Memphis Wrestling This Week!

Better Than Ever…

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Yes, the best episode of an already strong TV show. This really went by…

…wait for it…


I’ll make Memphis Wrestling head honcho Dustin Starr say it, I promise you.

Why was this episode so good?


Belt changes – then changes back – which weren’t hokey

Their over roster star was burnished even further

Heather Monroe is very entertaining

They promised to end the Micheals v Anthony Feud but left us wanting more

Belt Changes

The Yung Goats v The Hotsteppers

Goats = champs

Hotsteppers = new

And this was good while it lasted. Maria had to move a martini glass to accommodate Derrick King on commentary. Now, this was either:

1. Not cleared up since Peter Avalon last week

2. Maria had a cheeky martini

Either way, best leave it there.

In the ring there was some work, not much. Goat Aaron caught DJ Brown on the outside and posted him, only to run full pelt into the same post – doh!

That kerfuffle on the outside left Washington Goat in the ring, Derrick King hit that ring and Zay Washington’s face with a superkick in that order, DJ got back in the ring and saw the opportunity.

Yung Goats v The Hotsteppers
Credit; Five Starr Fancam @fredstyle88

One – two – three!

Derrick grabbed the Memphis Wrestling tag team belts from the Desk before anyone could say ‘hang on, how did that happen?’ and we had new tag champs.

Short, sharp and shabby. Well done, Memphis Wrestling.


He is over, so over and the Skimahorns don’t like it. They show that by physically trying to stop him from going into the fans.

Fat chance. He loves it.

Mikey v Peter Avalon

Matchup of the emaciated Tom Sellecks. Better than it sounds.

Lovely Memphis Wrestling Entertainment here, Mikey on the second buckle to feel the cheers, then Peter to boos, Mikey – cheers, then the ref to muted cheers. Avalon tried it again but slipped off the buckle pad and fell, bailing with a feigned nonchalance. Brilliant.

The match? A nice atomic drop and dropkick combo by Peter, who then pulled Mikey out of the corner for a small powerbomb. He somersaulted and landed on his feet, hitting Gator Feet (TM) and a lovely destroyer for a long 2.

And then a big sign of Mikey’s impending face turn. He turned down the Skimahorn offer of a chain. In fact he spurned it. But he put it down his trunks. Mikey, the ref is bound to find out!

But no; Mikey hit the shining wizard for the pin. Dustin called it a Shining Mikey – that might stick.

There he goes, into the crowd…

The Titles Change Hands

In Memphis Wrestling it all goes through the Desk. The Hotsteppers are here. But they don’t want Derrick with them.

Now listen, if there’s one thing you take with you from this episode, it’s that The Hotsteppers are. Not. Cheats.

They just saw the way they won on a monitor.

And just to remind you, they are. Not. Cheats.

Which is why they call the Yung Goats out and try to pass the belts back to them.

But the Goats? They don’t want it like that. Ring the bell!

The Hotsteppers v The Yung Goats

Strangely, after that show of belt bonhomie, DJ Brown and Zay Washington share slaps. Odd.

A good sign? Aaron Roberts still selling his right shoulder injury from earlier. Nicely done.

It spilled outside to the Desk early, but Washington prepped for a move and it was amazing. Looked like a dive over the top. A topé if you like. But look again.

His teammate Aaron was tussling with DJ. They were locked together. And Washington managed to hit just his opponent. Stunning.

Powerbomb. 450 splash. The Goats won the Memphis Wrestling tag belts again!

The title changed hands. And it didn’t seem hokey. The Hotsteppers would do what they did. The Goats would do what they did. They had two small matches. The programme seemed as though it had something very important.

Well done, Memphis Wrestling.

Heather Monroe’s Postcards

Last week in her hotel room draped in an expensive-looking coat. This week in a bikini by the pool. Always with her championship belt by her side. These arrogant airmails are becoming a highlight.

Brett Michaels v Mike Anthony

You know how good these two are together. Fantastic fight at the market recently. Battle all over the building 2 weeks ago. Memphis Wrestling TV didn’t even need much of them last week because this was simmering so well.

Mike Anthony v Brett Michaels
Credit; Five Starr Fancam @fredstyle88

This was the ending of it, the battle for Brett ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ Michaels’ Heritage Championship. And it was a Street Fight.

But they stayed around the ring. And that made this something special.

Highlights? Oh yes, there were highlights;

Anthony lying in wait for his opponent’s entrance.

Michaels smacking Anthony’s head onto the apron so hard he bounced.

Michaels careening into a cameraman, causing fizzes, yellow marks on the screen and picture outages.

Anthony leaping over the top rope and swatted into the wall.

Michaels spinebusted onto the couches at ringside. Ooh, comfy!

The expected, but still excellent piledriver – no you don’t – backdrop onto the concrete.

And then something odd. I didn’t know if it was a work. I’m informed that it wasn’t.

Nevertheless, it worked.

We lost picture. We came back on. To see Anthony humping from the flat roof above the desk onto Brett; that’s 15 feet.

If ended with the Gun Show lariat for the Michaels pin.

So It’s Over?

Oh no. Not by a long chalk, as my dad used to say. Why a long chalk anyway? Because it gets smaller the more it’s used? Maybe, or maybe a new piece of chalk isn’t close to being used. Strange.

Anyway, because of the Memphis Wrestling picture issues, they get to do it again. At the Grind City Rumble on Saturday. Anthony showed us he had a pair of knucks and a chain. Michaels doesn’t have that. He has a belt.

This is still aflame and I for one am delighted.

So That’s Why It Was So Good

It was. Throw in K-Toomer beating Anthony Idol in a big man battle that probably should have been left a few more weeks, the possibility of pizza for a year and a speedy shingle service and you’ve got something special.

Credit; Five Starr Fancam @fredstyle88

Memphis Wrestling is on a roll. How will Dustin Starr top this? Just watch him…

Written by Steve Swift

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