Memphis Wrestling Lookback Keeps Us Warm

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

‘For Memphis Wrestling, Tis the season to show playback, tralalala lalalala…

Year’s End, the time to look back. All wrestling promotions do it, don’t they? It’s expected and not minded. But it all depends on how you do it. Do you make it a theme as OVW did? Do you just have an announcer as UKW did? Memphis did neither.

What Did They Do?

They just showed the angles and matches. No explanation or precursor. It’s not needed because those angles are so well done. Memphis Wrestling has absolute faith in their work and the work of their roster.

And so they should.

Dustin Starr on Memphis Wrestling
Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Sad Faces

To begin the program too. This was the Posse stealing Christmas. How dare you dress as Santa to sneak attack a Yung Goat? How dare you dress up as the Grinch? Oh, that one isn’t so bad. But a nefarious attack all the same. The Posse reached out to me a try to explain their actions, but this is all about humanity.

I understand they’re angry that they haven’t got a title shot, maybe they weren’t talking to the right people. Maybe they’re just hadn’t beaten enough people, they have been hampered by injury. Maybe they were just too nice. Well, they aren’t now. And what do we see here? Bonus footage after the cameras stopped rolling last week.

That L’il Chris smile is nasty alright. And them taking the Memphis Wrestling tag team championship belts? A cheap trick. Now, I like that band but this is not the same thing. It’s corner cutting. You didn’t earn it. You may have painted the Memphis Wrestling Wrestlecentre, but you don’t get a belt for that. Maybe a toolbelt. But not a big shiny one. And now? The Posse is suspended indefinitely. Dustin told us with suitable gravitas, but how are you going to get the belts back? Never darken our doorstep again! Oh, hang on, can we have the belts? Hello? Hello?

This was a great heel turn last week, a bold move and one that will run and run. Can’t wait.

Notable Lookbacks

The Banquet: This was such a good idea. Adds gravitas. A big, important event where the Memphis Wrestling grapplers can mingle with the fans and vice versa? Great idea. Except Mike Anthony didn’t mingle. He isn’t a mingler. Or a minglee. Mingling is not a passtime for him.

But the event was formal and informal in equal measure.

Austin & Nikki Laine at the banquet on Memphis Wrestling
Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Best TV match? Bret Michaels v Mike Anthony Street Fight. The one at the market? Oh man, that was fabulous. And the one in the Wrestlecentre wasn’t so bad either. Seek either out, disappointment will not ensue.

Best Moment? Bret ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ Michaels winning the Memphis Wrestling Heritage title. Hang on, he wasn’t the no1 contender, was he? Wasn’t it that the man with the angry facesitting apart from everyone? Ah well. MVP? Big Swoll Cole. I’ll buy that, for his excellent charity work alone.

Tag Team? Could it be anyone other than the Yung Goats? They’ve been a revelation, even though Aaron tells us they were a late addition to the first show. And what’s even better? Aaron is wasting an eye patch, selling the Posse’s attack from last week – nicely done.

Milestone? King Cobra. Of course, he’s a Memphis Wrestling legend, has been very involved, and is very well loved.

Bret Michaels and King Cobra at the Banquet on Memphis Wrestling
Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Next on the lookback?

Alan Steel: So glad this gent got a mention. He is instrumental in the Memphis Wrestling return. Lest we forget (and I had), Steel won the Heritage title when they were still in the strange dinner room they used to use and he and Johnny Dodson became hated heels. And they did it with character, not what they did, what they seemed to be. No big actions were needed, they just played their characters.

Community Work: So important as it adds to the warmth. Memphis Wrestling stars at the Dyer County fair; happy Yung Goats, Action Jackson getting the crowd response going; I miss him on Memphis Wrestling TV, I say action, you say…see, It’s been so long, I’ve forgotten!

Hang on, what’s this, the Posse at the Dyer County Fair? Get them off my screen, they’re suspended.

Walker & Warsaw is a thing!

That 80’s cop show is ready to go. Walker spoke and he handled his promo well. Warsaw told us he didn’t care about anyone. Hang on, why have you protected Walker Hayes then? Never mind that, it’s Walker & Warsaw!

The Hollywood Horror Show Is Sill Gloriously Odd

Erstwhile leader Jimmy Blaylock ditched the red jacket this week and favored a sleeveless gilet; it didn’t work. What did was Jacksyn Crowley wearing the pig mask, his brother Otis clapping after being strapped, and does Jacksyn shiver his hips whilst taking his beating? I think so.

Jacksyn Crowley
Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Odd. Wonderfully odd. But that had nothing to do with Jimmy and everything to do with Jacksyn and Otis.

Finally The Wrestling Match We Were Promised

The Heather Monroe Gauntlet For The Gold

Heather Monroe
Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

The first Women’s Championship of the new Memphis Wrestling era was won this way, so it’s tried and tested. Except this is Heather’s Gauntlet, so she will come in last. Dustin, you have pull around here, why didn’t you intervene? Too late…

After champ-in-waiting Amber Rodriguez fought off a fast and pretty furious Diana Taylor with that rolling fameasser-type move, in came Skylar. Now, Amber has been trying to call her to no avail, we even saw her earlier ignoring a call; was that Amber?

Maybe Skylar’s been busy doing her new Pro Shingle advert, complete with overhead house shot to boot, but Amber wants to know.

Amber Rodriguez
Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

The crowd wasn’t happy to let her speak, leading to the killer line ‘two grown women are talking here’. She was upset. Teary. She didn’t know what she’s done. And so she offered the ultimate. She will lay down and let Skylar pin her. Don’t fall for it, Skylar! Oh, you did. That’s the end of the gauntlet for you. But it isn’t. Skylar was understandably upset. When wrestlers are angry, they tend to stomp, kick or use harsh words. Not Skylar. She hit Amber where it hurt.

She took off a false eyelash. She ripped off a false nail. That is just wonderful. As Maria Starr says, if anyone took her false eyelashes, she would hunt them down and kill them in their sleep. Bit of an overreaction, Maria, but each to their own. To make sure, Skylar then smacked Amber with a knuckle sandwich that laid her out.

Skylar & Heather Monroe
Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Enter Heather Monroe. For an easy pin! No, Amber was still in it! She managed to avoid Heather but couldn’t get out of the way of a superkick or DDT. Monroe retained, but Amber’s time is coming.

Good Lookback Show Then?

The best I’ve seen this year. That’s because Memphis Wrestling makes it warm, welcoming, and very, very enjoyable. And we have the Grind City Rumble to come, too.

Written by Steve Swift

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