Memphis Wrestling Is So Easy To Enjoy

And I Need Distraction

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Our cat died today. Unexpectedly. And so I needed distraction. Memphis Wrestling does that so well.

This is the second of three weeks leading to the Grind City Rumble. It allows them to settle feuds, last week the Walker and Warsaw cop show continued and strapping took place from licensed wrestlers and unlicensed fans – it worked out well.

And tonight?

Bret ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ Michaels v Mike Anthony

For the Memphis Wrestling Heritage Title. Their main feud. Which has been so well booked by Dustin Starr and his backroom team (if there is one), over many weeks, through amazing matches which have violence at their very soul, which have shown just what charisma they have together. They meld, they create events, their feud will be missed.

So. The end. Was it worth it? Well, every final match will disappoint. We will want it to be the best, the match to end all matches if this is the last one for this feud we have all enjoyed so much. This match handled all that very well. It didn’t make big claims. It just went about its business adding to other No Rules, Falls Count Anywhere, Outdoor Carnage matches in this series.

Stuff like Anthony clearing punters from seats but taking so long he was thrown into the wall, then sitting down as if tired, a woman in the crowd screaming with her hands to her face in proper horror movie mode when they wandered to the seats.

Brett Michaels
Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

And Dustin worried when the action spilled to the back on the metal bleachers – don’t bend them! The bulldog by Anthony of the steps seemed to be missed by Dustin, the crowd surrounding them preventing a cameraman from getting in and adding to the frenetic feel. Everyone saw Michaels slam his opponent onto the bleachers though. In the ring, Anthony showed his version of Mikey’s gator feet (sorry, but they look the same), which Michaels no sold and hit a lariat of sorts, punches were traded and Anthony sported a bloodied nose.

Here we go, Michaels spinebuster, lariat, and Anthony kicked out! And then he went to the crowd, seemed to rough up a fan, but came back with handcuffs. And tasted a low blow. Dustin thought that turnabout was fair play and this was No Rules, but that was a bit un-champion-like.
Is that a word? It looks like one.

Mind you, he forced his way into the Memphis Wrestling Heritage title picture when Mike Anthony was No1 contender. So, yes, I know I keep going on about it, but, you know, rules and such… The handcuffs? They ended up on Anthony. And with arms behind his back, his worried face was excellent work. Hang on, no Mike, don’t! Don’t wrap Mike’s chain around your bicep. And don’t hit the Gunshow Lariat. Oh, you did.

And still! That was great. Why? It didn’t need high spot after high spot. These two had heat. And I shall miss it.

Elsewhere On The Programme?

Who are the Hotsteppers? Danny B and his son DJ Brown? Or Danny and Derrick the King? Last week Danny was talking about tag team glory with Derrick. This week he’s in a Memphis Wrestling tag team with his son. They were the tag team champs recently for less than 24 hours. Is Danny dancing with two partners? Naughty.

The Hotsteppers v The Skimahorns

The Skimahorns? With Uncle Mikey? He’s over. The fans love his antics. The Skimahorns don’t. Mikey will surely turn face. Surely. But it’s testament to the belief in their wrestling product that they haven’t done it quickly. Or even hinted at it. They just show their love for him and leave it at that. It’s coming. When Memphis Wrestling wants it to.

And this was a solid opener. Both the Hotsteppers dealt with both Skimahorns when they were in the ring with them and their opponent offered little but punches and kicks.
Danny B offered his lovely Blockbuster for the pin though.

Hotsteppers v Skimahorns
Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

That Damned Posse!

They’re suspended after their nefarious actions at Christmas – they ruined Christmas, Dustin tells us and I’m not on to cross him, look what happened to Van Viciousssssss. But Yung Goat Zay Washington was here to speak about the situation and he’d bought his brother Rashad Lee with him. Rashad was debuting for Memphis Wrestling tonight, you say? That should be fine, after all, the Posse is suspended.

Jay Smooth w/Martin & Cross v Rashad Lee

This match didn’t last long. There was a flurry from Lee early, kicks, a dropkick, and an enziguri, but he soon received a punch from Cross at ringside and walked into a Smooth powerslam. He then tried a Garvin stomp but had to stop halfway around as Rashad’s body flipped every time he tried it. Who’s this? The Posse? But they’re suspended, aren’t they? A roughed-up Rashad and Zay Washington save followed.

The Posse
Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Exactly as expected, exactly right.

Action Jackson Returned

When I say Action, you say? Jackson! Now I remember! He was facing Carlos Alexander Rios, who doesn’t win often in Memphis Wrestling, if at all. And he hit both a springboard moonsault and a sweet sliced bread off the top for the pin to show us why we missed him.

Action Jackson v Carlos Alexander Rios
Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

When he says Action.

What’s Coming Up?

Rhino. Jonathan Gresham. The 1st Memphis Wrestling anniversary – they’ve done so much in 12 months. And Nyla Rose! The judicious use of guests makes this promotion exciting for the future.

Have You Forgotten Something?

Pro Shingle? Thrifty Man? Oh yes, the Grind City Rumble is next week! The centerpiece of a Memphis Wrestling year which has been an unqualified, superbly booked, wonderfully warm success. Best Wrestling Entertainment promotion on the planet at the moment? Could Be…

Written by Steve Swift

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