Marshe Rockett Gets Locked Up By Chris Adonis

NWA USA Review—January 19th

Welcome to the Sports Obsessive review for NWA USA! This week, we’re taking a break from the Junior Heavyweight Championship tournament as the focus is on Chris Adonis defending his National Heavyweight Championship on the show for the first time.

So let’s get to the ring and get into it!

The Big Match: Chris Adonis Makes a Successful Title Defense

Much has been made by commentary on previous weeks that Chris Adonis’ NWA National Heavyweight Championship would be the focus of NWA USA. ‘The Masterpiece’ hadn’t seemed in any hurry to defend the belt, making this his first defense on the show. Marshe Rockett has come up leaps and bounds on the card since joining up with Idolmania Sports Management, and it was nice to see him get a title shot here, even with the strange shenanigans leading to it (see “Segments & Promos” below).

The match itself was decent enough. Marshe looked physical and energetic, overwhelming Adonis with his faster pace. Adonis, as per the usual Strictly Business tactics, took to breaking the rules, throwing Marshe into the ring post before slowing the pace down and using his power offense to break Rockett down.

Adonis tended to break the rules that gave him the win here. After Marshe cheekily applied Adonis’ own finisher, ‘The Masterlock,’ Adonis swung a leg back out of sight of the referee to crack his opponent in his soft, fleshy parts and then locked in a Masterlock of his own to retain his title.

Chris Adonis drops Marshe Rockett to the mat with The Masterlock

If nothing else, it was a good experience for Marshe in a big match in front of the cameras. I must admit, I do like Mr ‘All Day’ and would like to see some bigger things happening for him. Whether they will, time will tell…

Segments and Promos

  • May Valentine interrupted Natalia Markova during a photoshoot to attempt an interview. Needless to say, it didn’t go too well and a pushing match ensued…
  • Kamille took Kyle Davis to task at the podium and defended her interference in last week’s match between Natalia Markova and Kenzie Page by saying she does what she wants. Thom Latimer bemoaned Chris Adonis having to defend his National title against Marshe Rockett, claiming he wasn’t championship material. Not with that attitude, he’s not…
  • Tim Storm made it clear that Adonis would have to defend his title against Marshe. However, Raven appeared and claimed he had convinced Marshe to take a non-title match, with the promise of a championship match if he does good. First of all: since when does Raven have authority to make matches? And two: why would Marshe agree to a non-title match when Tim Storm was already making it clear Adonis would have to defend the title? In any case, whilst Storm and Raven argued, Madusa came out and revealed the NWA has made her the “Co-manager director,” much to Tim Storm’s displeasure.

Tim Storm lays down the law to Raven at the NWA podium while Kyle Davis holds the mic


  • J Spade beat Sal Rinauro, Jamie Stanley, and C.W. Anderson in a decent enough four-way match to earn a championship shot at whoever is crowned the NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion. Jamie Stanley has got potential here if he’s booked right.
  • NWA National Champion Chris Adonis beat Fabled Jake in a dull squash with the Masterlock. Afterward, Tim Storm came out with Black Jeez and Marshe Rockett to force the match to occur. But I thought the match was going to happen anyway?
  • Chris Adonis beat Marshe Rockett by submission with the Masterlock.

Final Thoughts

Look, I’ve enjoyed NWA USA up until this point; it’s just my luck that the first review of the show for Sports Obsessive has to be for an episode that just wasn’t up to scratch. But I genuinely didn’t enjoy large chunks of it.

It wasn’t the wrestling; I enjoyed the four-way for what it was (J Spade and Jamie Stanley definitely have potential), and Chris Adonis vs. Marshe Rockett was decent for what it was (it was nice to see Rockett in a title match—the move to Idolmania Sports Entertainment has worked well for him, even if we still don’t know the motivation for it). In previous episodes, the Junior Heavyweight Title Tournament has given a lot of entertainment and provided a space for the likes of Kerry Morton to develop on-camera.

No, where the fault lies and certainly did this week, is in whatever is going on with the Raven/Tim Storm storyline. It’s just too muddled for it to have the impact it wants to have on its audience. No, I don’t need everything spelling out for, but there are not even any clues as to why Raven is bugging Tim Storm; not even the merest of hints. So why should we get invested? Raven is after Tim Storm’s job, I assume, because he wants the authority Storm has got, but then he’s able to talk Marshe Rockett into a non-title match? Maybe Raven was just persuasive and made Marshe talk to the bosses, but it’s all such a mess that none of it has any impact other than annoying the viewer. There’s perhaps a good story here, but as for the storytelling…

Join me next week as return to the NWA Arena for more NWA USA!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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