Memphis Wrestling Still Red Hot!

They Don’t Need No Water.

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Memphis Wrestling is the best hour of wrestling entertainment around at the moment. Why’s that?

It’s Opinion Time!

Brett Michaels in Memphis Wrestling
Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

The main Memphis feud is Brett ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ Michaels and Mike Anthony. Memphis Wrestling head honcho Dustin Starr saw they had real charisma and kept it going. It’s a testament to his work that this many-week angle (six, seven?) isn’t a yawn yet.

Last week they had a Wrestlecentre-wide battle with Anthony being swatted into the wall and diving off a15 feet roof above the Desk. This is still sizzling and they’ll meet at the Grind City Rumble, which will be over by now.

This Week Whetted The Appetite

They didn’t even both need to be on Memphis Wrestling together this week. Michaels came out to rub his opponent’s nose in it, he still had the belt, see? But Mike trumped him. He was outside, where he said he felt at home. Where was he in? In the car park where they’d smacked each other up before The message? This is Anthony’s arena. But it hasn’t been so far.

Their Wrestlers Are Like Old Friends

Uncle Mikey is super over (as people say these days) and he knows it. And loves it. The discomfort with this from his tag team cousins, the Skimahorns, is clear. They’re on one shoulder; ‘Take the chain, Mikey, we’re family’ On the other shoulder; ‘We love you, Mikey, turn face completely!’
Or something like that.

Tonight they wrestled Memphis Wrestling jokers The Posse, who sported a joined jumper – oh, how I wish they’d wrestled in it – with Biiiiig Swoll Justin Cole.

Simon and Big Swole in Memphis Wrestling
Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Mikey really teased that face turn, rushing in to help Posse Simon after a Skimahorn eye poke by sort of smoothing his face; interesting idea. He also refused the offer of a chain, which led to the distraction roll up and pin. Here comes that turn.

The match? It was a bit ordinary, but the characters were so warm and Mikey so strong when picking up Swoll and slamming him, that it didn’t matter. And the Posse’s letter to Santa asking for a tag team title shot afterward was delightful.

K-Toomer Is The Real Grinch

He’d just won his first match since returning to Memphis Wrestling, for goodness sake. Carlos Alexander Rios had just won a match, against the brooding Gunslinger, who had the temerity to break out a Garvin Stomp during the match. Rios had a sweet flying clothesline of his own and won with a TKO.

He had no time to celebrate, the King of Fatjitsu, K-Toomer, gave both of them his big bang powerslam and ruined Rios’ day.

K-Toomer Gets Airborn
Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Naughty K-Toomer.

There’s Fun With No Winking

A bloke dressed up as the Grinch. Swoggle dressed up as Santa – he’s Swoggle Claus, of course – chasing each other around the Wrestlecentre. Just as an enjoyment. No irony. No kitsch. Just because it’s Christmas. And Memphis Wrestling loves it. And later, he had his heartbroken by a spurning Heather Monroe. Naughty Heather.

The Hollywood Horror Show Must Implode

Jimmy Blaylock can’t control Jacksyn and Otis Crowley. He’s the leader of the Hollywood Horror Show and yet even calls them ‘Crawley’ tonight, as if he doesn’t even really know their names. He’s already lost The Revenant Of Walker Hayes, someone he identifies as not being disciplined enough whilst he was gone. It was the Crowleys who caused the trouble. Or perhaps the Crawleys.

Walker Hayes has gone, to a possible tag team with Ivan Warsaw – Ivan and Walker, sounds like a bad remake of ‘Red Heat’ – which should be good. But the real star here, even when they’d quit the ring after the Horror Show had dogged Ivan’s every move in his match against Jacksyn. No, it was the strange moves, the enjoyment, the absolute charisma of the Crowley bro who has the potential to be a real heel; Jacksyn.

Jacksyn Crowley
Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

The Ads Every Week With The Goods That We Seek

Always the same. And like an old friend. If I want pizza for a year, a fresh pair of kicks, or a speedy roof replacement, I know where to go…

Another Great Week?

Yep. Memphis Wrestling Goes By In The Blink Of An Eye and there are reasons for that:

A roster who are friends
Angles repeated with slight tweaks
Some good wrestling
A headline feud that simmers and keeps igniting.
Never letting the needle drop out of the red.
And the sense that this belongs to the fans, to them, and us. This is Memphis Wrestling. And it’s different.

It certainly is. No one else does it like this at the moment

Written by Steve Swift

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