MLW Azteca: Episode One

Different Location, Same Issues

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MLW Azteca. It’s fun to travel. It broadens the mind. Well, it certainly broadens the wrestling experience because Major League Wrestling in Tijuana reacquainted me with some luchadors I hadn’t seen since MLW went to Mexico last time.

Mexico Isn’t So So

I don’t watch that much Lucha wrestling and that’s an omission in a wrestling diet. So it’s good to see it covered in MLW Azteca. The crowd is keen, ready to be entertained and the whole thing looks dark, pulsating, and a bit unsanctioned. And it’s really good to see wrestlers I may not have seen for a while, who may also become firm favorites. If it’s done right, of course. There were some issues tonight and, annoyingly, the ones that were around in MLW Alpha. But some good stuff too.

Good: The Main Event

Put together champ Hammerstone and Pagano then on the other side have Mil Muertes and Black Taurooooos (as Impact insisted on calling him). Then tell them there are weapons under the ring. Leave to simmer. Oh, it’s come to the boil immediately.

Muertes & Hammerstone MLW Azteca
Credit; screenshot from the show

Muertes surprised by handing Hammerstone on the outside, smacking his face into the guardrail, which Pagano and then everyone went over eventually, the crowd scattering like gazelles at a watering hole. At that point, Taurus had an umbrella, a bright green one, which he, fortunately, thought better of. There were thin plasterboards in the ring and out. Taurus was backdropped from some height by Hammer and Pagano senton’d Taurus (he went through it in this match, literally) through the board outside.

Other highlights? The spike style DDT onto a chair from Muertes to Hammerstone and an electric chair and lariat off the top combo from Pagano. Hammerstone of course got the pin. On Muertes too, nightmare pendulum for 3, but Mil did something you don’t often see; he kicked out just after the three. Took the pin but kept his MLW mystique.

Challenging: The Main Event

If you’re going to bring a trashcan/rubbish bin into the ring, you want something which makes a noise, something which compacts well – something metal. If you’re providing said receptacle, probably best to ensure it isn’t plastic. It makes no noise; Hammerstone had it on his head whilst Muertes smacked it with a chair, it gave a dull clunk. Then your boy Hammer sent Muertes on a death valley ride into the bin; it just creased.

Hammerstone In The Bin
Credit; screenshot from the show

Muertes kicked out just after 3, which was a great bit of wrestling psychology, but it was never mentioned by the MLW commentary team. Such a shame.

5150 Are Being Wasted

Danny Limelight and Slice Boogie are great in the ring. And out of the ring. They have charisma, absolute charisma. These MLW tag team titlists can cut a promo to make to wish you could buy more of their merch. And yet, if we see promo after promo of the attacking, obscenity-strewn turf war type stuff, we’re going to feel we’ve seen it before.

Not just from 5150, but with so many other teams, there’s even Konnan present sometimes to jog our memory. Danny Limelight and Slice Boogie deserve more than that. And they can do more than that, too.

Alicia Atout Is More Important Than A Wrestling Match

Holliday. Psycho Clown. A big clash of styles. Holliday gets under the skin. Psycho Clown is loved. It didn’t matter.

Psycho Clown
Credit; screenshot from the show

Alicia Atout was on commentary. They were interested to know why she came out with Holliday? Were they an item? She was coquettish. Meanwhile, the match went on. With a rather flat Psycho Clown powerslam and Holliday acceptable torture rack and dump. And then Alicia was taken away by what was called an Azteca henchman. And the distraction was enough for PC to spin off the top and secure the pin. Ah well, there’s a lot of wrestling on MLW programming already, isn’t there?..

Energetic Opener

Good : Myzteziz/Black Destiny/Aramis v Black Danger/Dinamico/Arez

Start with these great wrestlers under lucha rules and you’ve got a hot mess. Sometimes too messy but it was still great to see, such energy and love of the art.

Energetic Opener
Credit; screenshot from the show

Who was on which side? That didn’t matter, this was about move after excellent move, including the crowd laughing at a crotching, a Black Destiny cutter off the top, Dinamico (I think) sliced bread type brilliance, and a spinning rack/facebuster/powerbomb from Aramis for the pin.

Challenging: Myzteziz/Black Destiny/Aramis v Black Danger/Dinamico/Arez

MLW simply doesn’t announce anyone except Myzteziz. I had to check several sites to be sure who was who. OK, I’m not entirely au fait with lucha wrestlers, but perhaps a graphic wouldn’t go amiss. And didn’t the commentary team refer to ‘X-Cal’ several times? Who was that? Shame. These wrestlers should be bigged up. They were amazing.

Too Many Soap Bubbles

From El Jefe Cesar and his consort to Pagano turning on Hammerstone and him being carried off at the end of the program, it’s this standard soap stuff in MLW programs that overshadows the ring work.

Muertes & El Jefe
Credit; screenshot from the show

Really good to have your Heavyweight Champion so beleaguered we can’t see what his title reign looks like. If there’s one thing wrestling fans like, it’s wrestling. Funny that.

Written by Steve Swift

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