Levi Shapiro Gives ‘The Gun Show’ an Education

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Review: July 3rd

This week’s Championship Wrestling from Hollywood promises to be a big one, as the stars of Hollywood and Memphis clash over Hollywood’s gold! Sensational rising stars The Yung Goats will have a major test as they face UWN Tag Team Champions The Bodega, while ‘The Gun Show’ Brett Michaels finally gets his hands on UWN TV Champion Levi Shapiro.

There’s no time to waste, so let’s head straight down to the ring!

The Big Match: Levi Shapiro Survives The Gun Show

This was a big deal, both for Memphis and for Brett Michaels. Championship Wrestling from Hollywood had done a great job of building up this title match, the first shot a singles Memphis wrestler has had at gaining some UWN gold. But you better believe Levi wasn’t going to give it up easily.

A quick note on Levi as he was being announced: everything from the way he stood to the way he moved screamed out “Barry Windham,” which made my old-school heart very, very happy indeed. I get that so many young wrestlers want to be Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio (don’t we all?), but why does nobody want to be Barry Windham anymore? He was so good…

Brett intimidated Howdy, to begin with before Levi tried to muscle him down to the canvas. Big mistake. Brett nailed him with a big elbow and a massive fist to send Levi to the outside. Howdy caused a distraction but Brett knocked Levi back down with another elbow before refusing to allow Levi to throw him off a headlock, taking him down to the mat instead. Levi used his ring smarts though to lock in a head scissors and a front face lock before working the arm, dominating Michaels in a way we don’t usually see. Of course, Howdy played his part, throttling Michaels with the bottom rope.

The champ was really in control now, dropping an elbow and choking Michaels out with his boot and slingshotting Michaels into the bottom rope, which gave another opening for Howdy to get a choke in. The swine! Not only that, but Levi twisted Michaels’ arm around the bottom rope and Howdy followed suit as soon as the ref was distracted!

Michaels soon had enough, fighting his way out of a chin lock, but you could see damage had been done as Michaels crawled on his knees, Levi lying in wait to lock in the Claw. Michaels blocked it though and unleashed the boulder-like fists of his before dropping Levi with a big vertical suplex. Levi was able to get his foot on the rope though to break the count. Levi moved out of the way of a Michaels charge before choking ‘The Gunshow’ on the mat and biting him in the corner.

Michaels nailed the spine buster out of nowhere though and gestured for the Gunshow Lariat. He cracked the champ full-on with it, but Howdy leaped onto the apron to distract the ref. Brett grabbed him but fought better of giving him a mouthful of knuckles. Unfortunately for Brett, Levi had used the time to sneak something into that glove of his and he smashed Brett right between the eyes to get the 1-2-3. Still the champion: Levi Shapiro.

This was a really good match that saw Brett Michaels give his best performance to date and evidenced why it’s wrong to sleep on Levi Shapiro—he’s extremely good at what he does. ‘The Gunshow’ may have not grabbed the gold, but he grabbed match of the night honors, most definitely.

The Big Segment: Heat Street Has Finally Arrived!

Well, they’ve been promising it for weeks and tonight was finally the big night: the premiere of Midnight Heat’s music video, ‘Heat Street’. Guy Tweakacetti was so excited as he was introduced by Dustin Starr that he managed to slip down the ramp and look like he was about to have a coronary! The Heat was that intense for Heat Street, evidently.

I don’t know what I was expecting but I was laughing all the way through – that was so much fun! Guy Tweakacetti’s vocals give a little nod to Michael Hayes’ croaky talking on ‘Badstreet USA’. The song itself is actually a catchy little rock tune, featuring opening lyrics that go “like it or not/we’re coming in hot/delicious and tasty/but we’ll tie you in knots” and a chorus that worms its way into your brain: “heat on the street/and we’re playing no games/heat on the street/and we’re taking no names!” They might not be poets, but Midnight Heat knows how to have fun!

As for the video, well, it cut from the Heat boys on a yacht with beautiful women and champagne to the boys in the studio laying down the track to segments filmed inside the ring, which were probably the best part as a good chunk of the roster and announce team was featured with The Heat in the ring, getting on down to ‘Heat Street!’ This led to fabulously cheesy scenes; Miguel hopping on one leg before splashing down onto the mat, his weight sending all the other wrestlers flying; Blake Troop looking nifty with some shadow boxing moves, and Beef Candy teasing a dance before walking off to protestations and boos from the assembled wrestlers. Best of all, Ricky Gibson can actually do a pretty damn fine worm! Who knew?

So, ‘Heat Street’ has finally arrived, and it arrived in giddy, overexcited style. So much fun, but I gotta know, who’s next to take their chances on Heat Street?

Other Segments & Promos

  • Cece Chanel told Emily Mae that Jamie Iovine & Crew’s attempts at moving the women’s division in the direction they want it to go ends now. Cece’s free of their control, and their course is about to change. Ruby Raze added that “Papo Nikko’s” money ran out, so they don’t run the women’s division anymore—she does! Which begs the question: what happens if Papa Nikko brings back the big bucks?
  • ‘The Punk Rock Poindexter’ Darwin Finch gave the scientific and practical reasons why Kevin Martenson has not been in space as many times as he says he has. This was a funny segment and nicely showcased Darwin’s character.


  • UWN Tag Team Champions The Bodega beat The Yung Goats in a good match after the champs nailed their legdrop-spinebuster combo. Zay Washington seemed to struggle a little with the looseness of the ropes, which is a shame because the Goats put in a solid performance otherwise.
  • Sweet Robin Shaw (w/Jackson Calhoun) beat ‘The Golden Boy’ Jordan Clearwater in another good match, using the ‘Short Squeeze’ vice grip. Calhoun had interfered throughout, stacking the odds against Clearwater.
  • UWN TV Champion Levi Shapiro beat ‘The Gun Show’ Brett Michaels in a really good title bout after socking the challenger with a loaded glove.

Final Thoughts

This was a great edition of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood that really paid off well the build-up over the past few weeks between the Memphis and the Hollywood stars. The Yung Goats made the most of their opportunity to shine against The Bodega, and while I’m sure Zay Washington might feel disappointed by his couple of slips from the ropes, I hope he takes strength from the fact that outside of that the pair looked damn good and showed that they could step up to the likes The Bodega, one of the best and most underrated tag teams in the game right now.

Meanwhile, Levi Shapiro showed why he’s become such an important stalwart of CWFH, putting in a commanding display of technical and psychological skill whilst helping to give Brett Michaels one of his best matches in the UWN so far. Both men really worked here to make the match a success.

Even Sweet Robin Shaw and Jordan Clearwater had a good match. But is Jordan going to really take that interference-laden defeat lightly? Here’s hoping not…

I’ll see you next week, grapple fans, for more exciting action from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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