Jack Cartwright Takes The Champ To The Limit

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood—May 22nd

This week on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, we get the concluding part of Halston Boddy’s Coastline Clash. There are three big matches this week, with Dan Joseph taking on Dom Kubrick, Gentleman Jervis finally getting a shot at redemption against Robin Shaw, and in the main event, Jack Cartwright will attempt to wrest the UWN TV title from the hands of Levi Shapiro.

Let’s head straight to the ring and get into it!

Dom Kubrick vs. Dan Joseph

Dan Joseph vs. Dom Kubrick title card
Credit: cwfhfannews and Justin Cotterell

These two wrestled previously on Prime Time Live, but that was a different Dan Joseph. The new Dan Joseph quickly revealed himself with an aggressive shoulder block, full of intent and attitude. Kubrick fired back with strikes and a crossbody attempt but an atomic drop that moved fluidly into a scoop slam cut Kubrick off.

Dan Joseph wore an expression of complete irritation and disdain as the match went on, slowing his pace and picking his moments like a wolf circling its prey. A suspended vertical suplex from Joseph was a thing of beauty, but Kubrick flipped out of a Boston crab attempt and nailed Joseph with a twisting neck breaker. A back suplex seemed to hurt both men. Joseph countered a suplex attempt into a fisherman’s suplex of his own, releasing the leg as he did so. Kubrick went for a waist lock but Joseph dropped to the mat, grabbed the arm and manoeuvred up into a big gut wrench suplex. That was some lovely wrestling. Kubrick kicked out at two though.

A double stomp drove Dan Jseph into the mat, but the former United TV champion was able to sneak out of a slam set up and blasted Kubric into the mat with a big German suplex. Showing signs of losing his temper, he pounded Kubrick in the gut before a running dropkick and the Instant Reply DDT earned him a near fall. Kubrick was able to send Joseph through the ropes and when he jumped back in the ring, Kubick caught with a back kick low blow for good measure. Kubrick missed a 450 splash off the top though, allowing Joseph to hit him with the Long Way Down twisting slam. He wouldn’t make the cover, however; pacing the ring in fury, Joseph finally snapped, locking in a vicious choke to end an enjoyable match in aggressive terms.

Afterwards, Dan Joseph told the ref off for stopping the match because Kubrick hadn’t tapped! Well, it is hard to tap when you’re unconscious…

Jack Cartwright Is Hitting Levi Shapiro Where It Hurts

Jon Roberts brought out Jack Cartwright, who wrestles in tonight’s main event against United TV Champion Levi Shapiro.

Cartwright was full of rage, denouncing Levi for embarrassing him and, when the locker room treats him like a kid, taking the only person in Anthony Idol who would stand by him.

So, Jack is going to hurt Levi in the place he knows will hurt the selfish, greedy Shapiro: his gold!

Just be careful, Jack. When you’re taking on Levi Shapiro, it’s never a one-on-one encounter. And this time he’s got three people with him!

The Intergalactic, Supernatural Midnight Heat!

Back to Jon Roberts and this time he had Guy Tweakacetti and the Midnight Heat boys with him. While disappointed they didn’t win last week, Guy was excited to announce that in two weeks time, we will have the premiere of the Midnight Heat song, ‘Heat Street’! Michael Hayes is currently filing the lawsuit as we speak…

Joking aside, the Heat boys were a pleasure as always, Ricky Gibson’s voice going mad with excitement as he said big things are coming up, while they also “can’t be late; we have three lovely ladies who just won’t wait!” Cue Eddie Pearl’s sole but enthusiastic contribution: “YEAH!”

If the Midnight Heat doesn’t warm your old-school heart, I don’t know what will.

Gentleman Jervis & Darwin Finch vs. Robin Shaw

Gentleman Jervis vs. Robin Shaw title card
Credit: cwfhfannews and Justin Cotterell

Jervis was clearly in no state to compete by himself. Clutching his ribs as he made his way to ringside, he was a picture of agony. No wonder then that Darwin Finch stood up and told Jervis on the mic that Shaw would just take advantage of his weak spot, so because he loves Jervis and everything he did for him and Shaw, he was going to help Jervis fight against the beastly Shaw so that he didn’t have to do it alone.

