Memphis Wrestling : Goes By In The Blink Of An Eye

Dustin Starr, Memphis Wrestling mainman, thinks his show is the fastest hour in wrestling. Actually, it might just be the most entertaining hour in wrestling.

Memphis Wrestling? Isn’t That Lance Russell?

Well, it was…

Dustin and his wife ‘my Maria’ (not my Maria, his…) have brought back Memphis Wrestling and you’ll be no stranger to the return thanks to excellent pieces from Mr Flackett on this very website.

I’ve seen this promotion move from a dining hall type space to their own wrestlecentre and watched the personalities and feuds grow.

Jacksynn Crowley

And their Twitter game is good too, Dustin and Memphis Wrestling stars like Austin Lane, the bell to bell and rope to rope best in the ring rope or whatever it is, usually retweet and comment after my podcast review.

Memphis Wrestling feels like a personal promotion and that’s surely what Dustin wants.

They’ve been on quite a tear lately, as the ’80’s ‘everything goes through the desk’ feel and simple angles start to work, they’ve really given themselves plenty of room to play. It makes for fantastic fun.

So, this week…

Van Viciouss & Colton Cage w/Ryan Pyles v Country Rock

Before we start, there are ads to watch, that’s a feature of Memphis Wrestling these days and Dustin and much loved ex-commentator Dave Brown big up Pro Shingle; get your roof replacement and just tell ’em Dave and Dustin sent ya…

Van Viciouss is better wrestler than his arrogant heel persona might suppose and he hit a lovely smooth leg drop from the top and a Hart Attack with Cage.

Then VV hit a rather smart DDT. He’s overlooked, the Viciouss one.

Carter Mathews eventually managed a really nice inzegeuri and then it was 3D time, nice to see this Dudley Boy delight back again and it would have been a pin too if that nefarious manager Ryan Pyles hadn’t got involved for the DQ.

You know, in the UK, piles are something which affects a certain part of the anatomy. No, not the arm…

Good match to start though; this was the VV show, really.

Here’s Women’s Champion Nikki Lane (she’s smokin’ hot, apparently) to give us an update on her hubbie Austin, who has had his surgery and is doing well. Hooray!

I like his wily ring work. And because his wife Nikki is a woman with a belt, it brings out Heather Monroe, another good signing from the United Wrestling Network family, who wants to just remind Nikki that, you know, she’s there.

And that brings out Rebel Kell, another good hand, tall and tough, last seen by me in rather poor SOS Wrestling, very glad she’s here.
Kell v Monroe would be rather fine.

And people coming out to the desk makes me pine for the mid 80’s grapple game. That’s so well handled by Memphis Wrestling 2021.

Squash Alert!

K Toomer v Kid Wrestling

K Toomer is massive and nasty. Kid Wrestling isn’t. Don’t blink.

To be fair Kid Wrestling tried it on early, hoping perhaps for a surprise pin, but when a big man can get up to hit a superb spinning kick, you have no chance.

I don’t half like the Hollywood Horror Show without Jimmy Blaylock. Why? He never seemed weird enough. He didn’t seem to fit.

It was always as if he was trying to keep them safe. We don’t want them safe. Not when Jacksynn Crowley speaks to well.

Apparently they’re not in the Trios tag team competition any more because the Boogieman and his team beat them last week. I don’t remember that. Remember a bit of extra chat added on after the programme had finished, but…

Oh well, the Hollywood Horror Show don’t need belts to cause mayhem…

Shalante v Skylar

Shalante (am I spelling that right?) has a great gimmick. She has a bit of an operatic set of pipes so she communicates through musical notes, even garnishing her moves with a piercing sing.

It’s odd and I really like it.

Skylar seems to need Amber Rodriguez to add real bite, she lacks a little charisma and that was clear here.

Compared to her opponent, anyway. This didn’t go long, some Shalante working of the leg and Skylar getting the pin with the old feet on the ropes spot. I could have done with quite a lot more of this.

What would Scott Norton look like if he was transported from the late ’90’s to Memphis Wrestling 2021?

Well, Big Jack’s your man. He resembles Vicious (remember that? Vicious and Delicious? The name was the best thing about them) so much I feel like watching WCW again. Fight it Steve, fight it…

Big Jack v Rashad Lee

Rashad is making his return to Memphis. What a welcome, a Death Valley Driver for the pin. Lee did get him down briefly, but it’s a very small celebration. Welcome back, now, off to the emergency room with you.

Pro Shingle advert!

Dave & Dustin
Credit; screenshot from the show

And the Pro Shingle slam of the week! Double duty for the roof replacement service!

The Trios tournament has  been fun recently, thrown some fun teams together aswell, like The Posse and Big Swoll.

Here they are now, drinking their energy drinks and getting hyped up. Hang on, are they all wearing bright red lipstick? I swear I saw that…or was it that I had too many cheese and jalepeno poultices?

And the main event? Oh, it was quite special.

The Skimahorns v The Hollywood Horror Show

So Brad and Briar with Dan Severn on a diet lookalike Uncle Mikey facing Jacksynn, Otis and the Revenent Of Walker Hayes.

A revenent is someone who returns from the dead, this one must have been buried in a dirty boiler suit. I know you can get cheap funerals, but really…

The Skimahorns have been showing their comic ability since their uncle joined them. But this is still an odd heel v heel match.

Early on Jacksynn tries a silly walks, then perhaps realises he looks a bit like John Cleese and stops.

There’s some superb pantomime work when Walker Hayes is behind Mikey and he asks his brothers who’s behind him. Small? No. Medium? No. Not big? Yep. His face…

Then the Horrors hit a sweet cradle suplex and Jacksynn broke out a retro backrake, not as good as El Phantasmo but bloody good to see.

Things got worse for them when Otis missed a corkscrew plancha and had to pull Mikey out of the ring when a powerbomb seems to have the potential to achieve a 1,2 and 3.

Move of the match? Almost the Jacksynn topé suicida, getting loads of air, his long levers making him look like a jumping spider.

But Mikey hit the move of the match, a springboard board moonsault after which he landed. On. His. Feet.

The ending came when Walker got confused, planted his teammate with a powerbomb and Mikey got the pin.

And then heard his name chanted. This is new. Mikey seems to be getting over and with his fine work week on week, it’s about time.

Will the Skimahorns turn? Will Mikey split? That would be a shame, but they have such options.

So How Good Is It?

Memphis Wrestling TV is very hot at the moment. They concentrate on 3 simple things right now; Trios, Women’s Championship Picture, Heritage Title.

Everything else comes off that. And with new additions who don’t unbalance the roster, familiar faces back week on week and Dustin’s overwrought self belief and extraordinary hair, this is something special.

Join the show, Saturday or Sunday on YouTube, tell ’em Dave and Dustin sent ya…

Written by Steve Swift

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