Luscious Lawrence Climbs the Ladder To a Title Shot

Ohio Valley Wrestling Review—April 11th

This week on OVW TV, we get not one but two big matches as not only will we finally have the ladder match between Luscious Lawrence, Dustin Jackson, Ryan Howe and Tony Bizo (replacing AJZ) for the number one contender’s spot to Jesse Godderz’s National Heavyweight title, but we will also get Mr Godderz himself in action as he and Tony Gunn challenge the Tate Twins for the OVW tag team titles! Will he and Gunn be able to co-exist without their egos getting in the way?

Let’s head to the ring and find out!

OVW Tag Team Champions The Tate Twins vs. Jesse Godderz & Tony Gunn

Well now, this is a hell of a way to kick off the show! And remember, Jesse did promise several weeks ago to Gunn they’d be tag team champions.

Surprisingly, Jesse started the match and didn’t even acknowledge Tony Gunn tagging himself in, so full of himself he was tonight, and initially, he had reason to as Godderz used his strength to show off against The Tates. The Twins soon got control though, frustrating their opponents with quick tags and offence. Tony Gunn used his strength to change the tide until a top rope bulldog out the Gates back in the driving seat…for a second. Shannon the Dude distracted the ref as Godderz broke up the cover and pulled Gunn back to the corner so he could tag out.

The heels continued to dominate, Jesse even holding Brent Tate up in a press slam position so he could show off his strength, but Tony Gunn tagged himself in. This time, the ref did notice but then Godderz refused to help out on a double team move. And these guys want to be tag champions?!?

Brandon eventually got the hot tag, exploding all over the heels and dropkicking Godderz out of the ring. That backfired as it allowed Jesse to push Brandon Tate off the top rope. Godderz lost his temper here, smashing Tate with big clubbing blows in the ropes. Brandon fought back, nailing Gunn in the corner and landing a Tornado DDT on Godderz. This allowed Brent to tag in and nail Gunn with a Hilo outside. Brandon made his way back to the ring, even though he wasn’t the legal man, Gunn grabbed his foot and Godderz rolled him up for the shock pinfall victory. New champions! Kenny’s not the only belt collector.

This was a fun match with a surprise result. I’m totally behind Godderz and Gunn as the tag champs, although I wonder if this means Godderz will drop this title or perhaps the National Heavyweight championship at Retribution. Maybe Godderz will stay a double champ for a while. If he can keep things together with Tony Gunn that is…

‘Superior’ Tony Evans vs. Captain Caribbean

Is he the Captain or is he Omar Amir? We all know the answer but it’s fun to keep the ambiguity alive. But you know, Amir actually looks good doing all those cool little struts around the ring. Maybe he should do more of that when the mask eventually comes off. It actually gives him a little extra layer of personality. I like it.

Tony Evans didn’t—especially when he was hit with a spinning spine buster for the three count.

How long until LOB start to make accusations that Omar Amir hasn’t stayed at home as agreed? I’ll give it a week.

Ladder Match: Luscious Lawrence (w/Hollyhood Haley J) vs. Ryan Howe vs. Dustin Jackson vs. Tony Bizo

The night’s finally arrived: after weeks of qualifiers, we have finally arrived at the ladder match, where the winner will get a shot at Jesse Godderz’s National Heavyweight title at Retribution. Earlier in the night, it had been revealed that AJZ was not medically cleared to compete and so he was replaced in this match with Tony Bizo, who was only too pleased to let everyone know how he’d been overlooked and why he was the total package.

While perhaps not a classic ladder match, this was a lot of fun, and while there were a few noticeable slips, they didn’t detract from the entertainment or overall take me out of the match. There were plenty of cool spots, such as Howe being power bombed into the ladder; Lawrence and Bizo suplexing Jackson’s leg into the ladder; Dustin Jackson and Ryan Howe stereo dropkicking Bizo and Lawrence off the ladders; Howe dropkicking a ladder into Bizo in the corner; Jackson nailing Bizo with a massive frog splash from the top; Haley J hitting Howe whilst Lawrence sent him flying off the ladder into the corner; Lawrence missing Howe with the infamous sock of rocks and hitting Bizo instead; Bizo power bombing Jackson off the ladder; Howe leg dropping a ladder into Jackson’s face; and Lawrence having his head bashed into the top of the ladder so that he fell to the mat.

As you can see, everyone got a moment to look good and the match was paced nicely throughout. I have to admit, though, I was shocked that my prediction did not play out: Dustin Jackson did not win.

In the end, Howe and Jackson were at the top of the ladder when Haley J appeared and pushed the ladder over, sending both men into the ropes. Lawrence then climbed up and got the briefcase. The finish seemed a little out of nowhere but it made sense that Haley J would interfere on Lawrence’s behalf. It does give us a heel vs. heel match at Retribution though. Will Luscious Lawrence get his match? My money’s still on Dustin Jackson being involved somehow. How will that work? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Final Thoughts

While there were fewer matches on the card this week, this was still a big episode of OVW. More time was given to the tag title and ladder matches because they were both really important in terms of the stakes involved and they both were really important in driving forward some major stories in the final push towards Retribution. This show then was a turning point and it did its job very, very well.

Jesse Godderz is now a double champ but Luscious Lawrence is nipping at his heels for the National Championship as the officially crowned number one contender. How will Lawrence prepare in the run-up to the match? And how will Godderz react—will there be any attempt at an attack before their match?

Tune in next week, Ohio fans. I’ll join you there!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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