Luscious Lawrence Gets a Three Count On Godderz

Ohio Valley Wrestling Review—April 22nd

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With only two days before Retribution, OVW brought us its go-home show. With Jesse Godderz set to give us an exhibition of amateur wrestling, no doubt to show off to Luscious Lawrence, and Cash Flo on a rampage looking for Omar Amir, there will no doubt be plenty of opportunity for last-minute drama.

Let’s head to the ring and get into it!

War Hoss (Pat the Bruiser & Crosshairs Kelly) vs. The Tate Twins

Showing more of that aggressive edge they’ve had since losing the OVW tag titles, The Tate Twins took it the much bigger War Hoss, making them look like rag dolls as they bombarded the two with double team attacks from the word go. An early double tope suicida to the outside was a highlight, as was the back cracker/code breaker combo they used on Crosshairs Kelly to get the decisive victory.

Whatever’s going on with The Tate Twins, they’re not taking the loss of their titles easily.

Shera Is Going To Tear Coffey Limb From Limb

It’s Reverend Ronnie Roberts—HA! His guest on The Good Word this week is the Indian Lion Mahabali Shera, who has been on a big winning streak recently. Shera stood proud as he told Ronnie that everything starts in the mind and that he has been working to make everyone believe in him. That first loss isn’t coming because Shera is unstoppable. Ronnie feigned ignorance over Shera’s broken English (which isn’t that bad anyway) and told Shera he wasn’t “picking up what you’re putting down” before asking if Shera came with subtitles or closed captions. It was a bit unfortunate that they had to resort to “comedy” racism, but I will say they mad it clear that Ronnie, who is cheeky enough to pull this off, was the d**k in the situation.

As Shera pulled Ronnie closer by the mic (!) and yelled at how this is his jungle and if you miss with him, he’ll tear you limb from limb, Tom Coffey came out and jumped Shera from behind. The two threw fists like boulders at each other as the locker room emptied.

Can Coffey had Shera his first loss?

Non-Title Match: OVW Rush Division Champion Hy-Zaya (w/Josh Ashcraft) vs. Gustavo

Gustavo got the edge over the champion early in the match, rolling him up twice in quick succession for a couple of close two counts. He followed that up by taking Hy-Zaya’s hand and leaping up to the top but when he leapt down and went to flip Hy-Zaya over, the champ blocked. A quick stomp and a running senton were enough to dampen Gustavo’s fire.

Hy-Zaya followed up with a tough low dropkick to the head before throwing wild strikes in the corner and dropping Gustavo with a sit-down arm drag. Gustavo wasn’t backing down though, talking trash back at Hy-Zaya and hitting some big athletic moves that sent the champ back into the corner, dazed. Not that dazed though—a massive leg lariat put the ball back in the champ’s corner. A massive boot and a Swanton later and Hy-Zaya was victorious.

This Saturday at Retribution, Hy-Zaya will have to defend against three other hungry challengers in a four-way match. Will he have the same success then?

Hollyhood The Movie Star?!?

Backstage, Luscious Lawrence is being interviewed about his upcoming match at Retribution against National Heavyweight Champion Jesse Godderz. Lawrence calling Godderz “Mr Testices” made me laugh. But then Lawrence was distracted by Hollyhood Haley J on the phone. Turns out she was speaking to Michael Bay who wants her to audition on April 24th—the day of Retribution.

Luscious Lawrence was happy for Haley, but is Hollyhood really not going to be there for Lawrence on his big night? Is that a heel turn I can smell? Surely not. But what if…?

Jesse Godderz Makes an Exhibition of Himself

As if to show off to Luscious Lawrence and try to intimidate him, Jesse Godderz had invited Lawrence and Haley to join commentary as he gave an exhibition of amateur wrestling in the ring, something that I can recall Ric Flair doing in the Florida territory in the 80s where Barry Windham got the better of him after Flair beat two easier opponents. Flair was infuriated then, and Godderz would quickly find himself infuriated here.

