Is Bray Wyatt Trying to Protect His Former Protégé From The Hands Of The Fiend?

WWE SmackDown! Review: May 8th

The final edition of SmackDown! before Money In The Bank has come and gone, and without further ado, lets catch on the action from the blue brand.

This is Sports Obsessive’s WWE Smackdown Review: May 8th edition.

Straight out of the gate, we had two separate backstage segments. Firstly, Otis and Mandy were briefly chatting about Mandy’s upcoming match against Deville. Secondly, Ziggler and Deville were having a similar piece of chit-chat whilst preparing for the upcoming match.

Mandy Rose vs Sonya Deville

Mandy Rose vs Sonya Deville kicked off SmackDown this week. The two former best friends locked up in the ring, and the beating began. This was actually a fairly brutal showing from Deville, only weeks ago, Deville would have done anything for Mandy, yet we saw Deville tearing the fake eyelashes off of Mandy’s face and just straight up beating her down. The beat down continued for a short amount of time. During this match, it became clearly evident that Deville’s new nature of being, has lit a fire under Mandy’s ass and has led to us seeing such a fierce side of Mandy, one that I don’t believe that we have ever seen, and I like it. However, Deville stole a win here with a roll up. Thankfully, this story-line is not over yet.

Mandy Rose vs Sonya Deville

Strong, passionate, emotional performers that tell a great story, as a fan of Professional Wrestling, we cant really ask for much more. I’m sure that these are the early days of what will be two individual, historical, future Hall of Fame careers.

Winner: Sonya Deville

8 Man Tag-Team Match: The New Day (Current Tag Champs) vs The Forgotten Sons vs Lucha House Party vs Miz & Morrison

Okay, so all of these teams will be facing off in a Fatal 4 Way Tag-Team Ladder match at Money In The Bank, for the Tag-Team Championships. Now, this would give all teams involved the time and opportunity to become even more familiar with each other in hopes to gain the upper hand in the Championship match that will be taking place this weekend. The New Day showed us why they are the Champions in the match with their resilience and with their in ring knowledge. Lucha House Party were also very impressive in this match, specifically Gran Metalik. I love to watch Metalik do what he does for a living, so entertaining to watch!

New Day vs Lucha House Party vs Forgotten Sons vs Miz and Morrison

The Forgotten Sons were out to make a statement during this this match, as they believe they will become champions this weekend. You could say the same for Miz and Morrison, who are looking to regain the Championships. Miz and Morrison walked out of SmackDown as the winners of this 8 Man Tag-Team match, which will give the great momentum going forward into Money In The Bank.

Who will be the Tag-Team Champions next week on SmackDown?

Winners: Miz and Morrison

Jeff Hardy returns to SmackDown

Renee Young welcomed Jeff Hardy back to SmackDown. Renee’s first question to Jeff was, what does he have left to prove in the WWE. Hardy explained how he feels that despite the fact that he has made his name in the business, that he still has some mountains to climb within the realms of the WWE. While Jeff was cutting his promo, Sheamus was seen in the backstage area watching Jeff and shouting ‘who cares’. Jeff went on to say how grateful he has been for his fans who had stuck with him throughout his career asks his fans to continue to stick with him as he embarks on what may be his last run in the WWE.

Jeff Hardy returns to SmackDown

The cameras panned back to The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus who was visibly losing his patience watching Hardy on the screen. Sheamus then made his way to the stage to confront Jeff Hardy. Sheamus made it know that he feels that nobody cares about Hardy anymore, that they did once, but are now tired of Hardy’s suspensions, released and wasted second chances in the WWE. Sheamus then went on to say that Hardy’s next failure is right around the corner. Sheamus said that since he returned to SmackDown himself, he has been putting out the weakest flames of the roster, and that Jeff Hardy’s flame has been burning for far too long.

Hardy had heard enough and prompted Sheamus to get in the ring to settle it. A brawl was very quickly underway. Hardy hit Sheamus with his signature top rope move, Whisper in the Wind, soon followed by the Twist of Fate. Hardy was not finished just yet, as he delivered his trademark Swanton Bomb to the chest of The Celtic Warrior, proving that Hardy has a lot left in the tank.

Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt meet ahead of their Championship match

At Money In The Bank, The WWE Universal Champion, Braun Strowman will defend his Championship against his former leader, Bray Wyatt. On this episode of SmackDown, the two met, face to face. Strowman started things off, alone in the ring. Strowman stated that he was not created by Wyatt, and if Wyatt has something to say, come say it to his face. Needless to say, Bray Wyatt appeared, in the flesh, to approach Strowman. Both Superstars have different view on what exactly went down when it comes to their past.

