The Legacy of Brutality Reassert Their Dominance

Ohio Valley Wrestling Review—June 10th

Welcome Ohio fans to the weekly Sports Obsessive review for OVW TV! This week’s show has a big main event set between The Legacy of Brutality and Kal Herro, Dustin Jackson and Star Rider in a six-man tag. Will the OVW heroes take the win or will the Legacy of Brutality take revenge for the way they were rudely interrupted in their attack on Omar Amir last week?

Let’s get straight into it and find out!

The Big Match: Legacy of Brutality Show No Mercy

After last week’s drama, where Dustin Jackson, Star Rider and Kal Herro, amongst others, came to Omar Amir’s aid as he was attacked by the Legacy of Brutality, the LOB wanted revenge and so this match was made for the main event.

Except it was never really a match; the bell never actually rang. LOB attacked as soon as they hit the ring, all six men brawling as the ref stood around, helpless to calm the situation down.

That was ok: Hy Zaya made it relatively easy for him. He brought in a chair and cracked his opponents with it, leading to the ref throwing the match out altogether. What followed was a heated beat down that saw Star Rider, in particular, take a right pasting, being dropped hard on his head twice, once on to the steel chair. Kal Herro also took a nasty bump, being sent head-first into a steel chair wedged in between the top and middle turnbuckles! Ouch.

Star Rider took the last of the abuse, suffering a chair-assisted top rope senton from Hy Zaya, with one last hard shot to the body from Steve Michaels being the exclamation mark. The Legacy of Brutality stood tall over the limp, decimated bodies at their feet to close the show.

As a match, it was nothing; as a segment, though, it was brutal and completely compelling. The Legacy of Brutality has restamped its dominance of OVW by treating its top stars so viciously. If this leads to a proper six-man match at Chained Carnage, perhaps in a street fight scenario, I’ll be happy, happy man.

The Big Segment: Hell Is A Lawrence Scorned!

During the second hour of the show, several vignettes aired of Tony Bizo taking ‘HollyHood’ Haley J out on their first date. These things always run the risk of going either way, but this was very entertaining. Bizo turned up late to meet Haley, earning himself an earful for his tardiness and for having the never for ONLY bringing ONE rose with him! Ah, but Tony had something else in mind with which to woo Haley: a stretch limo, complete with neon decor and a bar. Now, that was more to Haley’s taste!

We saw Bizo and Haley playing pool, Bizo leaning in to guide Haley’s shot; Haley and Bizo pouring drinks and making a toast to being ‘the whole package;’ and Haley chalking Bizo’s pool cue in a disturbingly erotic fashion. Bizo certainly seemed to enjoy it!

As the night came to a close, Haley whispered something in Bizo’s ear, something that seemed to get him very hot under the collar. Haley’s smack to his ass as he got into the limo seemed to confirm what was being implied. As the couple seemed to end up in a tangle of arms and lips in the limo as the door closed, we pulled back to find we had been watching that last segment at least on a monitor backstage at Davis Arena—and we weren’t alone.

Luscious Lawrence, who had been watching the monitor, flew into a rage and started smashing and throwing around nearby equipment. “I can’t believe it,” he shouted, feeling betrayed by Haley’s actions, “I loved you!”

Notice the past tense, “loved“. Something tells me Lawrence is going to give in to his rage as he walks the road of revenge…

