Levi Shapiro Uses the Claw to Grab the Title!

Championship Wrestling Review – October 17th

This week’s Championship Wrestling sees UWN TV champion Dan Joseph take on Levi Shapiro once more in a big title match—will Levi get the measure of the champion this time? Plus, ‘The Dirty Daddy’ Chris Dickinson makes his Championship Wrestling debut and Sandra Moone makes her return from injury.

There’s no time to waste so let’s head straight to the ring.

Jack Cartwright vs. Jesse James

Jesse James looks a little like Manny Fernandez, which earns him bonus points from me immediately. He tried to manhandle Cartwright to start, but Cartwright used his speed to slip away from a senton and hit a standing shooting star press and a moonsault from the top for a near-fall.

James slipped to the outside and stunted a Cartwright suicide dive with a straight fist to the head—simple but effective. He worked over Cartwright with chops, an Irish whip to the corner and a sidewalk slam. He countered some Cartwright speed with a big boot that bounced his opponent off the mat like a basketball.

Cartwright managed a little flurry of fists and an impressive backdrop/Northern Lights combo but his somersault elbow was caught as James just threw him to the mat like garbage. A big Stan Hanson-style lariat followed for the three count. I thought Cartwright would win here, but he’s obviously paying some major dues first.

Nikko Says It With Flowers…and Contracts!

Nikko Marquez tries to sweet talk the women's division outside their locker room

He makes a sad, pathetic figure, does Nikko, banging on the door of the women’s locker room with his measly bundle of flowers. He obviously wanted to save some face now that he knows he’s unable to cancel the women’s division. But the women do not want to dignify him with attention. Enter an indignant Halston Boddy.

Nikko says he’s got something important to show the girls. “I’ve heard that one before”, deadpans Halston. But the women do indeed come out, to find Nikko is making a peace offering—new contracts. Supposedly with a $500 bonus. Cece Chanel signs immediately, super excited at getting her first proper contract. ‘The Killer Bae’, is not so easily fooled, stating she’ll get her lawyer to check it out. Nikko leaves with Cece as the others stare him down.

Something tells me Cece’s going to regret signing that contract…

Patrick Fitzpatrick vs. Chris Dickinson

It’s the ‘Dirty Daddy’! Chris Dickinson has certainly made his presence felt on Prime Time Live, bullying his opponents and even commentators as he demands David Marquez finds him the best talent.

Making his Championship Wrestling debut here, Dickinson must have been disappointed again, as Fitzpatrick did not put up much of a fight. Dickinson dominated him with some MMA-style groundwork and strikes. Fitzpatrick did manage to rally some offence together with a flying forearm and a discus clothesline for a near-fall. Dickinson simply replied by throwing him Fitzpatrick over his head! Ouch. A Death Valley Driver sealed the deal for Dickinson.

Chris Dickinson is quickly becoming one of my current favourites. I like his no-nonsense approach and his demand for the best competition. Oh, and his filthy mouth, which we understandably didn’t get to hear here. Hopefully, he won’t be a stranger to Championship Wrestling. Now find him a challenge, David Marquez!

Richie Slade (w/Flex) vs. EJ Sparks

EJ Sparks warns off his opponent

EJ Sparks is a quality talent and I’m happy to see him again here. Unfortunately for EJ, Flex has a mic and has decided to talk throughout the match. “Do you see how succulent he is?” Flex asked as Slade flexed his muscles. “Watch the face,” he shouted as EJ throws a fist.

At first, EJ seemed unfazed, wearing down Slade’s neck. Slade showed some disrespect, crotch-thrusting against Sparks’ head, but Sparks out-grappled him before landing a hurricarana and a running kick on the apron to the outside.

Back in the ring, Flex grabbed Sparks’ foot, allowing Slade to hit the Sling-Slade for a near-fall. Slade worked over Sparks in the corner but and a dive from the buckles was countered with a Roundhouse Rhythm spinning kick. Flex distracted the ref to prevent the sure-fire pinfall and attacked Slade to get the match thrown out.

This was a nice little match until the non-finish, but it looks like there was a good reason: as Slade and Flex stomped a mudhole in Sparks, Jordan Clearwater ran in, chair in hand, to chase off the Beef Candy boys and make the same.

Clearwater and Sparks—that’s a team I could get behind!

Sandra Moone vs. Cece Chanel

Sandra Moone was making her first Championship Wrestling appearance here since returning to action from a broken collarbone. She looked good as well, grappling nicely with Cece early on, rolling through into a head scissors that Cece countered into a pin attempt. Cece would build on that momentum, landing some big MMA-style kicks and strikes and a suplex, slowing the pace right down.

Moone soon picked up the tempo, though, dodging a charge into the corner and hitting a crossbody and a short dropkick for a near-fall. A belly-to-back suplex earned Cece a near-fall of her own.

Moone hit some strikes and a bulldog but Cece countered the ‘Moon Struck’ with big back elbows and worked Moone back into the corner with some more hard strikes. A running knee knocked Moone silly and the Fujiwara armbar finally earned Cece the victory, wrenching as it did on Moone’s former injury.

This was a great little match, with some tough MMA-style action on display. As the storyline between Nikko Marquez and the women’s division heats up, it’s matches like these that really prove why they deserve such a big, prominent storyline.

United TV Champion Dan Joseph vs. Levi Shapiro (w/Howdy Price)

This is either the 3rd or 4th time that Levi has challenged Dan Joseph for the TV title and they always put on a solid match. It’s also the case that Levi never wins, so I can be forgiven for thinking the same would happen here.

Dan worked the head to begin with until Levi took a breather in the corner. Levi then countered a hammerlock by flinging Joseph into the turnbuckles head first. A side headlock followed, as did stomps in the corner, which allowed Howdy to get his greasy little hands (well, feet) on Joseph too.

Howdy Price gives Dan Joseph a kicking at ringside

Levi took the champ to the mat, but Joseph countered into a crossface. Outside the ring, Joseph unloaded with fists but was knocked down with a dropkick on re-entering. A massive Irish whip to the corner followed, and some Howdy Price kicks on the floor kept the champ down. Joseph was able, though, to slingshot in and hit a German suplex in a lovely fluid movement, and smashed Levi with a series of hard clotheslines, chops and kicks. Levi came back by pulling Joseph into the buckles and nailing flying fist with that (loaded?) glove but Joseph was able to kick out.

The two exchanged blows before Levi rolled through a crossbody to go for claw with that gloved hand. A struggle followed but Dan Joseph was able to hold Levi off and land the Long Way Down spinning slam. That should have been that but Howdy was on the apron distracting the ref. Joseph went for him, allowing Levi to hit the low blow. Howdy then sneaked something to Levi and we could definitely say the glove was loaded then. A big fist with the gloved hand followed, knocking Joseph out, and the claw afterwards was merely a formality. The ref rang the bell and we now have a new TV champion!

Levi was gloating afterwards of course and Howdy was squealing with delight like a tickled pig. I’d be careful if I were them; everyone knows a champion has a target on his back…

This was a really enjoyable main event with a surprise result. Will we now see Dan Joseph compete in the recently announced tournament for the UWN World Heavyweight Championship? We’ll find out Tuesday!

Final Thoughts

While a little more low key than previous weeks, this episode of Championship Wrestling still had plenty to entertain with. From Nikko Marquez’s attempt to con the women’s division with new contracts to Sandra Moone and Cece Chanel putting on a clinic and a surprise title change in the main event, this was never less than enjoyable, and in this Championship Wrestling is always reliable.

I’ll see you again next week grapple fans for more from Championship Wrestling!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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