Memphis Wrestling: The Best Hour In Wrestling Entertainment

Credit: Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Yes, it can now be said. Memphis Wrestling is the best wrestling entertainment hour on TV. Not the best wrestling, the best program. Dustin and Maria Starr know what they’re doing. Here are the reasons why I write this.

The Desk

Just like Memphis Wrestling in the ’70s and ’80s, everything goes through it. People talk and fight in front of it, alliances are formed, matches booked and Dustin Starr is frequently caught in the crossfire. It’s a shortcut of action, we know something is going down as soon as Dustin moves out of his seat and it also showcases guests.

Like the overlooked in AEW ‘Pretty’ Peter Avalon this week who was good on the mic and showing real enjoyment but there are also moments of Desk takeover with cheeky heel teams. The focus is so important for Memphis Wrestling and the best part of this week’s show started in front of it.

If It Works, Keep Showing It

Mike Anthony is angry. He has a point. He was the Memphis Wrestling Heritage Championship number 1 contender. Until Bret ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ Michaels started to make waves. He was given a shot. And won.

But Mike was the number 1 contender. Wasn’t he? No wonder he is so angry. He might be a bit too angry, actually. He lifted Dustin off his feet and dumped him in front of The Desk this week, which brought out Michaels.

Dustin lifted by Mike Anthony on Memphis Wrestling
Credit: Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

And the fighting started. These two had a quite stunning outdoor fight at a market event a few Saturdays ago and this continued all through the program. We cut early on to them battling outside, later we saw Michaels picking Anthony up and throwing him against a corrugated metal garage door. Then Mike ducked a lariat and the camera operator copped for it. The last sight we saw is Anthony, crouched like a caged animal, staring down the lens.

Of course, they come back to the Memphis Wrestle Center, brawling among the merch – watch that Big Swoll curly straw – and making their way to the ring. Anthony sold an atomic drop so well only crossed eyes would make it better, then hit the champ with his finisher, laying on his back with two feet to the jaw – he calls it the Genetic Nightmare, but actually, it resembles Uncle Mikey’s Gator Feet and I like the sound of that.

Michaels was out. Anthony reached into his pocket. Handcuffs. As Dustin shouted at him to stop, he cuffed Bret’s hand behind his back. Mike wanted his hands on the belt. But only so he could drive it into the champ’s face. These two have real charisma together and what could have been repetitive had a real edge and, yep, enjoyment. It did seem like Memphis Wrestling of the past. That’s a real compliment.

Their Wrestlers Are Getting Over

Uncle Mikey? The fans likey. After last week’s excellent activities, he got a cheer and a chant, really enjoying it.

Uncle Mikey
Credit: Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Of course, he is with the Skimahorns who are still nominally heels, so Dustin and the brass have a choice. That he lost the match for them by languidly chatting to Avalon perhaps shows you what they’ll do.

Jimmy Blaylock is back with a beard as if he’s hiding, but when he wasn’t there, it allowed Jacksyn Crowley to step up and use his calm, intelligent chat and playfully psychotic approach to really have a walkabout.

The Hollywood Horror Show
Credit: Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

He’s one for the future. He can do it in the ring too, but his odd look and promo skills will surely see him being given more to do. K-Toomer is a Memphis Wrestling monster and is being handled very well. The Austin Lane injury and operation, attributed to Toomer, the game family friend Matt offered up.

This wasn’t a squash this week, Matt was given some offense after K-T smacked into a chair, but even a cannonball and yakuza kick only gave him a 1 count. K-T is not just a big bloke, he moves like a smaller man, and the spinning kick for the pin was impressive. Like ‘Heavyweight Hustle’ Calvin Tankman in MLW, he has attitude and skill in equal measure.


Dustin mixes it up so well, he uses talent from across the United Wrestling Network and AEW, he’s got Peter here and has had Marko Stunt and Lance Archer.

The latest addition to MemphisWrestling? Anthony Idol, the Neon Phenomenon, who doesn’t look like Austin Idol at all and sounds on his promo like Hulk Hogan. I was very worried there for a moment. Idol should be a good hand for Memphis, crowds already like his hyped-up feel.

Anthony Idol
Credit: Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

And So…

Memphis Wrestling has really got it going on. Fast hour. Goes by in the blink of an eye (you can still use that one, Dustin). A combo of solid and flamboyant characters links back to old skool Memphis Wrestling like the recent angle with Lance Russell’s son and Dave Brown even pops up in adverts!

The Wrestlecentre is usually full, the fans are vocal and bring their own signs, fully invested in this wrestling and it really adds warmth. And the action? It keeps you guessing and keep you coming back. What could be better than that?

Written by Steve Swift

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