JTG Takes The First Step Towards His Gold Rush

NWA Powerrr Review—June 15th

Welcome, NWA Fam, to this week’s Powerrr review. Tonight’s main event promised to be a big one, as JTG, Fred Rosser and El Rudo were set to duke it out in the first match of the tournament for the vacant National Heavyweight title.

Let’s head to the ring and find out who’s moving to the next round!

The Big Match: JTG Takes a Step Towards Proving God Is Good

This week’s main event saw JTG progress to the next round of the National Heavyweight title tournament by defeating El Rudo and Fred Rosser in an energetic, competitive and highly entertaining main event.

Rosser and JTG were one of the matches of the night at When Our Shadows Fall, so there was a big expectation here that they would do it again. And while both men looked great, in some respects El Rudo came out looking the best, his obnoxious heel persona brilliantly grating on his opponents. Rudi had started off by trying to form alliances with both Rosser and JTG individually, trying to convince each man to attack the other. So they did the only sensible thing—they attacked Rudo instead!

That didn’t dampen Rudo’s spirit though, as he proceeded to shout at JTG that he hadn’t told him he could move, before nailing him with a big chop. He also began slapping JTG around the face while screaming at him “you should have stayed down!” Rudo did his best to keep both men down, of course, utilising a beautiful STO and a crisp brainbuster to great effect.

In fact, both Rosser and JTG had moments to shine too; Rosser ducking a JTG clothesline that caught Rudo on the apron, only to spring back with a clothesline to JTG in return; JTG with a gorgeous leaping bulldog and a crazy-cool back suplex/neck breaker combo. It was with this offence that JTG built real momentum, finally nailing Rudo with the ‘Brooklyn’s Edge’ (combination Razor’s Edge/neck breaker) for the climatic 1-2-3.

This was a very entertaining main event that did what such a match should do: elevated the winner by moving them on in the National Heavyweight title tournament, made the other competitors look good in the process, and presented a great match that was fun on its own terms.

Great work, NWA!

The Big Segment: Trevor Murdoch Finds Renewed Motivation

It’s not been an easy couple of weeks for Trevor Murdoch. Having been screwed out of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at When Our Shadows Fall, the big man seemed lost and at a loss as to what he needed to do to claim the big title. It was the ultimate wrestling existential crisis: what else can you do if you’ve given your all and you’ve given your best and it still isn’t good enough?

Speaking to Kyle Davis at the podium, Trevor revealed that nobody knew how angry he was, but his wife put it into perspective. Not only did the world see Murdoch beat Nick Aldis in all but name, but they saw him do it with Nick Aldis’ own finishing move!

Once Trevor realised that, it gave him a whole new perspective. Now he knows that Aldis has a chink in his armour. When Aldis goes to his tailor to get those “pretty suits” of his, his tailor knows that Murdoch beat him. When he goes to a fancy restaurant, the waiter knows Murdoch beat him. When his wife looks at him—“and we all know who she is”—she’s looking at him knowing Murdoch beat him. Aldis has made it so personal that Murdoch has never wanted to hurt someone as much as he wants to hurt Nick Aldis now. So he’s not going to quit, he’s not going give up, and he’s not going to stop until he’s become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Wow. That was a killer promo. In fact, all of Murdoch’s promo work since the NWA’s return in March has been exceptional, the big man really showing an elevation in his mic work and proving he belongs in the main event scene without a shadow of a doubt. Like the great faces such as Dusty Rhodes, Murdoch understands that real passion and emotion will translate across to the audience, and Murdoch has had the audience in the palm of his hand in recent work.

I promise you: whatever happens with this feud, will be looking back at Murdoch’s promo work here in years to come and celebrating it.

Other Segments & Promos

  • Backstage with May Valentine, Austin Idol ranted how Tyrus beat Pope clean at When Our Shadows Fall (he didn’t) and now everyone’s complaining Tyrus didn’t do it the right way. They want to take on anybody and everybody. Jordan Clearwater interrupted in a funny moment and said Mr Jeez wanted five minutes of their time. Tyrus grabbed the ‘Golden Boy’ and said he’d meet them in the ring next week instead.
  • Kamille told May Valentine that she’s furious at Melina for ruining her coronation last week and that she doesn’t know why Melina’s still in the NWA. She believes Thom Larimer will win the National title tournament and that for her next opponent, she’s looking “elsewhere. “ Intriguing…
  • Colby Corino interrupted a discussion between the two top.contenders for the TV Title and mocked both before claiming, as the son of a former NWA Heavyweight Champion, that he should have the title shot. Hawx told him to put his money where his mouth is and challenged Corino to join the match next week and make it a triple threat.
  • La Rebelion told Kyle Davis that they weren’t here to make friends and are coming after anyone who holds gold—especially Aron Stevens and Kratos!
  • The mysterious masked man was asked by May Valentine when he was going to wrestle, to which he responded that it was up to the NWA. Slice Boogie and Marshe Rockett then appeared and mocked the masked man, who stood stock still and took it.
  • Parrow warned a dismissive Thom Latimer and Chris Adonis that he was going to beat some respect into them during their National title tournament match. Latimer casually floated the idea that Adonis might just pin Latimer and keep the title in Strictly Business…
  • JTG cut a promo after his victory in the main event (see Results below) where he compared what he was doing to an historical precedent: as soon as he got the call,, he rushed to the NWA for the gold! Once he has the National title, he’ll prove that “God is good—all the time! “ Nice promo.


  • Melina beat Jennacide and Kenzie Green in a fun triple threat match after Jennacide was sent into the ring post on a spear attempt and Melina rolled Green up for the pin.
  • PJ Hawx and Aron Stevens fought to a no-contest after La Rebellion came out and destroyed both men and Luke Hawx as well.
  • National Heavyweight Tournament Match: JTG beat El Rudo and Fred Rosser after nailing Rudo with the ‘Brooklyn’s Edge’ neck breaker.

Final Thoughts

This was a great episode of NWA Powerrr this week. What the NWA did really well this week as compared to the last season of Powerrrr was present and progress a variety of different characters and storylines without the means of that presentation and progression being unnecessarily over-complicated. Everything felt natural this week and it was great to see new faces like Colby Corino, PJ Hawx and Jordan Clearwater get time and attention and a moment to show a little of their character. It made for a faster-paced and, more importantly, entertaining show. If the NWA can continue presenting Powerrr in this way, we really could be seeing a run of shows that can match that initial run from 2019-2020 that, due to the layoff and the changes in roster, have already achieved some sort of sepia-tinted cult status among the fandom.

While two triple threat matches might have been too much if done elsewhere, here they were kept short and to the point and both matches were fun to watch. Not only that, JTG staked his claim to becoming a major player in the NWA firmly in the ground. It’s going to be exciting to see how his push plays out in the coming weeks and months.

I’ll see you next week, NWA Fam, as we head once more…into the fire!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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