Jon’s 205 Live Review: Tag Team Action Galore!

The Cruiserweights Take Center Stage on the WWE Network

The cruiserweights were in action once again last night as they took center stage for 205 Live on the WWE Network. We were treated to two tag team matches, one being a standard two-on-two and the other a six-man tag. Nigel McGuiness and Vic Joseph were on the call from ringside at the Capitol Wrestling Center. 

Tony Nese and Ariya Davivari vs Bollywood Boyz

The first matchup of the evening was the aforementioned standard tag team match. This featured the team of Tony Nese and Ariya Davivari going up against the Bollywood Boyz, Samir and Sunil Signh. Nese and Daivari made their way to the ring first while Joseph and McGuiness made several references to the two superstars being “OGs” of the purple brand. The Signh Brothers then proceeded down to the squared circle with their familiar camera and clapper board on hand. 

The Bollywood Boyz got off a quick start in this one. They established control early. Vic Joseph points out that the two are also “OGs” in the world of 205 Live. They make some early pin attempts, to no avail. The fairly new tandem of Nese and Daivari are able to turn the tables. They mount some offense against the former Jinder Mahal entourage. Tony Nese hoists Samir into a torture rack and follows up with a back suplex before tagging in Daivari. They take turns having their way with quick tags.

The Premier Athlete then goes up top for a missile dropkick, but Samir is able to dodge it. So Nese hits Ariya Daivari instead. This allows Samir to make the hot tag to Sunil, who quickly takes out Nese. The Signh brothers then deliver a pair to superkicks, leading to a Bollywood Blast on Daivari. They nearly get the fall, but Nese is able to break it up just in time. The former Cruiserweight champion then pulls Sunil out of the ring. This allows Ariya to hit a uranagi on Samir, followed by a Persian Splash from the top rope for the three count. Overall, this was a short but decent tag match to open the show.

Main Event: Curt Stallion, Ashanti “Thee” Adonis and August Grey vs Legado Del Fantasma

This leads us into our main event of the evening. A six-man tag featuring the team of Curt Stallion, Ashanti “Thee” Adonis and August Grey taking on Legado Del Fantasma. Stallion is the first to be introduced, with Vic Joseph reminding us that he is the current number one contender for Santos Escobar’s NXT Cruiserweight Championship. The WWE newcomer earned that right by coming out victorious in a fatal-five way match last month. He is then joined by Adonis and Grey before Escobar and his crew make their way to the ring. The announce team point out that the former El Hijo del Fantasma has essentially been around the business since birth. 

Adonis and Joaquin Wilde start out the action with Adonis taking control early and wiping out all of Legado del Fantasma. Adonis has the looks of a star in the making. He makes the tag to Stallion, who focuses his attention on the Cruiserweight Champ. This distraction allows Raul Mendoza to take out the number one contender and trap him in the opposing team’s corner. Then they take turns tagging in and out.

Santos Escobar Comes In

Santos Escobar finally legally enters the match, marking his first return to the 205 Live ring since January. He easily handles Stallion before tagging Wilde back in. Wilde has Stallion on the ground, but gets kicked away as Curt makes the hot tag to August Grey. Grey hits a tilt-a-whirl powerbomb on Wilde for a two count. Wilde is able to tag Mendoza in as Escobar takes out Grey behind the referee’s back. Wilde is tagged back in and controls Grey on the ground.

Vic Joseph points out that the slow and methodical pace clearly benefits Escobar’s team. Grey is backed into Fantasma’s territory, where they once again take advantage of quick tags. Every member runs into Grey in the corner. Wilde hits a top rope splash for a near fall. He then takes Stallion and Adonis out from their corner, but Curt quickly recovers and receives the hot tag. The former Evolve superstar cleans house before hitting Wilde with a picture perfect german suplex. Then Curt follows it up with a running boot in the corner. He followed that up by flying to the outside, taking out Mendoza. Curt then hits Wilde with a basement dropkick in the corner, followed up by a DDT for a two count.

Babyfaces Take It Home

A flying splash from the top results in another two count for Stallion, this time being broken up by Mendoza. Adonis and Escobar enter the ring with Escobar taking Adonis down with a dropkick. August Grey then takes Santos down with a missile dropkick. Mendoza and Wilde double team Stallion looking to finish him off. Grey pulls Mendoza out of the ring, under the bottom rope, allowing Stallion to score the quick rollup pinfall on Wilde for the win.

After the match was over, Legado del Fantasma attempts to triple team Santos Escobar’s top contender, Curt Stallion. They were quickly run off by Adonis and Grey coming to the rescue of their partner. As the show comes to an end, Escobar is shown telling Stallion that he will never be the champion.

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Written by Jon Shartzer

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