Jesse Godderz Wants to Make an Example of AJZ

Ohio Valley Wrestling Review—April 29th

This wek on OVW TV, we get the fall out from the promotion’s big Retribution show, with OVW National Heavyweight champion Jesse Godderz set to make an appearance Plus, who will the title controversy between Omar Amir and Cash Flo be settled?

Let’s head to the ring and find out!

A Winner Must Be Decided

Al Snow kicked us off this week, describing how at the end of Retribution, both Omar Amir and Cash Flo found their shoulders pinned to the mat as the original ref, who had been knocked down during the match, and the replacement ref both counted each man out.

Obviously, a clear winner must be determined. So next week, Omar Amir and Cash Flo will go at it one more time to determine a clear winner and Heavyweight Champion.

Meanwhile, both Amir and Flo will be in tag team action tonight. I can’t imagine they’re going to go too gentle on each other…

The Tate Twins vs. ‘Zero Gravity’ AJ Daniels & ‘Superior’ Tony Evans

AJ Daniels and Tony Evans didn’t seem to be on the same page, even on their entrance, with Evans slipping in front of Daniels to showboat, much to Daniels’ obvious chagrin.

In the ring, Evans and Daniels tried to keep the Tate Twins grounded but a series of spectacular double team moves kept Daniels and Evans from taking the advantage. A springboard attempt was countered however by Evans springing up after Brent and rocking him with a German suplex in an impressive moment.

But the Tate Twins were too plucky for the team of Evans and Daniels, overwhelming the two with two big facebusters and an enziguri before the backbreaker/codebreaker combo finished Evans for the three count.

Fun little opener.

Tony Gunn vs. Jake Omen

Tony Gun knocking some popcorn out of a fan’s hand as he made his entrance made me laugh more than it should have. Meanwhile, Jake Omen has a mercenary-type gimmick and came out in a peacekeeper’s beret. Tony Gunn didn’t look too concerned, rocking as he was Kal Herro’s boots.

Omen started well but he soon found himself beaten down by the relentless attack of Tony Gunn. I enjoyed a killer chop in the corner followed by Gunn intimating a second chop was coming—only to poke Omen in the eye. The old ones are the best ones sometimes.

As Gunn dropped Omen with a standing suplex, he suddenly found himself confronted with the vision of Kal Herro in the crowd, sweeping up with a dustpan and brush?!? Well, the guy does need to earn money after Gunn got him fired. The distraction was enough for Omen to get a sneaky rollup for the upset victory! As you can imagine, Gunn did not look best pleased…

AJZ and Jesse Godderz Play a Game of One-Upmanship

Backstage, National champion Jesse Godderz was wandering around with his title belt and a particularly nice suit, mocking Luscious Lawrence for thinking that he nearly won at Retribution and Haley J for the auditions Godderz had set her up on to get her out the way.

One man who didn’t seem to be impressed was AJZ and the feeling was mutual. The two engaged in a hilarious set of attempts to put down the other while inflating their own importance. I particularly enjoyed Godderz stating AJZ is an LA guy, but Godderz has never seen him there, only for AJZ to say the same of Godderz for his, shall we say, less than tanned complexion?

Godderz was left thinking though as AJZ told him that he hadn’t beaten Godderz—yet (remember that AJZ originally qualified for the ladder match to determine a number one contender to Godderz at Retribution). That got Mr Pectacular thinking. AJZ may have just opened a door for himself…and Godderz may be the one to close it!

The Godderz Word

This week on ‘The Good Word’, our favourite reverend, Ronnie Roberts, brought out Jesse Godderz to discuss where he goes now after his victory at Retribution. Ronnie’s eyes nearly popped out of his head as he counted out bill after bill into the collection plate while he ran down all of his achievements and accolades.

Still, Ronnie gonna Ronnie, and as he often does with people, he wound up the champion by insinuating that everyone (not Ronnie, obviously—of course not!) has been saying that AJZ is like a younger, better looking, just better overall version of Jesse Godderz.

Jesse got so wound up that he started talking to AJZ through the camera and told him that he was going to make an example of AJZ, just on principle. May 6th, next week, the match is on.

So we have a double main event next week, which made the crowd happy. Less happy was Ronnie when he realised Godderz had taken his money back from the collection plate…

Hy Zaya & JC Addams (w/Josh Ashcraft) vs. OVW Rush Division Champion Star Rider & Espiritu

Commentary noted how Hy Zaya and Josh Ashcraft had bullied Addams’ original partner KTD into allowing Hy Zaya into the match so he could get his hands on Star Rider after the masked man took the Rush title from him at Retribution.

As such, Addams and Hy Zaya didn’t get on particularly well, blind tagging each other, while Addams intervened when Zaya tried to take Rider’s mask off. Zaya had been furious all match, pummeling the faces, and this was not going to make matters better. A double dropkick from the top knocked Hy Zaya and Addams down and a facebuster/kerb stomp combo on JC saw Hy Zaya take another loss to Star Rider.

Boy, did JC Addams take a beating for his troubles after that match. Lesson learned: do not p**s off Hy Zaya!

‘Hollyhood’ Haley J vs. Charlie Kruel

‘Hollyhood’ Haley was not in the mood to mess around after she was tricked by Jesse Godderz into the fake film auditions that kept her away from Luscious Lawrence’s match at Retribution. She literally trash talked and screamed all the way through the match as she pounded the hell out of Charlie Kruel. In fact, Kruel’s only real moment of offense was to lock in a mandible claw using a pop tart (?!?). So Haley choked Krue out in response, only breaking after much chastisement after the bell.

Hell hath no fury like a Haley scorned.

Omar Amir & Gustavo vs. Cash Flo & Steve Michaels (w/Josh Ashcraft)

There wasn’t too much TV time left for this one, but then, there didn’t need to be; Flo and Michaels jumped Gustavo from the bell and beat the hell out of him, using their massive size to squash and pound him to a pulp. An enziguri gave Gustavo enough room for to make the hot tag and Omar Amir exploded into the ring, running from corner to corner to clothesline Flo and Michaels. A Gustavo dropkick from the top rope took both men down and an assisted dive to the outside took out Flo and Ashcraft. Meanwhile, Island Time on Michaels earned Omar the pinfall to end a short but fun main event.

Afterwards, Flo and Amir continued to throw fist at each other as referees tried to pull them apart. Save it for next week, fellas! You’re going to need to save it for the title.

Final Thoughts

This was a fun but transitional episode of OVW TV that did the job it was designed to i.e. set up two big title matches for next week. It did its job very well, from Jesse Godderz’s comical game of one-upmanship with AJZ to Al Snow’s announcement at the start of the show. Kal Herro surprisingTony Gunn into a loss was the start of Herro’s redemption arc and that’s going to be interesting to watch. Plus Haley J displayed some real fury that we’ve not seen lately. Where’s that going to take her in the coming weeks?

Until next time, Ohio fans, I’ll see at ringside.

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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