Mickie James Debuts With a Big Announcement!

NWA Powerrr Review—June 8th

After the shocking events at the end of When Our Shadows Fall, the NWA Fam were clamouring to see what the consequences would be on this week’s edition of Powerrr. And we got consequences. But none of us, I’m sure, expected the appearance of a certain Mrs Mickie James…

The Big Announcement: Mickie James Is Bringing Empowerment To The NWA

There had been much talk online yesterday of Powerrr being set to kick off this week with a major announcement (the content of which was partially spoiled by several well-known wrestling news sites) and the show didn’t disappoint.

Kicking the show off at the podium with Kyle Davis, Billy Corgan appeared with Mickie James and he wasted no time in telling us the big news: the NWA would be returning to St. Louis for four days from August 28th-31st for tapings, two days of which would be for PPV’s. On the first of those days, the 28th, the NWA will be hosting their first all-female PPV, NWA Empower, with Mickie James as executive producer. On the 29th, the NWA will host NWA 73, the 73rd Anniversary show, which will come from the Chase Ballroom, a famous venue for long-time NWA fans and a place Billy described as being “the literal, emotional home of the NWA” (you could make an argument for the Omni but I’m quibbling; the Chase is indeed very important to NWA history).

Mickie James, for her part, proclaimed how privileged and honoured she felt for being allowed to do this, and that an all-female PPV was something she had wanted to do for a very, very long time. Billy has allowed her to make a real difference. Not only is she able to do this on a platform with lots of history, a show she used to watch with her dad, but it’s her chance to prove that women’s wrestling CAN draw money and deserves its place at the top of the marquee next to the men.

More intriguingly, Mickie said that she wants the best of the best and doesn’t care if you’re under contract elsewhere or are a diamond in the rough, she wants you! I’ve seen people online moaning about the ‘under contract’ bit, stating that if any names were under other contracts and were going to appear, they’d have been at the tapings already. I can only say two things: one, tapings do not mean that we still won’t get surprises later down the line, and two, people might have taken the statement a bit more seriously than was meant. Of course Mickie James is going to say something about wanting the best talent—she wants to create intrigue and interest. What’s she meant to say, ‘we hope we might have a couple of decent matches, pay to find out’?

Kyle Davis interviews Billy Corgan and Mckie James at the NWA podium
Credit: Fite TV

Personally, I’m very much into this idea. If the NWA can keep hold of their relationship with Mission Pro Wrestling, as well as utilising their own talent like Thunder Rosa, Kylie Rae, Kamille, and AEW’s Serena Deeb, there’s a chance that this could be a really good event. Could we even see ex-NWA alumni like Allysin Kay, Marti Belle and Jazz get involved for a one-off? There’s a lot of possibilities.

Billy Corgan ended the announcement with wise words: “It will be historic. Be there.”

The Big Segment: Nick Aldis Threatens Violence on Joe Galli

Joe Galli brought Kamille out to the podium to congratulate her on winning the NWA Women’s Championship at When Our Shadows Fall. Kamille said that she feels great and that she did what she said she was going to do: become Women’s Champion on her first try. Asked about the future, Kamille teased entering tonight’s main event and joining the greats like Mildred Burke, but she wouldn’t reveal what that main event would be. Instead, she brought out Thom Latimer, much to Joe Galli’s obvious upset after his part in cheating Trevor Murdoch out of the Ten Pounds of Gold.

So obvious, in fact, was Galli’s upset that Latimer had to warn him to calm down and to shut up. Galli, much to his credit, put on a great performance, righteously chewing out Latimer for his conduct and not backing down, making a point of praising Kamille for earning the title instead of cheating to win it. Latimer responded by pulling him out of the way so he could get to Kamille.

Out came Chris Adonis and Nick Aldis to join the celebration, Nick in a tuxedo (he actually looks better in his normal suits!) The champ was NOT in a good mood, telling Joe that if he ever takes about him in the way he did at the end of the PPV, he’ll put Galli in the hospital. I wonder if Mickie James was watching proudly? Joe, again to his credit, didn’t back down, telling Aldis he knows he could do it as he saw what Nick did to the ref. Aldis gives Joe ten seconds to get away from “his podium” and incredibly Galli fires up, shouting at Nick that he needs to know why he did what he did to Trevor Murdoch.

Tim Storm calms Joe Galli down as Strictly Business look on
Credit: NWA

Before things could turn ugly, Tim Storm appeared as the voice of reason and sent Galli off to the back. Tim was clearly loving being able to interview people and dropping the bombshell that Adonis and Latimer would be facing each other in a triple threat with Parrow as part of the tournament for the vacant National Heavyweight title. The Strictly Business gang didn’t seem concerned by Parrow, rather focussing on “Conspiracy Corgan” trying to drive a wedge between them, which they swore will never happen. Aldis ended things by stating he would be the second for Kamille’s big ‘coronation’ in the main event.

It was a long segment, perhaps a little too long, but from Galli’s impassioned arguing with Latimer and Aldis to Tim Storm’s glee at being an interviewer to further seeds of possible dissension between Strictly Business, this segment was one of the best since the NWA’s return in March. Big thumbs up from me.

The Big Match:

The End have proven themselves to be a tag team of real worth and merit in recent weeks, but they haven’t been able to chalk up the wins they’ve needed. This was only La Rebelion’s second match for the NWA but they were riding a little bit of momentum coming into this, having won the four-way match at When Our Shadows Fall.