This prompted Jervis, in a moment very unlike him, to shout, “I’m not afraid of you!” at Shaw. “You should be,” was the response.

Jervis found himself on the receiving end at first, Shaw laying in big shots. Finch had more luck, dropkicking Shaw in the corner. He and Jervis laid in a series of stereo chops but Shaw sent both men into each other before flattening Jervis with a big legdrop.

Some heavy shots and a bearhug followed, but Jervis went to the eyes, again acting unlike his gentlemanly self. Takes a beast to fight a beast. Finch came in and locked in a combination head scissors-arm bar, but Robin Shaw countered into a big sidewalk slam for a two count. Shaw seemed to be in control but a second rope dropkick finally took the big man off his feet.

Jervis made the hot tag in and dropped Shaw with a big spear, but he had to use the ropes to drag himself into the corner. Shaw, for the record, used the ref to pull himself up. A colossal DDT dropped Robin Shaw again but Jervis couldn’t capitalise. Instead, Darwin Finch ran in and decked Shaw with a massive running fist. As the ref guided Finch out of the ring, Jervis still being the legal man, Shaw knocked Finch to the floor before crushing Jervis with a bear hug and a head vice for the win by referee stoppage.

I’m not going to lie. I wanted to see Jervis win that one. However, Robin Shaw is absolutely killing it as a heel and when Jervis does eventually beat his former ally, as he will do, it will make the moment all the more sweeter.

UWN TV Champion Levi Shapiro (w/Howdy Price) vs. Jack Cartwright

Levi Shapiro vs. Jack Cartwright title card
Credit: cwfhfannews and Justin Cotterell

Levi only came out with Howdy but that doesn’t mean Idol and Honest John aren’t in the back…

Cartwright started fast and strong, overwhelming Shapiro with his usual arsenal of gymnastics and cartwheels, nailing a big spear in the corner and a bulldog—one of Shapiro’s favourite moves. Shapiro proved though why he’s the champ by dropping Cartwright with a superplex as the challenger ascended the buckles for another aerial assault.

Back from a break, Shapiro countered a flurry of fists from Cartwright with a lovely dropkick that sent Cartwright to the outside. Howdy Price got a few sly shots in but Cartwright chased him around the ring, falling to a Levi Shapiro clothesline out of nowhere.

Back in the ring, Levi nailed a big elbow from the top before slowing things with a front face lock. Jack Cartwright soon picked up the pace again though with a Northern Lights suplex and a Slam Stand springboard splash for a near fall. Levi took Cartwright back down to the mat, but Jack was not going to be denied, nailing a dropkick, a somersault Death Valley Driver and a 450 splash from the top…only for Howdy to pull the ref to the floor with a bump, knocking the official out!

Out came Honest John and Anthony Idol (I told you!), who gave Cartwright a kicking. However, as Shapiro held Cartwright in place for an Idol chain-assisted punch, Cartwright escaped at the last minute, leaving Shapiro to take a mouthful of steel-wrapped fist. Cartwright then ducked out of the way of Idol again, sending the big man to the floor, before sending Honest John right after him. Cartwright then made a cover on Shapiro as the ref crawled back in and…Howdy put Levi’s foot on the rope! I honestly thought Cartwright had it then!

Cartwright went back up top, but Howdy distracted him, allowing Levi to clamber up after Jack. Cartwright had had enough though, poking Levi right in the eyes to drop him to the mat, before nailing him with a shooting star press for another near fall. Cartwright, anxious for the pin, rolled up Shapiro twice when the bell rang…had he done it?…no! The time limit expired as there was no TV time remaining! I’m gutted for Cartwright. I thought he had it!

I really enjoyed that more than I thought I would. It really did make Cartwright look gutsy and a star and, if they hold with the stipulation that Cartwright now has to leave the UWN, I hope he finds a good spot somewhere for himself because he deserves it. I do hope he stays in the UWN, however.

Final Thoughts

Coastline Clash concluded with another great show—in fact, I think you could safely call the whole three-week event a success! Dan Joseph and Dom Kubrick had a cool opening match which saw Joseph’s temper play into events again; the battle of the Friendship Farm was totally compelling, with a surprise winner; and Jack Cartwright entered perhaps his best performance yet en route to taking a draw against Levi Shapiro. Honestly, I thought he had him there…

Join me next week for more exciting action from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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