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Championship Wrestling from Memphis Review—May 29th

This week on Championship Wrestling from Memphis, the Memphis Heritage Champion Alan Steel and Johnny Dotson are set to be in action against Brett Michaels and Action Jackson, plus the Yung Goats will take on the Skimahorns—but will they have their back-up with them? There’s also a rematch from last week as Nikki Lane takes on Diana Taylor, and Justin Cole will be in action. Pete Pranica, the TV play-by-play announcer for the Memphis Grizzlies will be making his CWFM commentary debut too!

There’s no time to waste, so let’s go straight to the ring!

The Juice and The Gunshow

Alan Steel and Johnny Dotson came out to start things off, dismissing Dustin Starr’s claim that they were about to attack Jerry Jarrett by saying that if they wanted to attack Jerry, they would have done it. Johnny then moved on to Brett Michaels, saying that Brett must be jealous of him because Dotson’s bigger! This brought out Action Jackson and Brett Michaels, who claimed they were bringing the juice and the gunshow to Dotson and Steel’s asses and challenged them to a tag team match that evening. Steel seemed reticent until Michaels claimed he’d be taking Steel’s Memphis Heritage title home next week.

Main event set!

The Skimahorns vs. The Yung Goats

Before the match, The Skimahorns told Dustin Starr that they’ve made good on their promise from last week to have back-up and that person is backstage just waiting for their moment. The Yung Goats didn’t seem concerned, Aron Roberts dancing to the ring much to Zay Washington’s amusement.

The Yung Goats started off fast and heavy, Zay Washington dazzling the crowd with his high-speed high-risk offence, while Aaron proved to be the immovable object, sending both Skimahorns bouncing off him onto the mat. Briar Skimahorn threw a kick at Washington from the apron. Washington caught the boot but was left wide open for a Brad Skimahorn dropkick.

Returning from the break, The Skimahorns were dominating Washington with a mixture of double team offence and brawling, in particular utilising a nice double elbow and assisted splash combo. Brad made the mistake though of hoisting Zay up to the top turnbuckle—that’s his domain!—as Zay knocked him down and hit Brad with a big flying crossbody to give himself enough space to make the hot tag to Aaron Roberts. Aaron sent The Skimahorns flying like skittles, knocking them down with shoulder blocks and suplexes.

Unfortunately for Aaron, he found himself sent into the ring post. The Skimahorns then put the pressure back on Zay, nailing an awesome stunner-into-a-German-suplex double team and smashing Zay in the corner with charges. Aaron Roberts was able to break up the pin attempt though. Zay dropped Briar with a lethal roundhouse kick but Brad pulled him out of the ring to prevent the three count. So Zay does what Zay does best—fly! He nailed both Skimahorns with a lovely running moonsault over the top rope before the Goats nailed Briar with a powerbomb/450 splash combo for the three count. Awesome match!

Afterwards, The Posse put in an appearance and quite rightly asked where their back-up was. This brought out Uncle Mikey, a man who looked like he would make a mean Freddie Mercury impersonator if he tried. A challenge was made to The Posse, and you’d better believe The Posse don’t back down from a challenge!

Nikki Lane vs. Diana Taylor

A rematch from last week, and Eric McMahon and Paris Kelly were out once again, rubbing their fingers together to hammer home the point that they want Diana Taylor’s money. I don’t think it’s happening, Eric…

In the ring, Nikki Lane controlled with a hammerlock before throwing forearms. Diana returned fire with a bulldog before laying in knees and a clothesline. Nikki threw some knees of her own before landing some reverse body splashes in the corner. A spinning sidewalk slam got Nikki a two count. Diana sprung back into action with some shots to the gut before gesturing for the DDT. This brought Eric McMahon up onto the apron to protest, momentarily distracting Diana and allowing Nikki to nail her with a fisherman’s suplex for the 1-2-3.

Eric McMahon and Paris Kelly left ringside making the ‘money’ gesture. I think the most you’ll get is another DDT, guys…

Austin Lane Issues an Open Challenge

Dustin Starr brought out the ‘Best Of The Best’ Austin Lane to ask him, what with The Royal Family gone (they’ll be back, I’m sure), what he planned for the future. Austin began by saying how he used to watch Memphis wrestling every Saturday morning with his grandma and how he used to go to the Mid-South Coliseum on a Monday night. Memphis wrestlers bring it but there’s a difference between saying your the best of the best and proving it. So, Austin Lane issued an open challenge to anyone on the roster or in any locker room; get into the ring with Austin Lane and he’ll prove why he’s a wrestling machine!

