better late than never I say so without further ado, let’s lace up our boots and head to the ring for the MLW Fusion ALPHA #7 review.

*This is a horrendous lie. I have no life outside Sports Obsessive, not while Andrew Grevas has this gun held to my head*

Another MLW Fusion ALPHA #7 graphic for the show

MLW Fusion ALPHA #7 started with Cesar Duran in the ring, talking about the need for a sacrifice. This was different from the past couple of weeks where we’ve seen Duran in a more cinematic setting, but I said last week that as long as they used that sparingly, it wouldn’t get old. So kudos to them for reading my review.

He was interrupted by Konnan and 5150, who came out and demanded they get a shot at Los Parks. Then Los Parks appeared, a brawl broke out, yadda, yadda, yadda, we all know how this goes. Next, Filthy Tom Lawlor appeared, ranting about how he’d been screwed out of the Opera Cup and was generally unhappy with his lot within MLW of late. Duran booked him in a Casket Match with King Muertes to close out the show and Filthy Tom got a lesson in being careful what you wish for.

Not a brilliant start to the show – until the Casket Match got announced – but not a 20-minute promo, so a win here nonetheless.

Willow Nightingale and Zoey Skye vs. The Sea Stars

In a complete and utter coincidence, I caught my first ever Sea Stars match on YouTube about an hour before I watched this. This was on the EVE wrestling channel – a channel I highly recommend you go and check out if you haven’t yet – and I was very impressed by what I saw. On MLW Fusion ALPHA #7, they continued in that fashion with a very good display against Willow Nightingale and Zoey Skye.

This was my first time watching Zoey Skye in action as well – hey, the wrestling business is vast so at least some performers are going to slip under my radar – and she acquitted herself quite well, even if she did seem a tad nervous. She’s nimble, fast, and knows her way around the ring and together with Nightingale and The Sea Stars, helped kick off the show and get myself and the crowd ramped up.

The end didn’t annoy me either – which might surprise you if you’ve read any of my other reviews – which saw Holidead appear from underneath the ring and drag Willow Nightingale into the depths with her. This left Skye by herself and outnumbered, The Sea Stars soon picked up the win. I like what they’re doing here. They’ve decided to get behind Holidead and turn her into this monster, this creature of darkness, who is hell-bent on destroying every single female on the MLW roster and it is super effective. After the match was over, Nightingale reappeared covered in blood – though for some reason they did all they could to not show it – and it sent out the message that nobody is safe from Holidead.

I can’t wait to see where this all goes.

Winners: The Sea Stars

Alex Kane w/King Mo vs Warhorse


Right…now that’s out of my system.

Alex Kane’s first-ever Open Challenge was answered by – have you figured it out yet? – The Lord Of Metal himself, Warhorse and it was a great match. So good in fact that it gets my Fight of the Night Award and not just because Warhorse was in it.

A lot of people don’t understand just how good in the ring this guy really is. He’s lightning-quick, smoothy as silk…er…denim, has a greatly entertaining move-set – including a head butt that’d break a wall – and can bump with the best of them. The crowd loves him, I love him, he’s one of us, a wrestler of the people.

MLW understands this, because instead of feeding him to Alex Kane – who is undefeated and was never going to lose here – they let him show what he could do to rapturous applause. Including from my sofa. Yes, he lost, but he didn’t go down without a fight, even going toe to toe with Alex Kane in a flurry of forearms. Both wrestlers put in a great performance here and King Mo took a few shots from Warhorse as well, which made everyone happy.


Winner: Alex Kane

Casket Match For The IWA Caribbean Championship: Filthy Tom Lawlor vs. King Muertes(c) w/Catrina

If there had been one thing missing from King Muertes’ time in MLW, it had been the once ever-present figure of Catrina by his side. It had struck me as strange that someone who had been so instrumental in Muertes’ rise to the throne was only noticeable by her absence, but I needn’t have worried as MLW had it planned to perfection.

As Filthy Tom waited in the ring for his impending doom to arrive, a cloaked figure walked from the back and approached the casket at ringside. It didn’t take a genius to figure out who this was, but that didn’t mean that the reveal was any less impressive. Catrina was here in MLW and now nothing would be the same. Hyperbole? Slightly, but there is no denying that these two have cut imposing figures no matter what promotion they have found themselves in and now adding her to the MLW ranks – at least, for however long MLW Fusion ALPHA runs – will only bring more eyes to the product.

As for the match, I really enjoyed it. Though I’m not sure I could say the same for the crowd in attendance. Outside of a “Muertes’ gonna kill you” chant before the bell they were pretty quiet throughout. Which is a shame – or poor acoustics – as this was a true fight for your life. Lawlor did not under any circumstances want to end up in the casket and he fought like a cornered animal to prevent this from happening. A large chunk of this bout took place on the outside and had Lawlor being bounced off the coffin, Lawlor being crotched on a barricade, and Lawlor…well…basically getting the piss beat out of him. Yet it seemed to me that the Philly crowd were all sat on their hands.

Filthy Tom’s valiant attempt to not be..y’know…murdered was all for naught, however, as in the end, he ate a nasty looking Straight To Hell, before having his lifeless body dumped in the coffin. What this means for Lawlor – outside of being dead – I don’t know, but The Man Of 1,000 Deaths now reigns supreme in MLW Fusion ALPHA, and I doubt there’s anyone who can stop him.

As Muertes and Catrina walked up the ramp to end the show, I swear I saw an MLW Lucha Underground graphic flash across the screen…didn’t I?

Winner And Still The IWA Caribbean Champion: King Muertes

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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