The End tried to extinguish that momentum by attacking La Rebelion before the bell, before using a big belly to belly suplex and power moves to keep the Lucha lads down, Odinson hitting a death valley driver on his partner, Parrow, on top of Mecha Wolf in a particularly brutal moment. Mecha Wold tried to fight back with a dropkick but Parrow nearly choke slammed him out of his boots.

A tornado DDT on Parrow brought Mecha Wolf some time as both men made the hot tag. Bestia 666 impressed by moving out of the way of an Odinson charge, leaving the End man to collide into his partner in the corner, before dropping Odinson with a flying crossbody and a particularly scary belly to belly suplex into the turnbuckles. A neck breaker-missile dropkick combo saw Odinson out for the count but Parrow broke up the pinfall attempt, stomping away on Bestia before all four men started swinging fists in the ring. As he couldn’t restore order, the ref threw the match out, disqualifying both teams.

Mecha Wolf sits up as Odinson looks on
Credit: NWA

The End didn’t seem to be concerned, picking up each member of La Rebelion and in a powerbomb position and smashing them into each other in a nasty-looking move. But, as Parrow started shouting at Joe Galli that The End was going to hurt everyone on the roster, La Rebelion got their revenge by diving through the ropes onto Parrow and Odinson! They then drove Parrow into the apron before superkicking Odinson back through the curtains, Parrow attacking them from behind and sending them into the back.

This was an exciting match that always felt like it could have exploded into chaos at any moment—until it did! It also seems like we have our first proper tag team feud in the NWA since the return in March. That’s a definitive positive.

Other Segments & Promos

  • Serena Deeb spoke to May Valentine backstage and said that although she was disappointed to lose the NWA Women’s title, she lost it to a great competitor in Kamille, and she was always proud to carry the belt, trying to uphold the values it represents.
  • A masked mystery man interrupted Kyle Davis and May Valentine at the podium and announced that he had been signed by Billy Corgan, that only Billy Corgan knows who he is and that, with having no respect for the wrestlers backstage, he was here to change the landscape of the NWA. Who the hell was he? I might be tricking myself, but I swear I know that voice…
A mystery masked man interrupts Kyle Davis and May Valentine at the podium
Credit: NWA
  • Austin Idol and Tyrus tormented Kyle Davis at the podium, calling Pope out for beating nobodies. BLK Jeez interrupted and made his NWA debut, saying he looks and smells like money and wanted five minutes of time to discuss a very profitable idea. Tyrus and Idol walked away, leaving Jeez telling Kyle to “Keep watching.”
  • Trevor Murdoch spoke to May Valentine backstage, telling her he’s given his everything and he still didn’t beat Nick Aldis. Murdoch is going to look to collect himself and work out what his next step is, as he feels like a ship without direction. Murdoch wonders if the NWA title is even his destiny anymore. Trevor was very believable in putting across his disappointment and heartache.
  • Nick Aldis led Kamille out to the ring while classical music played and Aldis carried two bouquets of flowers. Aldis presented them to Kamille in the ring before proclaiming he was right about Kamille and presenting the World Women’s Champion to the audience, who gave her a hearty round of applause. At which point, Melina stormed out and threw off her shoes. She got in Kamille’s face and furiously told the Champ that they have unfinished business. As it looked like things might come to blows, Jennacide came out and threw Melina to the mat before telling her to go to the back. Jennacide then raised Kamille’s hand and handed her flowers back in a show of respect. Or was it? Time will tell…


  • NWA TV Champion ‘The Pope’ Elijah Burke pinned Luke Hawx in an entertaining match when Pope hit the double knees to Hawx’s back in the corner. Pope shook Hawx’s hand after. Luke Hawx has been a great addition to the NWA roster.
  • Taryn Terell beat Lady Frost in Frost’s NWA debut after Taryn snuck victory with a roll-up. This was a bit of a nothing match as Taryn rolled out of the ring, grabbed a mic and tried to convince Frost not to wrestle before sneaking the rollup. I would have preferred if they’d done more to introduce Lady Frost; maybe next week?
  • La Rebelion and The End fought to a double disqualification in an exciting match-up. La Rebelion and The End fought to the back afterwards.

Final Thoughts

After an exciting Pay-Per-View in When Our Shadows Fall, the NWA followed up in spectacular fashion with an exciting episode of Powerrr.

The appearance of Mickie James and the announcement of the two PPV’s in August, one being an all-women event, is extremely exciting. And in a funny way, it represents exactly what the NWA is about in 2021: upholding the legacy and history while moving into the future. Wrestling at The Chase but presenting an all-female PPV. I love it. It’ll be interesting to see how the women roster grows in the run-up to the PPV. Perhaps the first seeds were sown tonight with the closing segment, Melina making her feelings known about Kamille. And yet, what’s Jennacide’s part in all this? It’s a great story point and I’m genuinely excited to see how that plays out.

Meanwhile, Joe Galli’s standing up to Strictly Business was phenomenal, the TV title match was entertaining, the main event was very entertaining, and who in the hell is the masked man?

I don’t want to jinx it, but if the NWA carries on with this form, it might just have got itself back on track to pre-COVID Powerrr times. That’s an exciting prospect.

I’ll see you next time, NWA Fam, as we go once more…into the fire!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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