Michaels Gets Mugged For His Cobra Cup!

Championship Wrestling from Memphis Review – March 20th

This week on Championship Wrestling from Memphis, Brett Michaels will receive the Cobra Cup from Memphis legend King Cobra, plus Mike Anthony and Justin Cole will finally settle their differences in the ring.

Dustin and Maria Starr are your hosts for the fastest hour in wrestling, so let’s not waste any more time—let’s get down to the ring!

Humongous vs. Jonny Lyons

The last time we saw Jonny Lyons, he was getting his a** handed to him by the larger Brett Michaels. This time, he was facing an even bigger man—a humongous man, in fact.

Lord Humongous made quick work of Lyons, battering him with some punches, chokes on the ropes, a big boot, and finally a chokeslam to put Lyons out for the three count. Nice and easy for the big man.

Afterward, The Crowley Brothers came out to feast on the corpse, but Humongous pulled them back to the dressing room. Or to hell. Either way…

“That Time…Is Today!”

Backstage with Terence Ward, Mike Anthony is unrepentant about his attack on Justin Cole. “You don’t call me out; I call you out,” he told the big man. They’ll fight on Anthony’s time, not Cole’s time, and that time…is today!

I liked that! Cool and aggressive, reminiscent of Bad News Brown—and that’s never a bad thing!

Challenging the Queen

Now Terence has Nikki Lane backstage, and he probes her about the women’s locker room: what’s the atmosphere like? Everyone’s getting along, well, mostly. Turns out Queen Katelynn has her own locker room. Does she think she’s better than everyone else?

Does that mean you’re going to challenge the Queen? Asks Terrence. Well, Nikki wasn’t thinking about it, but now that you mention it…

Oh Terence, you little matchmaker!

Van Vicious vs. Chris Lexx

Talking of the Queen, she accompanied Van Vicious to the ring along with Derrick King, the originally scheduled opponent for Chris Lexx. As King said on commentary, when you’re a king, you can do anything.

Van Vicious was very impressive as he dominated a large part of this match, mixing speed and athleticism (a big bicycle kick) with power (a lovely spine buster that would have made Double-A proud). Chris Lexx was no slouch, though, firing back with a beautiful sling blade and a fiery European uppercut.

Near the end, Queen Katelynn took down Vicious’s briefcase to ringside, the case that contains all of Van Vicious’s jewelry. Katelynn got on the apron to distract the ref, and, in time-honoured tradition, Van Vicious clocked Chris Lexx full on in the head with the case. Your winner: Van Vicious. A dastardly end to a good match.

Meanwhile, The Posse found Dreadhead Kev unconscious on the ground backstage. It looks like The Skimahorns have some explaining to do…

Never Mind The Queen, Here’s Salena Dean

Backstage with Terence Ward, ‘New Money’ Salena Dean is furious that Nikki Lane thinks she can jump the queue to get to the queen. Taking it as a slight, Dean laid the law down: if you want the queen, first you’ve got to go through Salina Dean!

Precious vs. Nikki Lane

For the second week running, Precious looked to make his own impact in the Memphis women’s division. And for the second week running, he failed. He did give it a good shot, though, going straight from Nikki Lane from the opening bell with stiff uppercuts and strikes.

Precious’s downfall was the charge into the corner. The first time he missed a handspring elbow when Lane moved out of the way. The second time, he simply charged straight into the buckles as Lane moved again, giving Nikki the opportunity to role Precious up.

Better luck next time, Precious…

Mike Anthony vs. Justin Cole

Grudge match time and Justin Cole started exactly how he envisioned, punishing Mike Anthony. Starting with some big chops in the corner, he followed up with a death valley driver into a reverse DDT and a big backdrop. Ascending the buckles, though, Anthony grabbed the ref as a human shield before tripping Cole off the ropes to the mat with a big bump.

Literally kicking a man while he was down, Anthony, who’s looked sharp recently on SWE Fury, threw down some heavy boots before he mounted Cole and threw some mean cross forearms. A leg scissors, flapjack, and suplex followed before Anthony decided to bemoan the ref’s counting.

A superplex was countered on the top turnbuckle as Cole turned it into a superplex of his own. A big boot knocked the stuffing out of Anthony, and a quick roll-up followed for Cole to get revenge and get the win in this very enjoyable match.

Afterward, Cole made a quick exit not to leave himself vulnerable to another Anthony sneak attack. Anthony was furious

Brett Michaels Claims His Cobra Cup and Gets a Beating Instead

After three grueling matches, Brett Michaels became the winner of the inaugural Cobra Cup. There was little pomp and ceremony here as he came to the ring and claimed the cup from its namesake, King Cobra, who held Brett Michaels’ hand up in victory before making a respectful retreat. But the way Michaels proudly displayed the Cup to the crowd and the camera, the message was clear: this really meant a lot to Michaels.

To everybody’s surprise, Johnny Dotson appeared out of nowhere and climbed on the apron. As Michaels told him off for spoiling his moment, Alan Steel slipped into the ring and cracked Michaels from behind, allowing him and Dotson to commence a great old-school beatdown.

What do I mean by an old-school beatdown? I mean, it looked believable. Steel grabbed Michaels in a front face lock whilst Dotson kicked the hell out of him. It looked like a genuine mugging. And to add insult to injury, Steel smashed the Cobra Cup before shoving it in Michaels’ face to see the insult. The show ended with a hurt Michaels on the mat while a victorious Steel and Dotson stood above him, arms raised…

Final Thoughts

After an initial tentative two weeks, the last two weeks have really seen the pieces of the puzzle for Championship Wrestling from Memphis fall into place. The appearance of promos now has made a large difference to the pace and feel of the show; we’re slowly starting to get feuds being introduced, and it looks like the main event scene is taking shape with Brett Michaels taking a pounding from a man who may become the first top heel in the promotion.

Both the Van Vicious-Chris Lexx and Justin Cole-Mike Anthony matches were really great fun this week, and the end segment was 100% Memphis and all the better for it. I can’t wait to see where this story goes next.

I’ll see you next time, grapple fans, for more Memphis Mayhem from Championship Wrestling from Memphis!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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