Other Segment and Promos

  • Brandon Espinoza cut a quick promo from his dark corner again, claiming those without “conviction and desire” will be weeded out and be “no more.” The tint on Brandon’s eyes gave the overall promo a creepy feel.
  • Josh Ashcraft asked what Omar Amir was thinking of, demanding a chain match with Cash Flo, when it’s just one more thing to beat and choke Amir with. Flo claimed Amir needs all the help he could get to beat Flo, but Flo was going to take great pleasure in costing Omar Amir as much pain as possible. Cool promo.
  • Big Money Dimes came out for his Super-Heavyweight Challenge but claimed there were no super-heavyweights in the back left. Dimes looked to find a challenger in the audience before insulting interviewer Miss Stephanie, who was sat at ringside, and challenging her to get in the ring. Announcer AJ McKay stopped her, stating that she was not a licensed wrestler. So Dimes dropped AJ with a cutter instead! That makes two announcers Dimes has beaten up in recent weeks. Dimes throwing his protein powder at McKay’s head was a nice touch.
  • On this week’s ‘The Good Word,’ Reverend Ronnie brought out his opponent next week in the Kentucky Title Tournament, Tom Coffey. Ronnie ran Coffey down in hilarious heel fashion, mocking Coffey for his size and offering him a Snickers and a hot god before putting a mic to his stomach. Coffey said he had a donation to make…to the hospital fund! He cracked Ronnie in the back of the head into the collection plate. Great segment.
  • Omar Amir revealed he had chosen the chain stipulation for his match with Cash Flo as Flo had used a chain to beat Amir for the OVW Heavyweight Title. He wants Flo to be able to say, when people ask Flo about the scars on his body and face after the match, that Amir was the one who gave him them. Good stuff, and I like the logic of choosing the chain stipulation based on their history.


  • “The Mayan Mauler” Drew Hernandez pinned  “The King of Spade” Joey Avalon in a decent big-man match when Hernandez caught Avalon with a pop-up powerbomb.
  • “Double-A” Arie Alexander pinned Charlie Kruel in a ok encounter when Arie landed a DDT out of nowhere.
  • Gustavo beat “The Nephilim” D’mone Solavino with a small package. Afterwards, D’Mone clobbered Gustavo over the barricade as Gustavo was defending a fan he’d given a rose to before the match.
  • “The Indian Lion” Mahabali Shera defeated “Picture Perfect” Jordan Kage with a sit-down powerbomb.
  • William Lutz and “The Neon Ninja” Facade went to a no-contest in a surprisingly restrained but entertaining match when AJ Daniels ran in and Facade attacked him. Facade shouted at Daniels on the mic, so Daniels returned fire, beating Facade down to the mat.
  • The Box Office Blondes beat OVW Tag Team Champions The Tate Twins in an entertaining non-title match when Adam pinned Brent off the back of a Rex double chokeslam. This was more like a handicap match, as Rex fought most of it, with Swayze only looking to jump in when the Tate’s looked beaten down.
  • Dani Mo pinned Sierra in an uninspired encounter, using a scoop slam to get the three.
  • Brandon Espinosa beat “The Candidate for a Brighter Future in Wrestling” Koda Jacobs with a brainbuster DDT in a quick match to showcase Espinoza.
  • “Rockstar” Ryan Howe beat “Mr. 5-Star” Gary Gandy in a quick showcase match by using a neck breaker.
  • Steve Michaels, “Hood Ninja” Hy Zaya, & Big Zo (w/”The East End Villain” Josh Ashcraft) and Dustin Jackson, Rush Champion Star Rider, & “The Fanny Pack Kid” Kal Herro went to a no-contest when all hell broke loose and Hy Zaya started swinging a chair.

Final Thoughts

This week’s OVW TV was an entertaining show that actually pushed storylines along quite nicely as we move towards Chained Carnage; D’mone attacked Gustavo; Facade and AJ Daniels finally came to blows; Luscious Lawrence blew his cool at the sight of Tony Bizo absconding with the love of his life, Haley J; and the Legacy of Brutality beat down the promotion’s top faces in a vicious display of their dominance over the company.

If there was a fault to this week’s show, the pacing was a little bit off, as the first hour was full of wrestling matches, where all the backstage promos and segments were then stuffed into the second half. Putting a couple of those promos or segments into the first half would have helped pace the show out better. But it’s a minor complaint. A couple of matches left me a little indifferent but the good thing about OVW TV is that, even if you don’t like one match, the matches themselves are quick enough that you can quickly find three or four other matches that you will enjoy. I was never less than entertained on the whole, and as a fan, that is a blessing, trust me.

I’ll see you next week, fans, for more exciting action from Ohio Valley Wrestling!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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