Sounds good to me.

‘Big Swole’ Justin Cole vs. Maxx Stone

Justin cole dominated this one early, taking Stone down before hitting a scoop slam and some big clotheslines to put a hurting on Stone. Maxx managed to put a boot up in the corner to halt a Cole charge. A series of dropkicks ad a clothesline followed but Cole didn’t just kick out of Stone’s covers—he kept throwing Stone across the ring!

Cole countered a chin lock by literally standing up with Stone still clamped onto him and backing him into the corner. Stone tried a suplex but it wasn’t happening, so he went for a flying crossbody instead. Unfortunately for Stone, Cole caught him and dropped him with a Swole Slam for the victory.

Afterwards, Cole went to speak to Dustin Starr at the desk but Norman Meklakov attacked from behind, obviously still annoyed about Cole eliminating him in the Grind City Rumble. Big Norm then locked in a full nelson, impressively shaking Cole about like a rag doll. This feud is far from over!

“They’re Coming For You Real Soon!”

Jimmy Blaylock came out to promote his Hollywood Horror Show stable and to tell Dustin Starr that he’s sick of hearing Brett Michaels crying about The Crowleys eliminating him from the Grind City Rumble. I mean, to be fair to Brett, The Crowleys weren’t even in the match! He might have a right to be upset, methinks.

‘He lost,’ screeched Blaylock, ‘he’s a loser!’ This brought out Action Jackson and Brett Michaels, who Blaylock obviously wanted no part of—he ran away! He did make one threat before he left, though: “They’re coming for you real soon!”

They’re coming to get you, Barbara—sorry, I meant Brett.

Action Jackson & Brett Michaels vs. Alan Steel & Johnny Dotson

Main event time, and it took a little while to get started—Alan had to deal with all the fans in attendance booing him first! He also had to deal with Action Jackson mocking his shoes, which he did by pushing Jackson into the corner, something Action didn’t take kindly to.

The match got started with Steel and Jackson engaged in a feeling-out process. Steel knocked Jackson down with a shoulder block but made the mistake of mocking Jackson’s pose; Action meanwhile kipped up and took a sip of the juice, annoying Steel into throwing fists. Action responded with two hip tosses and a hip toss for Johnny Dotson right onto Steel, sending both men out of the ring!

Back after the break, Brett Michaels held Johnny Dotson while Action Jackson cracked him with a kick. Jackson went to run the ropes but Alan Steel pulled them down, sending Jackson tumbling all the way to the outside. The swine! He followed up by bodyslamming Action on the concrete before Dotson brought him back in and cracked him with a massive fist to the face and a rake of the eyes. Dotson then goaded Brett Michaels to come into the ring, the distraction allowing Steel to throttle Jackson on the ropes. A nice clean fight then, gents.

Jackson managed to hit Steel with a sunset flip but Dotson broke up the count. Steel in turn hit a big power slam, only for Brett Michaels to break up the count. A massive Alabama Slam from Steel (with Dotson’s help) seemed to decimate Jackson but a Vader Bomb saw Action kick Steel away before making the hot tag to Brett Michaels. Michaels erupted with massive fists and a press slam on Dotson. A leaping double clothesline knocked the heels down and Jackson flipped Dotson out of the ring before kicking Steel in the head, setting him up for the Gunshow Lariat. 1-2-3, your winners: Brett Michaels and Action Jackson.

Afterwards, Brett Michaels posed with the Memphis Heritage belt as the crowd roared their approval. Will it be a reality when he takes on Alan Steel for the title next week?

Final Thoughts

Another really fun episode of Championship Wrestling from Memphis this week from Dustin Starr and co as the change of venue and format is starting to sink in and it’s becoming clear what a positive change it’s been for the promotion. There was a big focus on Brett Michaels and Alan Steel this week, as there should be with their title match happening next week, and it paid off nicely with Brett Michaels standing tall and teasing us by holding the belt. Will he leave victorious next week? I don’t think Alan Steel’s losing just yet, but it’s an exciting build all the same. Meanwhile, the Yung Goats and the Skimahorns had a brilliant match. The Memphis tag division is nothing to sleep on and the proof was here for all to see. And Pete Pranica did a great job on commentary. I really thought he added to the team this week.

I’ll see you next week Memphis fans for more exciting action from the fastest hour in wrestling!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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