Wyatt looked Strowman in the eye, with his playfully terrifying Firefly Fun House persona. Wyatt told Strowman ‘It is such a shame that it has come to this‘ and all that he wanted was an apology. Braun forcefully responded by saying that he does not owe Bray Wyatt anything, and that Wyatt will be sorry. However, Wyatt seemed to be taking opposite approach by telling Strowman that he has always cared for him and that nobody knows Braun Strowman like Bray Wyatt knows Braun Strowman. Wyatt followed up by saying that a good creator knows his creations, and that only he knows what is best for the former black sheep of the Wyatt Family.

Bray Wyatt meets Braun Strowman, face to face.

Bray told Strowman that he needs to come home, and that he will remove Strowman’s burden, whilst pointing at the Universal Championship.Wyatt continued by saying that this journey is just beginning then eerily spoke the words ‘allow me to give you a taste‘. Wyatt then pulled out the black sheep mask that Braun Strowman used to wear whilst under the leadership of Bray Wyatt and a part of the Wyatt Family. Things stared to get weirder from there as the mind games were taking centre stage. Bray Wyatts Firefly Fun House friends appeared on screen almost hauntingly singing ‘come home‘.

Braun Strowman had enough of the mind games at this point as he declared that he is keeping his Championship and that Wyatt can stick with his puppets. Braun then mocked Wyatt by overly enthusiastically saying, Goodbye!, mocking Wyatts Firefly Fun House persona. Strowman’s music then began to play and he began to leave the ringside area. While Braun’s music was still playing, Wyatt told Braun ‘I tried’, possibly meaning that he tried as Firefly Fun House Bray Wyatt to avoid Braun Strowman being brutalised by The Fiend, Bray Wyatt at Money In The Bank.

Lacey Evans and Tamina vs Sasha Banks and Bayley

This Tag-Team match was due to be an interesting match from opening bell. The match started off with Tamina battling it out with the SmackDown Womens Champion, Bayley. The very two women that will fight it out, one on one at Money In The Bank for the Championship. Bayley did a lot of running away and straight up moaning in this match. Now, I’m not taking anything away from Tamina, but Lacey Evans will be the SmackDown Womens Champion at some point very soon, and we will all rejoice. Lacey Evans is the future of the women’s division in the WWE. Until then, Tamina has a Championship match this weekend and was looking to make a statement during this match.

Lacey Evans and Tamina vs Bayley and Sasha Banks

Evans and Bayley were the legal women in the match when SmackDown returned from the commercial break. Both women will be participants in the upcoming Money In The Bank Match, and this edition of SmackDown was a great opportunity to target possible weaknesses of their opponents. Within the last moments of the bank, Tamina hit Bayley with a Super-Kick to the face, quickly followed up with a Samoan Drop, which allowed Tamina to pick up the victory by pinning the current SmackDown Womens Champion. Who will leave Money In The Bank as Champion?

Winners: Lacey Evans and Tamina

6 Man Tag-Team Match: King Corbin with Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura vs Daniel Bryan with Drew Gulak and Otis

Throughout the night, we were left wondering who would join Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak to be the 6th man in this 6 Man Tag-Team match. Otis came to save the day, because he’s the best. The team of Bryan, Otis, and Gulak seemed to work together pretty well. Drew Gulak came off extremely aggressive in this match, showing how much fight he has in him, at one point, Gulak locked Cesaro into a submission with was proving effective up until Cesaro showed us all exactly how strong his is, just almost effortlessly escaping from the hold. This 6 Man Tag-Team match ended with King Corbin picking up the victory for his team. Shortly after, many superstars from this match began to brawl throughout the performance centre, fighting away from the ring.

Will King Corbin become Mr Money in the Bank?

This left King Corbin all alone at ringside, staring at the ladders that were propped outside of the ring. Corbin decided to place a ladder in the middle of the ring, to climb up the ladder, to retrieve the prop Money In The Bank  briefcase that was hanging above the ring. Whilst climbing the ladder, King Corbin was interrupted by Daniel Bryan who didn’t want to give Corbin the moment to believe that he can win the upcoming ladder match. Corbin quickly fought off the former World Champion, and threw Bryan out of the ring. Corbin climbed up the ladder once more, this time was interrupted by Otis. Otis attempted to take out Corbin, and was somewhat successful. Otis temporarily took out King Corbin, and decided to climb the ladder. Otis, however, crushed the steps of the ladder, twice. Otis is so destructive! Corbin, resurfaced to take Otis out, and climb the ladder to retrieve the briefcase. Corbin sat atop the ladder, with the Money In The Bank briefcase in hand. Will this be what we see on Sunday night or will the King be dethroned?

Winners: King Corbin with Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura

Written by James Corcoran

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