MLW Fusion ALPHA #6 Review

Welcome one and welcome all to the MLW Fusion ALPHA #6 review. It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a week since I returned to my reviewing chair for Sports Obsessive with MLW Fusion ALPHA #5, but here we are seven days later and I’ve got to admit, it’s good to be back in the wrasslin’ groove. This has been helped no end by the fact I’ve had some brilliant shows to cover.

I’ve had AEW coming out of the wazzo, and a GCW show that was breathtaking in its brilliance, so I went into MLW Fusion ALPHA # 6 quite a happy wrestling bunny – no, not that one, I don’t have the legs to pull off hot pants – and came out the other side feeling exactly the same. I’ve said that I feel that AEW Rampage is the hottest one hour of television you can watch every week, but MLW Fusion ALPHA runs it a damn close second.

King Muertes looks into the box on MLW Fusion ALPHA #6

MLW Fusion ALPHA #6 started in the office of Cesar Duran, who was waxing lyrical about the National Openweight Championship and acting as a true Bond villain when King Muertes entered to remind him that he had lived up to his end of the bargain, so now it was time for Duran to live up to his.

This led Duran to remind King Muertes that what he desired needed a sacrifice, before he handed him a box with a skull on it that King Muertes opened and we saw an eerie golden glow appear on his face.

I’m sorry, but I love this crap. I’m a sucker for a megalomaniac bad guy and people making deals with devil’s, so this is right up my street. and – even though I felt like pulling a Brad Pitt in Seven –  as long as they keep these cinematic pieces to a minimum then they won’t bore me or get stale anytime soon.

Right, on to the fighting.

Opera Cup Opening Round: Lee Moriarty vs. Bobby Fish

Bobby Fish gets around, doesn’t he? So far this week he’s already been in two of my AEW Dynamite reviews and one for AEW Dark, and here he was popping up on MLW Fusion ALPHA #6. If I didn’t know better, I’d think he was stalking me. Mind you, if he keeps putting in these kinds of stellar performances, he can live in my attic for all I care.

His Opera Cup Opening Round Match against Lee Moriarty was top quality. Both men hit the ring and then each other as hard as they could, trying to incapacitate body parts to allow them to advance to the next round. For Fish, it was Moriarty’s legs – including a suplex into the ropes that looked like it hurt more than I could possibly imagine – and Moriarty tried to separate Fish’s arms from his shoulders.

It wasn’t a high-flying affair, but that’s the beauty of MLW. Not a lot of what they do is. They can go airborne with the best of them if they have to, but the MLW style seems to be shoot-style wrestling, where combatants try to bring each other down by force and wrestling technique more than they do flips and spectacular off-the-to-rope moves. It’s a true alternative to what else is on offer as they’re one of the few places that do it. They’re also easily one of the best.

After a grueling encounter, Fish picked up the win when he locked in The Heel Hook, forcing Moriarty to tap out as he was in the center of the ring with nowhere to go. And even though Fish advances in the Opera Cup, Moriarty came out of this looking strong and will now surely move onto bigger things himself.

Winner and Advancing To The Next Round: Bobby Fish

Dr. Dax w/Holidead vs. Mads Krugger

We’d seen Cesar Duran trying to convince Mads Krugger to rejoin the CONTRA fold for War Chamber and it looked as if he had succeeded when the latter came to the ring to face Dr. Dax. Who he proceeded to murder in about 30 seconds.

Winner: Mads Krugger

Budd Heavy vs. Mads Krugger

This led Budd Heavy to come out while Krugger was stomping around the ring yelling “Hail CONTRA” at everyone and their Grandma, and the two had a 40-minute classic. Just kidding! Ol’ Heavy hit Mad…er…Mads with a chair, which just pissed the huge bastard off, and he murdered him as well. So, two murders inside two minutes. A quick night’s work for Krugger there.

Winner: Mads Krugger

Opera Cup Opening Round: TJ Perkins vs. Alex Shelley

Say what you want about TJ Perkins – and most people do – but you cannot deny that he is a phenomenal wrestler. You may not agree with everything that comes out of his mouth or like his political views, but get him inside the ring and he is undeniable. He is smooth, fluid, and – it turns out – an excellent technician. All of which was on display in my Fight of the Night, alongside Alex Shelley.

The Motor City Machine Gun brought his A-game, which helped make TJ Perkins look an even bigger star, and if they play this right and have TJP go all the way in the Opera Cup, then MLW could very well launch a brand new global megastar onto the world. Right up until the point he gets pinched by AEW.

I thoroughly enjoyed this match. It was paced brilliantly and focused on mat wrestling, holds, and submission moves more than the fast-paced, balls-to-the-wall style that I was expecting it to be. This allowed the two to weave their tale of good vs. evil from a methodical start to a crescendo that eventually saw Perkins pick up a cheating win – he grabbed the middle rope to keep Shelley down, which the ref didn’t see – after a 20-minute clinic.

The fact that Perkins had to cheat to win also means that there’s a very good chance the two will face off against each other somewhere down the line, and on the evidence of this, I can’t wait.

Winner and Advancing To The Next Round: TJ Perkins

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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