Godderz easily outwrestled his two opponents but Luscious Lawrence wasn’t impressed, being that both men were, shall we say, not the juiciest. Godderz then invited Lawrence in, thinking he could embarrass him. But not only could Godderz not break Lawrence’s lock, but Lawrence escaped from his relatively easily. A respectful handshake followed as Lawrence assumed the position again for Godderz to grapple him, but instead of a grab, Godderz kicked him in the ribs instead!

Godderz tried to beat Lawrence down but the big man nailed Godderz with the Juice and covered him. The ref got in on the fun and counted. 1-2-3, Godderz was counted out! One Juice was all it took. Tony Gunn ran in but Lawrence was quick to escape, leaving the champion scathing in the ring.

If one Juice was all it took here, what will happen at Retribution?

Lilith Grimm vs. Arie Alexander

Our main event this evening, and Lilith Grimm dominated from early on, catching Arie with a big power slam and standing on her air. Arie moved out of the way of an elbow drop though and caught Grimm with a hurricarana off the top turnbuckle. A big clothesline and a high crossbody followed, and a jawbreaker made a nifty counter to a full nelson. A face breaker followed to end a relatively easy contest for Arie.

Afterwards, Arie went over to commentary to have a go at Shannon the Dude for mocking her and women’s wrestling throughout the match. Shannon was unrepentant so Arie challenged him to a match at Retribution. Shannon told Arie he agreed to the match but that the only thing he needed from her was a ham sandwich from the kitchen. Man, he’s going to get his ass beat so bad…

Omar Amir Gets Caught Out

As Arie left, Cash Flo stormed to the ring and he was NOT happy. See, throughout the night he had been looking backstage for Captain Caribbean so as to unmask him and expose him as the suspended Omar Amir. He came across a couple of masked men but they weren’t Captain Caribbean and they took a good kicking for their troubles.

At ringside, Flo took out his frustrations on the equipment, throwing around chairs, the steps and the ring bell. He got on the mic and demanded Captain Caribbean came out and admitted the truth. The Captain did appear but not at ringside; on the big screen, he denied to Flo that he was Omar Amir and, in a nice bit of editing trickery, brought Omar Amir onto the screen so they could dance together and show Flo they were two different people.

Flo, obviously not convinced, reiterated his demand that the Captain come out to ringside. Which he did—from behind, attacking Flo and sending him bouncing around the ring. But if this was the Captain betting on himself, he lost. Flo managed to get the upper hand and prised Caribbean’s mask off revealing—shock horror—Omar Amir! As Amir looked to be furious with himself, Flo shouted jubilantly for Al Snow to enforce the sixty-day suspension Amir should incur for violating his original suspension.

Should Al Snow enforce the new suspension, that would mean Omar wouldn’t be able to defend his OVW Heavyweight title against Cash Flo in their already-signed matchup, meaning Omar would have to relinquish the title to Flo.

Will that come to pass? We’ll have to wait and see…

Final Thoughts

OVW set up its final pieces here for its big Retribution show tomorrow night, April 24th. Lawrence further proved that he belongs in the title match with Jesse Godderz by playing his game and beating him at it. Shera cut his first big promo and had a nice brawl with Tom Coffey. Hy-Zaya showed off his skills ahead of his four-way match on the big show. And The Tate Twins further demonstrated that aggressive edge they’ve displayed since they lost the tag titles.

The only weak spot is that the Arie Alexander-Shannon the Dude match setup, as good an idea as that is, seemed to come out of nowhere. I mean, the match will great fun, I’m sure, but it just seemed to appear out of the blue.

Still, this show seemed to want to really invest us in the Luscious Lawrence-Jesse Godderz and Cash Flo-Omar Amir matches and it definitely succeeded on that level. Join me back here at Sports Obsessive soon for my review of Retribution!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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