Memphis Wrestling: So Good This Week!

It Doesnt Even Need It’s Main Feud

Mike Anthony and Bret Michaels have been tearing it up in Memphis Wrestling recently.

Last week they fought all over the Wrestlecentre and all through the programme. It was a fabulous throwback to the mid 80’s Memphis which really worked.

This week? No Bret ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ Michaels at all and Mr Anthony came out the beginning of this MemphisWrestling TV hour, to The Desk of course, thinking better of throwing top brass Dustin Starr around the set and just doing one thing…

Announcing a Street Fight

With Michaels

Next Week

Mike Anthony and Dustin Starr
Credit Five Starr Fan Cam – @fredstyle88

Oh, my word. These two have already tussled in a car park and around a market. They went all over the Wrestlecentre last week. They have real charisma together.

And this is great Memphis Wrestling booking. This came from a genuine grievance, Mike having his No1 Heritage title shot taken away from him by Bret who then won the title.

Yes, Anthony has a point, but you can’t attack Policeman and use handcuffs with impunity. Anyway, they’ve been off each other’s Crimbo Card lists ever since and this has been brought on slowly, simmering, occasionally exploding and now ready to pop.

Never too much so it seems desperate, this has a simple story, two wrestlers who like working together and as much time as it needs.

Sounds simple. But it’s very hard to pull off.
And Memphis didn’t need to push that this week anyway. Why?

Uncle Mikey, The Fans Likey!

He’s over. The Memphis Wrestling fans chant for him. And he plays it like a delighted teenager. Just as he should.
That gives Dustin and the brass some possibilities.

Break him from the Skimahorns? They’re fun, but they haven’t been happy with Unc’s sudden fame. That would double down on their heelishness.

Turn the Skimahorns face? They’re funny enough. Uncle Mikey is their ace in the hooole. And Maria, in their match with Van Viciousssssss and Colton Cage (with the Pyles sufferer Ryan), did say she couldn’t believe people were cheering for them.

Some good moves in this, but the best from the heels; Colton backdropped VV into a legdrop – whoohoo!

Strange ending as Peter Avalon went to throw his martini at Mikey who was not in the vicinity but led to a VV & Cage win.

Peter Avalon
Credit Five Starr Fan Cam – @fredstyle88

Why is Pretty Peter upset with Mikey? Is it because they both look like an emaciated Tom Selleck? Anyway, they’ll fight next week and I hope that’s an end to it and Mikey gets to make his impression.

Amber Rodriguez Is Doing Very Good Work

You might not have spotted it as she’s been in tag team matches with Skylar a lot, but this week she got to meet Diana Taylor one on one.

And won, of course, after scouting the Taylor DDT finisher by hanging onto the rope and hitting her lovely rolling neckbreaker for the pin.

But it’s her absolute certainty in the ring and out, her arrogance and her real enjoyment of her nasty character.

Surely Amber and Heather Monroe, the arrogant Memphis Wrestling Women’s champ also bigging herself up this week, will have to meet.

That Big Man Has Been Well Served

K-Toomer. He’s big. And agile. With brooding charisma.

And he’s been brought along in the time honoured way. Smashing blokes smaller than him.

Hurting a much-loved Memphis wrestler, bell to bell and best to best rock or bust hell or high water (think that’s it) Austin Lane. And his mate, Matt. Mate. Matt.

So it’s time to give him a wrinkle. Step forward, new acquisition from the United Wresting Network, Anthony Idol.

Anthony Idol
Credit Five Starr Fan Cam – @fredstyle88

He hit the ring with verve. Or vigor, if you like. What did Toomer do? Bail.

That does 2 things. Makes Toomer’s character deeper. And makes Idol look unbeatable.

Nice work.

The Hollywood Horror Show Are Set For Big Things

It’s only a matter of time before Jacksyn, Otis and Walker Hayes turn on Jimmy Blaylock.

There’s a confused discipline thing going on at the moment, involving a strap – I’ve denigrated this strapping because Hayes had a shirt on, but last week my resistance band broke (yes, I’m semi-hench) and thwacked me; it didn’t half hurt.

Jacksyn Crowley is surely the new leader of this group, his odd charisma alone makes Blaylock look like he just came from the golf course.

By the way, my Maria (not mine, that’s how Dustin announces her, don’t want to get smacked up like Van Viciousssss did for making eyes at her) told her hubby ‘I’ve got a belt with your name on it’. He didn’t reply, best to leave it and hope she forgets.

Anyway, the match between The Revenant Of Walker Hayes and Big Swoll Jason Cole was pretty good for 2 big men, including WH getting Swoll up in a bear hug

There was lovely run into a dropkick from Swoll which knocked WH over the top. He landed on his feet. Nice.

And a rather odd ending to the match when Jacksyn and Otis seemed to caress Walker’s face on the apron, leading to a Swoll slam (yep, he got the big man up) and pin.

And then human buzzsaw Ivan Warsaw arrived to take out all the Horror Show and we left the hour with Maria asking why. Why not?

Credit Five Starr Fan Cam – @fredstyle88

Will Swoll team up with Warsaw? He needs something to do.

Is Warsaw targeting the Horror Show because of some previous business?

Does Warsaw look a bit too like other Memphis grappler ‘Norman’ Meklakov? Sort of.

That Sounds Good!

It does, doesn’t it? Looked good, too.
Memphis Wrestling is bubbling away so well.

Great Feud at the top. People pushing for the tag team titles. A busy women’s division. Wrestlers who are over. Angles which push the nostalgia button.

OK, people may say they need a couple of grapplers and I might even agree. But not desperately. This is a wrestling entertainment hour and there isn’t a better one at the moment.

It Goes By In The Blink Of An Eye…

Written by Steve Swift

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